6 Buildings whose Region is Lucania

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Overview looking NE at earlier Ekklesiasterion, Metapontum, Theater

Overview, looking E at orchestra, Metapontum,Ekklesiasterion/Theater

Overview of temple, looking NNW, Metapontum, Tavole Palatine

Overview of E front of temple, looking W, closer, Metapontum, Tavole Palat...

Three fragments of reused half-columns on S peristyle, Temple B, Metapontum

View of interior of S flank showing reused monolithic column shafts, Templ...

View of temple from plateia A-A, looking E, Metapontum, Temple C

Altar of Temple C, looking N; temple B & A (Apollo) in background, Met...

Fragments of Ionic bases, Temple D, Metapontum

Ionic capital, Temple D, Metapontum

Altar of Temple of Apollo, looking E, Metapontum

Reconstructed column capitals and Doric frieze, Metapontum, Temple of Apol...