98 Coins whose Period is Archaic

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Obverse: Forepart of lion, profile to the right, devouring prey

Reverse: Incuse square

Reverse: Ornate tripod, incuse

Obverse: Ornate tripod

Obverse: Ornate tripod within dotted circle

Reverse: Ornate tripod, incuse, within dotted circle

Obverse: Ornate tripod

Reverse: Eagle flying profile to the right, incuse

Obverse: Eagle standing, profile to the left

Reverse: Crab

Obverse: Cock profile to the right. Border of dots.

Reverse: Hen profile to the right, within incuse square

Reverse: Incuse square of "Union Jack" pattern.

Obverse: Selinon (celery) leaf

Reverse: Small female head, profile to the left, within an incuse square o...

Obverse: Quadriga driven to the right by charioteer; in exergue, thick lin...
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