36 Buildings whose Region is Elis

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Plan, Olympia, Altar of Zeus

Fragments of Doric colonnade looking from NW toward SE near the SE corner ...

South wing from SW, Olympia, Bouleuterion

Plan, Olympia, East Baths

Front of stoa from N, Olympia, Echo Hall (Painted Stoa)

Plan, Olympia, Echo Hall (Painted Stoa)

Plan, phase 1, middle of the 5th century B.C., Olympia, Greek Baths

Plan, phase 3, 3A and 3B, over previous phases' remains, c. 3rd centu...

Aerial view of sanctuary, close, from SE, Olympia, Gymnasium, Leonidaion, ...

East colonnade from NW, Olympia, Gymnasium

Plan, Olympia, Heroon (Sanctuary of a Hero)

Plan, Olympia, Hippodrome

Plan, Olympia, House of Nero

Plan, Olympia, Leonidaion

Overall view, from NW corner toward E, Olympia, Leonidaion
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