20 Sites whose Site Type is Sanctuary

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Model of sanctuary, from E

View into cistern at NE corner of terrace, interior wall, Aegina, Sanctuar...

View from SW, Amphiaraion

Retaining wall S of theater and N of stoa, Amphiaraion, Retaining Wall

Remaining section of S stylobate of Old Temple and surrounding paving ston...

East end of North Stoa, from NW and above, Argive Heraion
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Overview, Brauron

Overall view of basilica from W, Brauron, Byzantine Basilica

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Interior view, Temple of Apollo. Delphi.

Inscriptions on front of Arkadian bases (2), Delphi

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Side entrance to Hypaethral court, Temple of Apollo. Didyma, Temple of Apo...

Columns at E end of N side, from NE, Didyma, Hellenistic Temple of Apollo

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The Entrace to Dodona, Epirus, Dodona.

Cavea from SW, Dodona

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Sacred House. Attica, Eleusis.

West side, Eleusis, Fortifications

Structural members lying on floor of building, Epidauros, Abaton (Dormitor...

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TO DO ??? unsure of bldg and caption, Epidauros, Auxiliary Buildings
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