84 Buildings whose Period is Hellenistic

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Plan, Olympia, Leonidaion

Overall view, from NW corner toward E, Olympia, Leonidaion

Walls, from NW, Olympia, Philippeion

Plan, Olympia, Philippeion

Section (waterproof plaster colored dark grey, bedrock hatched), Perachora...

Plan, Perachora, Fountainhouse

Plan, Perachora, Hestiatorion

Plan, Perachora, Stoa near the Harbor

Plan, Piraeus, Theater of Zea

Plan of theater in the 2nd cent B.C. phase, Piraeus, Theater of Zea
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Area of sanctuary terrace between Propylon and altar (visible at left), fr...

Detail of altar (with front of temple in background), from SE, Priene, Alt...

Northwest steps, from SE, Priene, Bouleuterion

Detail of molding on NE corner of altar base, from SW, Priene, Bouleuterion

Plan of Lower Gymnasium, Priene

View toward SW and down on Lower Gymnasium and Stadium (stadium starting b...
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