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Northern markets. --[By Telegraph.] Baltimore,Nov. 1. --Flour quiet and steady — Howard, and Ohio and City Mills $5.50. Wheat firm-- yellow 65 @ 68; white 70 @ 73 Provisions quiet--bacon sides 11 @ 11; mess pork $19.75.--Coffee firm and active. Whiskey dull at 21 New York, Oct. 1. --Flour firm — Southern $5.70 @ $5.95. Wheat 2 higher-- Western red $1.35 @ $1.38½. Corn buoyant — mixed 68½ @ 69. Pork dull. Lard dull at 12½ @ 13. Whiskey dull at 22. Stocks dull and easier — N. Y. Central's 82; Va. 6's 86¼; Mo. 6's 76½. Sales in N. Y., Oct. 31. of $3,000 Va. 6's at 85, and $5.000 Tenn.
The Daily Dispatch: November 13, 1860., [Electronic resource], A political Rioter with a sword Blade in his back. (search)
containing synopses of the transactions of the Fund for Internal Improvements, Sinking Fund and Literary Fund for the fiscal year ending 30th September, 1860. Respectfully, your obedient servant. Wm. A. Moncure, Second Auditor. To his Excellency, John Letcher, Governor of Virginia. Internal Improvement Fund. Synopsis of the operations of the Fund of Internal Improvement during the Fiscal year ending the 30th September, 1860. Balance in the Treasury the 1st day of Oct., '59$9,217 23 Treasurer's Receipts for payments into the Treasury during the fiscal year, viz: From loans obtained under act of 29th March, 1851--Registered Stock$299,700.00 Coupon Bonds, 1,067,000 00 $1,566,700 00 From loans obtained under act of 18th March, 1858--Reg'tred Stock1,400 00 From Revenue — Dividends on Bank and Internal Improvement Company Stocks, bonus on Banking Capital, Interest on Loans, &c.522,317 12 1,899,417 13 Total$1,899,634 36 Disbursed through the warra
Sinking Fund. Synopsis of the Operations of the Sinking Fund During the Fiscal Year Ending the 30th Sept., 1860. balance in the Treasury the 1st October, 18$67,137 72 received from the Commonwealth, viz: to pay semi-annual interest due 1st January, 1860$984,051 60 to pay semi-annual interest due 1st July, 1860907,72 671,01,924 07 on account of the amount required to be set apart annually for the redemption of Debt previous to 1832201,150 00 on account of the amount required to be set apart for investment for the benefit of Debt created since 1852196,945 21 from interest on 5 and 6 per cent. Debt of the State held as an investment by the fund32,390 715,232,409 99 Total$2,299,547 71 Disbursed during the year: to pay interest on Debt Redeemed$123 53 to pay semi-annual interest due 1st July, 18597,573 92 to pay semi-annual interest due 1st Jan'y. 1860.901,613 30 to pay semi-annual interest due 1st July, 1860802,641 541,801,952 29 to pay interest on guaranteed
ement of this Bank and Branches, for the quarter ending October 1st. With great respect, your obedient servant, S. Bills Discounted, payable at Bank and Branches670,521.68 Oct. 1, Bills Discounted, payable at Bank and Branches720,512.39 Sept. 1, Foreign Bills payable out of State1,095,370.50 Oct. 1, Foreign Bills payable out of State917,532.04 Bad debts,009.64 Aug. 1, Specie304,502.91 Sept. 1, Specie327,486.52 Oct. 1, Specie346,7.86 Aug. 1, Circulation1,463,95.00 Sept. 1, Circulation1,536,689.00 Oct. 1, Circulation1,471,834.00 Sept. 1, Notes of Virginia Banks19.00 Oct. 1, Notes of Virginia BanOct. 1, Notes of Virginia Banks8,077.00 Aug. 1, Notes of other Banks and Checks65,057.58 Sept. 1, Notes of other Banks and Checks87,509.84 Oct. 1, NoteOct. 1, Notes of other Banks and Checks78,308.06 Exchange bought and sold from par. to 1 per cent. gain1,183.23 Contingent Fund55,883.6to Directors19,45.00 Sept. 1, Loan to Directors19,135.00 Oct. 1, Loan to Directors15,610.00 Aggregate debt due by the Bank
Port of Richmond, November 21high water this day (Thursday) 11 ¾ o'clock. arrived Schr. Dan'l Townsend, Townsend, Jacksonville, lumber, Schr. M. S. Patridge, Rockland lime. Sailed Schr. Julia Main, Preston, New Orleans, mdze., W. D. Colquitt &Co. Schr. E. Goldsborough, Todd. Baltimore, light. Schr. Brunett, Johnson, down the river, light. Schr. M. C. Cramner, Ludford, river, light. Schr. Chericoke, Crump, the river, light. Baltimore,Nov. 20.--Cl'd, schr, Ashland, Norfolk. New York, Nov. 19.--Cl'd, schr. Ann, Petersburg. Arr'd, schr. Mary, Fredericksburg. Nov. 20 Cl'd. steamship Jamestown, Richmond. Boston. Nov. 13.--Arr'd, schr. S. R. Allen, Richmond. Rio Janeiro, Oct. 1.-- Arr'd, bark Sally Magee, Richmond. 5th, ship Grey Eagle, Norfolk. Alexandria, Nov. 20.-- Arr'd, schr. Sarah E Jones, Richmond.
The Daily Dispatch: November 24, 1860., [Electronic resource], Message of the Governor of North Carolina. (search)
Message of the Governor of North Carolina. The message of Gov. Ellis, of North Carolina, read before the Legislature of that State on Tuesday, is received. The following abstract is interesting: The actual debt of the State, on October 1st, was $9,129,505, besides a debt of $1,699,900, for which her faith is pledged. The receipts into the State treasury for the past two years are $1,310,884, and the estimated receipts for the next two years are $1,726,425. Of the railroad from Beaufort to Cowana, on the Tennessee line, (560 miles,) 318 miles have been completed and 50 miles let out. Its cost when finished will be $12,600,000. The Cape Fear and Deep River Canal has been opened 81 miles, to the centre of the Coal Fields, with an average depth of 8 feet and width of 65 feet. The Fayetteville and Western Railroad is completed to the Coal Fields; in Chatham county; the Wilmington, Charlotte and Rutherford Railroad is finished 75 miles from Wilmington and 25 miles from Charlotte
Orange and Alexandria Railroad --The annual meeting of the stockholders in the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, was held in Alexandria, Thursday. President Barbour's annual report gives the following exhibit: Finances — Receipts from commencement, $7,236,770,04; disbursements, $7,182,012,88; receipts for past fiscal year, $1,415,387,0; disbursements do, do., $1,342,414,01; floating dent paid in present year, $295,100,56; do, of present year, $590,056,89--total indebtedness to October 1, including accounts to contractors, temporary loans, &c., $634,756,96. Resources on Hand and Available--Due on stock subscription to Lynchburg extension $24,055,70, stock held by company $69,515; freight and other bills due $18,209,24; materials at shops and wood on the line of the road, $45,514,64; cash in bank and available, $9,249,12--making $166,543,70-- bonds, second issue, $63,500; bonds, third issue, 8 per cent., $19,000 --total $249,013,70. The above is subject to a deduction on the bonds b
ondition of the Treasury for the fiscal year, terminating with the 29th September, 1860. Very respectfully, Your obedient servant, J. M. Bennett, Aud. of Pub. Ac'ts. State of the Treasury — Commonwealth's funds, 1859-'60. 1859. Oct. 1--To balance per last annual report$104,013 36 Oct. 31--To receipts in October, 185957,409 93 Nov. 30--To receipts in Nov., 1859153,749 56 Dec. 31--To receipts in Dec., 1859.1,639,128 48 $1,954,301 32 1860. Jan. 2--To balance brought dJune, 1860441,608 97 $964,525 79 July 2--To balance brought down.42,395 64 July 31--To receipts in July, 1860413,212 13 Aug. 31--To receipts in August, 186091,883 92 Sept. 29--To receipts in Sept. 1860.133,756 98 $681,248 67 1860. Oct. 1--To balance this day against the Treasurer, exclusive of the funds under the direction of the Second Auditor.$139,305 18 By amount warrants paid in Oct., 1859.98,618 24 By amount warrants paid in Nov. 1859138,114.34 By amount warrants paid
$180,500. The Norfolk and Petersburg Road owes for '59 and '60, $42,000. The Orange and Alexandria Road owes for '59 and 60, $28,000. The Virginia and Tennessee Company still owes a balance of $30,475 of the temporary loan, the interest on which to 1st of January, 1861, amounts to $21,420.80. The South-Side Company has paid nothing since July, 59. (See act passed) Feb. 28, 1860. The Orange and Alexandria Company owes the State a dividend scrip for $31,600, with interest from 1st Oct., '54, which amounts on 1st Oct., 1860, to $11,376. Ordered to be printed. Resolutions of Inquiry Offered.--By Mr. Miller, of passing a law providing for the valuation of property levied on under executions by two or more freeholders, and that such property be required to bring at the public sale at least two-thirds of the value so fixed; by Mr. Grattan, of vacating all the officers in the militia and ordering a new election; by Mr. Wood, of refunding to Mrs. Lucy Holland, of Fluva
0,000.00 circulation25,210.00208,145.00 Deposits39,237.6438,089.26 due to other Banks1,976.345,206.25 Surpins and Contingent Fund7,431.7119,1#6.69 Fronts of the institution16,719.9714,914.04 in transit000.00000.00 $619,605.06$380,520.58 Dealings in Exchange last Quarter. 1860.1861. amount purchased$141,714.68$57,288.31 Premium paid173.08332.08 amount sold272,908.50110,495.73 Premium received941.86763.51 on the first of each month embraced in the last Quarter: Oct. 1.Nov. 1.Dec. 1. Debt due by this Bank$286,051.50$277,151.31$207,819.11 Debt due to this Bank534,828.99582,327.46524,581.46 On hand, discounted Inland bills15,502.5022,850.3317,067.07 On hand, discounted Foreign bills298,897.52846,274.63333,112.10 Loan to Directors450.003,450.003,450.00 Specie74,758.1747,370.5723,270.77 Circulation222,105.00193,530.00172,480.00 Deposit34,060.1231,843.9530,883.58 Surplus Fund19,166.09 Profit and Loss14,914.04 34,080.15 Deduct Dividend four per cent,
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