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National DemocratichiTicket for 1860.for president,Stephen A. Douglas, of Illinois.for president,Herschel V.Johnson, of Georgia. Electors. 1st. Dist.--Gorge Blow, of Norfolk City. 2d. Dist.--Henry L. Hopkins, of Petersburg. 3d. Dist.--Jonathan B. Stovall, of Halifax. 4th. Dist.--James Garland, of Lynchburg. 5th. Dist.--Ben. F. Randolph, of Albemarle. 6th. Dist.--James H. Cox, of Chesterfield. 7th. Dist.--J B. Allworth, of Accomac. 8th. Dist.--G. H. C. Rowe, of Spotsylvania. 9th. Dist.--George W. Brent, of Alexandria. 10th. Dist.--Israel Robinson, of Berkeley. 11th. Dist.--J. N. Liggett, of Rockingham. 12th. Dist.--D. H. Hodge, of Montgomery. 13th. Dist.--George W. Hopkins, of Washington. 14th. Dist.--C. J. Stuart, of Doddridge. 15th. Dist.--Wm. G. Brown, of Preston. Election on Tuesday, 6th November. no 2--2t
The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], English view of the late Royal visit. (search)
Union Electoral Ticket.State of Virginia.the Union, the Constitution, and the Enforcementof the Laws.for President,John Bell, of Tranesserfor Vice-President,Edward Everett, of Massachusetts. Electors: Dist. 1st. L. H. Chandler, of Norfolk City. Dist. 2d. Travis H. Epes, of Nottoway. p>Dist. 3d. Thos. Bruck, of Halifax. Dist. 4th. John T. Thornton of P. Edward. Dist. 5th. Jas. F. Johnson, of Bedford. Dist. 6th. Marmaduke Johnson, of Richmond City. Dist. 7th. Lemuel. J. Bowden, of Winburg. Dist. 8th. Joseph Christian, of Middlesex. Dist. 9th. B. H. Shackelford, of Fauquier. Dist. 10th. And W. E. Kennedy, of Jefferson. Dist. 11th. Francis T. Anderson, of Rockbridge. Dist. 12th. W. R. Staples, of Montgomery. Dist. 13th. Walter Preston, of Washing'n. Dist. 14th. J. J. Jackson. Jr., of Wood. Dist. 15th. A. B. Caldwell, of Ohio. Election, Tuesday,6th November. oc 31--4t
The Daily Dispatch: November 7, 1860., [Electronic resource], Land and Slaves in the county of Amelia, for sale privately. (search)
3; Douglas 139; Lincoln 2. Goggin's majority was 254. In the city alone the vote stood Bell 908; Breckinridge 517; Douglas 136; Lincoln 2. Goochland. Little's Store.--Breckinridge 54; Bell 41; Douglas 5. Petersburg. Petersburg, Nov. 6. --The vote here is Bell 970; Douglas 613; Breckinridge 223. Goggin had 308 majority in Petersburg. Southampton. Iver's Station, 3 P. M.--Bell 53; Breckinridge 2. Sussex. Wakefield Station, 3 ½ P. M.--Bell 64; BreckinridgBell has about 450 majority over Breckinridge. Letcher carried this county by 18 majority. Norfolk city. The vote in this city stands: Bell 986; Breckinridge 438; Douglas 232. Goggin's majority was 309. Norfolk county. Norfolk, Nov. 6, 11 P. M.--The Court-House precinct gives Bell 196; Breckinridge 94; Douglas 27. Portsmouth. The vote in this city is: Bell 676; Breckinridge 558; Douglas 210. Goggin's majority was 141. Nansemond. Suffolk — Bell is repor
Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Nov. 6 --Noon.--Four tickets are being voted for. The Douglasites having difficulty in procuring straight tickets are refusing to vote at all, or voting the Reading (fusion) ticket. The city will probably give a large Republican plurality. All quiet. Philadelphia, Nov. 6--10 P. M.--Scattering returns from the interior show large Republican gains over the Governor's vote last month. Lancaster city gives a Republican gain of 336. Columbia gives slight Republican gains, as also does Hollidaysburg. Philadelphia, Nov. 6--11 P. M.--It is estimated that Philadelphia gives 25,000 votes for the fusion ticket. Lincoln doubtless carries the State by an increase over the recent vote for Curtin, Rep., for Governor. [This part of the dispatch is not very clear, as there is no "fusion ticket" in Pennsylvania this election, though some votes may be given for the Reading (fusion) ticket, which was dissolved a week or two since.] Philade
New York. New York, Nov. 6 --Noon.--So far the down town wards have plied nearly as many votes as were cast in the whole city last year.--There have been no arrests for illegal voting. New York, Nov. 6--P. M.--In the Second Ward the Union ticket has 508. Republican 222. New York, Nov. 6--10 P. M.--In the Second and Sixth Wards the Union ticket has 4,267 and the Republican ticket 900. The Third Ward gives Union ticket 571; Republican 285. The Tenth Ward gives the Union 2,200; Republican 1,460. In the Fifth Ward the vote is 2,150 for the Union, and 1,133 for the Republican. The Eleventh Ward gives the Union 4,200; Republican 1,940. New York, Nov. 6--11 P. M.--The Ninth Ward gives the Union ticket 3,944; Republican 2,938.
Maryland. Baltimore, Nov. 6 --Noon.--The voting is proceeding quietly, and a large vote is being polled. The Breckinridge men and Bell men are equally sanguine of carrying the city and State. The Douglas men seem to be polling a large vote. It is thought that many Germans are voting for Lincoln. Baltimore, Nov. 6--7 P. M. --Returns indicate that Breckinridge has carried the city. The vote is close. Baltimore, Nov. 6--P. M. --Complete returns from the city give Breckinridge 14,850, Bell 12,619, Douglas 1,562, Lincoln 1,082. The Union party now claims the State by over 2,000 majority. Baltimore, Nov. 7, 1 P. M.--The returns from Allegheny county indicate a Bell gain of 11,000.
The Daily Dispatch: November 7, 1860., [Electronic resource], The Emperor Napoleon and the American Minister. (search)
North Carolina. Wilmington, N. C., Nov. 6, 10 P. M. --The vote here stands Breckinridge 593; Bell 567.--The county shows uniform gains for Breckinridge. Raleigh, N. C., Nov. 6, 10 P. M. --The vote here is Bell 504; Breckinridge 160; Douglas 114. Duplin county shows Breckinridge gains, and the State has, in all probability, gone for him. Raleigh, Nov. 6.11 P. M.--In 7 precincts in New Hanover county. Breckinridge gains 79. Raleigh, N. C. Nov. 6--Midnight. --So far orm gains for Breckinridge. Raleigh, N. C., Nov. 6, 10 P. M. --The vote here is Bell 504; Breckinridge 160; Douglas 114. Duplin county shows Breckinridge gains, and the State has, in all probability, gone for him. Raleigh, Nov. 6.11 P. M.--In 7 precincts in New Hanover county. Breckinridge gains 79. Raleigh, N. C. Nov. 6--Midnight. --So far as heard from here Bell has in Wake county 642; Breckinridge 214; Douglas 127. The same precincts gave Pool, Opp., for Governor 492.
Massachusetts. Boston, Nov. 6 --Noon.--Burlingame, Rep. is 300 ahead of his opponent for Congress.--Rice, Rep., for Congress, is 300 ahead of his competitor. Boston, Nov. 6--P. M.--Rice, Rep., is elected to Congress. Anson Burlingame, Rep., is defeated. Boston, Nov. 6--10 P. M.--The Republicans have carried every Congressional district in the State, except Burlingame's.
Connecticut. Hartford, Conn., Nov. 6, 10 P. M. --This city gives Lincoln 276 majority. Seven towns give Lincoln 21,000; Breckinridge 1,237; Douglas 542; Bell 77. Lincoln's majority in the State will be several thousands.
Delaware. Wilmington, Nov. 6. --This city gives 200 majority for the Republicans. The State, however, is believed to have voted for the fusion ticket. Delaware has gone for Breckinridge by 1,500 majority.
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