9 Buildings whose Region is Troad

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East wall of building with butterfly clamp cuttings and rare use of marble...

Central column and NE interior corner, from SW, Assos, Bouleuterion

Postern gate or door to tower inside NE section of Hellenistic city walls,...

Northwest round tower in city's fortifications (at N edge of modern v...

Overall view of area of the gymnasium, from N, Assos

Plan, Assos, Gymnasium

Plan, Assos, North Stoa (lower story)

Southeast corner of building (gap along E wall to reduce dampness and hole...

East side of main city gate, from NW, Assos, Propylon

Main city gate, from S and inside, Assos, Propylon

Southwest corner, from SW, Assos, South Stoa

Terrace retaining wall separated by gap from N wall of stoa, from NE, Asso...

Plan, Assos, Temple in the Agora

Overall view of the area, from W, Assos, Temple in the Agora

Echinus profile comparison, Assos, Temple of Athena

View from Temple of Athena on Assos acropolis toward S and island of Lesbos

Lower SW corner of cavea with stone parapet and water channel around orche...

Cavea and SW aisle, from NE, Assos, Theater