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Port of Richmond, December 26. high Water this day (Thursday) 3 ½ o'clock. Arrived, Bark Fannie Currie, Munson, South America, coffee, Crenshaw & Co. Schr. R. B. King, Leeds, Philadelphia, mdze. Schr. W. W. Griffin, Rose, James River, lumber. Sailed, Steamship Roanoke, Couch, New York, mdze. and passengers. Ludlam & Watson. Steamship City of Richmond, Mitchell, Philadelphia mdze, and passengers, C. P. Cardozo. Steamer Belvidere, Keene, Baltimore, mdze., D & W. Currie. Bark Fannie Currie, South America, flour, Haxall, Crenshaw & Co.
[special Dispatch to the Richmond Dispatch.]another rumored proposition. Washington, Dec. 26. --It is stated on good authority, that Senator Seward, with Lincoln's authority, proposes to admit all the territory at once as States--all South of the Northern line of New Mexico to be slave States, and all North of that line to be free States. Senator Davis, of Miss., inclines favorably to this proposition; so it is said. Zed.
The South Carolina Convention. Charleston, Dec, 26. --The President of the Convention read a communication from Gov. Petry, of Florida. He says, in acknowledging the compliment of having been invited to a section the floor of the hall, that he has "now been honored with a seat with those who, smarting under wrongs, havell the attention of the people to the ordinance. Referred. Mr. Duncan moved to go into secret session, which was carried. [Second Dispatch.] Charleston, Dec, 26 --P. M.--Mr. Brown's resolution this morning was referred to the Committee on the Constitution. The secret session this afternoon lasted until 4 ½ o'clock, when the Convention adjourned until 10 o'clock to-morrow. [third Dispatch.] Charleston, Dec. 26. --In secret session the following ordinance was adopted: An Ordinance to make provisional arrangements for the continuance of the commercial facilities of South Carolina: Whereas, It is due to the late confe
The Daily Dispatch: December 27, 1860., [Electronic resource], A Mayor getting his election expenses out of gamblers and Houses of Ill Fame. (search)
From Washington. Washington, Dec. 26.--The members of the Southern border States, in consultation, have concluded on calling a meeting of all the Southern members, hoping to be able to present an undivided front on the basis of the reestablishment of the Missouri Compromise line to the Pacific. If successful, they will then invite the Northern members to join them. Bailey, the defaulting clerk, has been surrendered by his sureties, and is now in jail. The South Carolina Commissioners have arrived. Russell has been placed in jail here for complicity with Bailey. His security was put at $500,000, and his counsel intend to apply for a habeas corpus on the ground of excessive bail. The missing bonds are $370,000 of Mo. 6's, $357,000 of N. C. 6's, and $144,000 Tenn, 6's — all coupons. The investigation shows that the contract with Russell, Majors & Co., has two years to run. The alleged acceptances of the Secretary of War are said to consist simply of memoranda, sta
The troops for Fort Moultrie, &c. Washington, Dec. 26.--It is not known here that any troops have been ordered to the Charleston forts, nor is it the present intention of the Administration to order them there; on the contrary, it is asserted that the President believes such a course would prove inflammatory to the Southern sentiment, which is particularly to be avoided at the present moment. In relation to the affair about the guns at Pittsburg, the manufacturer contracted to deliver them upon requisition at certain points, when the requisition should be made, and any opposition or restraint in their delivery, by citizens, will inure to the injury of the contractor only, should the service suffer by delay. An address or recommendation is being prepared, to be submitted to the members of the border slave States for signature, requesting their respective States to appoint commissioners to meet at Baltimore on the 13th of February, for a conference in relation to the sece
Later from Europe.Arrival of the Canada. Halifax, Dec. 26. --The steamer Canada, from Liverpool on the 15th, via Queenstown on the 16th, has arrived. A dispatch from St. Petersburg says the Allies and Chinese had concluded a peace, and the Emperor had returned to Pekin. The report of the assassination of Garibaldi arose out of the murder of Col, Dunn, of the Sicilian army. The chief share of the spoils at Pekin fell to the French, who sacked the Emperor's summer palace. The treasure taken would be equally divided between the French and English. Some private soldiers sold their share of the spoils at 30,000 francs. The Canada passed the Africa and Arabia going up the Channel on the 16th. The Canada brings $450,000 in specie. The Earl of Aberdeen is dead. The bombardment of Gaeta had been recommence. Advices from China say the Tartar army still kept the field. The bullion in the Bank of France had decreased 2,600,000 francs during
From the South. Montgomery, Ala.,Dec. 26. --The Convention election shows that an immense majority of the people are in favor of secession. Charleston, Dec. 26.--The rumors are that several hundred troops are en route for the forts here. Also, that Fort Sumpter was reinforced on Sunday by marines under the disguise of laborers. Postal matters continue as formerly. Many foreign ships stock clearance papers before the 20th inst., and are now loading. Others will probably takDec. 26.--The rumors are that several hundred troops are en route for the forts here. Also, that Fort Sumpter was reinforced on Sunday by marines under the disguise of laborers. Postal matters continue as formerly. Many foreign ships stock clearance papers before the 20th inst., and are now loading. Others will probably take their clearances under protest. Many intelligent Carolinians say it is a difficult matter to untangle the guardian knot of the Union, out, if they must, will cut it.
The Daily Dispatch: December 27, 1860., [Electronic resource], The American Minister at Windor Castle. (search)
Co-operation meeting — later from Mexico. New Orleans, Dec. 26. --The co-operation meeting to ratify the nomination of delegates to the Convention, was well attended. Speeches were made by Soule and others. The steamer Tennessee, from Vera Cruz on the 22d inst., has arrived, with $11,000 in specie. Minister McLane and Gen. Giocouria are among her passengers. Miramon had surprised the Liberals at Tortuga, and captured 1,200 men and 12 cannon.-- Gen. Degollado and Bemisaut were made prisoners.
Extra session of the Legislature. New Orleans, Dec. 26. --Gov. Houston has issued a proclamation for an extra session of the Texas Legislature January 26, to consider the crisis. The Convention of the people will assemble on the 28th. The secession feeling is in the ascendant.
The Daily Dispatch: December 27, 1860., [Electronic resource], Protestant Episcopacy in the United States. (search)
Death of Hon. H. M. Fuller. Philadelphia.Dec. 26. --Hon. Henry M. Fuller, ex-member of Congress from the Honesdale district, died in this city this morning, of typhoid fever. He was the defeated candidate in the 2nd district last October.
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