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Extra session. --In consequence of the alarming state of the country, Governor Letcher has called an extra session of the Legislature of Virginia, to convene on the 7th of January.
esday night there was a grand torchlight procession here, with 600 men in the ranks, including military and firemen. Mr. Orr espoused secession and was followed by Keitt and others, in similar speeches. The State Agricultural Fair is in progress here. Alabama. Mobile, Nov. 15.--Gov. Moore will issue a proclamation calling a Convention on the 6th prox, and urging the people to secession. The election is to take place on the 24th December, and the Convention meets on the 7th January. Georgia. Milledgeville, Ga., Nov. 15. --To-day the leading men of all parties, in conference, unanimously agreed to a Convention. They recommend resistance to Lincoln's Administration, the time and mode to be settled by the Convention. In the Senate, to-day, there was considerable discussion on the bill appropriating $1,000,000 for arming the State, passed by the House, resulting in a motion for its reference to the Finance Committee. The bill provides that the money s
Movements in the South. We published yesterday the proclamation of Governor Letcher, convening the Legislature of Virginia on the 7th January. By proclamation some time since, he had called an extra session of that body for the 14th of the same month. The excitement at the South, in consequence of the election of Lincoln, is the cause of this second proclamation, and of the hastening by a week the assembling of the Legislature. The Governor calls attention to this subject, believing that "prudence requires that the representatives of the people of the Commonwealth should take into consideration the condition of public affairs, and determine calmly and wisely what action is necessary in this emergency." Governor Letcher has acted wisely in convoking the Legislators to consider this important subject. He has not convoked them too early, By the time they meet, the crisis will be sufficiently developed, no doubt, to demand some action on the part of Virginia. She will then
strength in useless regrets. Address your thoughts solely to Him who never fails to answer when we invoke Him with confidence." Such were the variations which I received from my grandfather this morning and, as if he is survived by having given them, he has been more tranquil, more serene and . For my own part, I cannot believe and strong a mind see be willing The danger has been set before my eyes, but it still seems far distant. May God confirm my favorable anticipations! January 7.--Darkness has a more depressing effect on sick persons than it has on people in health; although it is said to be injurious even to the robustent health. Light was made for man, and man for the light. We have contrived this morning a mode of economizing our oil, without remaining completely in the dark. We have made a night-light with a thin slice of cork, through which we have thrust a very small wick. This feeble light suffices for my work, and it cheers my grandfather a little.--We
Death. --Wm. Garth, a member of the Virginia Legislature, from Albemarle county, died suddenly on the 27th inst. A writ will be issued for an election to fill the vacancy in the Legislature, which meets on the 7th of January.
The Daily Dispatch: December 7, 1860., [Electronic resource], Action of the Mississippi Legislature. (search)
Action of the Mississippi Legislature. The Mississippi Legislature adjourned on the 30th ult. The Convention bills, the secession resolutions and the bill authorizing the government to appoint commissioners to co-operate with the slaveholding States, were passed unanimously. The Stay law and Non-Importation Slave act were defeated. The election is fixed for the 20th and the Convention meets on the 7th of January. In a great speech, Hon. Mr. Lamar advocates separate, secession and the simultaneous adoption of a federal constitution, and the Southern members and Senators to hold a congress of the new republic and appointed electors of a President of the Southern Confederacy.
The Daily Dispatch: January 23, 1861., [Electronic resource], Sudden death of a clergyman in Church. (search)
Sudden death of a clergyman in Church. Rev. Chauncey Eddy died in Beloit, Wisconsin, on Sabbath evening, Jan. 7th, while speaking in church before the Monthly Concert of Prayer for Foreign Missions. He was born in Haddam, Ct., in 1796, graduated at William College, and has been settled at Pennyan, New York; Jacksonville, Ill., and Lanesboro', Mass. He has a son who is laboring as a missionary of the American Board in Syria.
Commercial.[from the London Times' City Article.] Monday Evening, Jan. 7.--The Bank of England, this morning, shortly after the commencement of business, advanced their rate of discount from 6 per cent., at which it was fixed on the 31st ult., to 7 per cent., This is higher than any point attained since the panic of 1857. The step came unexpectedly, and a few minutes previously to its notification, money was obtainable in the discount market at a fraction below the Bank terms them current. The reasons assigned for it, however or, are sufficiently important. Not only did the Asia take out a further sum of £200,000, for New York on Saturday; but the Tetonia, from Southampton this morning, has carried £ 70,000, and it may, therefore, be inferred that the City of Washington. Argo, Vigo, North Britain, Marathon, and Niagara, to sail during the week, will all, or most or them, have additional totals — especially as the accounts to-day are likely to excite the confidence of rem
New York, Jan. 22. --Arrived, schrs. Jamestown, City Point; Senator, Norfolk. Trion, Jan. 7.--Sailed, ship Cobooney, Norfolk.
The Daily Dispatch: January 26, 1861., [Electronic resource], To J. M. Estes. W. M. Caldwell, J. B. Ferguson, and others. (search)
Rockland, Jan. 17.--Sl'd, schr. Ada Ames, for Richmond. Fall River, Jan. 22.--Arr'd, schr. Golden Eagle, Norfolk. Liverpool, jan. 7.--Cl'd, ship Mathilde, Hampton Roads. Charleston, Jan. 20.--Arr'd, schr. Time, Richmond.
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