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Overall view from SW, Olympia, Metroon

Plan, Olympia, Metroon

Plan, Olympia, Naiskos of Eileithyia and Sosipolis

East tholos from W, Olympia, Nymphaeum

East tholos (Exedra of Herodes Atticus) from E, Olympia, Nymphaeum

Colonnaded eastern walkway from N, Olympia, Palaestra

Elevation of Ionic capital of Palaestra, Olympia

Plan, Olympia, Pelopeion

Walls, from NW, Olympia, Philippeion

Plan, Olympia, Philippeion

Plan, Olympia, Prytaneion

Doric frieze of entablature reconstructed at stylobate level, Olympia, Sou...

Colonnade from E, Olympia, South Stoa

Plan, Olympia, Southeast Building

Entrance archway from W, Olympia, Stadium

Overall view of vaulted entrance from inside stadium, Olympia, Stadium
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