84 Buildings whose Period is Hellenistic

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Plan, Delos, Temple of the 12 Go

Remains of the cella walls, Delos, Temple of the 12 Gods

Plan, Delos, Temple to Egyptian Gods

Plan, Delos, Theater

Arched support walls in the theater cistern, Delos, Theater

Later Kastalian Fountainhouse, Delphi

Plan, Delphi, Later Kastalian Fountainhouse

Plan, Delphi, Stoa of Attalos I
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Plan, Epidauros, Doric Fountainhouse
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Epidauros, Gymnasium

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TO DO ? unsure if this is gymnasium, Epidauros, Gymnasium

Overall view of remains from E, Epidauros, Katagogeion

Detail of wall blocks in exterior wall of Katagogeion,from SE, Epidauros
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