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Respite of Totty. -- We are informed that Governor Letcher has granted a respite to Wm. D. Totty, until the 9th of November. The consideration that the prisoner needed time to prepare for his doom, was sufficient to induce the Executive to consent to an extension of the period for a few days. Since his sentence, Totty has been visited by Rev. Messrs. Boggs and Duncan, from whose counsel, it is hoped, he will derive the benefit so essential to a man standing on the brink of eternity.
Movements at the South. Hoisting the Palmette Flag — Resignation of Federal Officers — Speeches at the Capital of South Carolina--Important Message of the Governor of Georgia--Retaliation on the North--Views at Washington, &c. Charleston, Nov. 8. --The bark James Gray, owned by Cushing, of Boston, and now lying at our wharves, under instructions from her owner, to-day hoisted the Palmetto flag and fired a salute of 15 guns. New Orleans, Nov. 8. --Placards are posted about the city calling a convention of those favorable to the formation of corps of Minute Men. Columbia, S. C., Nov. 8. --The Speaker of the House of Delegates last night received a dispatch from Virginia, tendering the services of a volunteer corps in the event of South Carolina seceding. Edmund Ruffin, of Virginia, spoke here last night. He said Southern independence had been a life-long study with him, and he thought it could only be secured by the secession of South Car
ckingham22 Campbell317 Chesterfield456 Culpeper1 Dinwiddie135 Elizabeth City83 Fairfax7 Fluvanna32 Henrico700 James City88 Jefferson801 Loudoun1253 Marshall80 Montgomery287 Nansemond58 Nelson336 New Kent94 Norfolk City547 Norfolk county255 Northampton53 Nottoway57 Ohio280 Petersburg747 Portsmouth118 Powhatan98 Prince George75 Princess Anne72 Pittsylvania645 Pulaski82 Rappahannock120 Richmond City1234 Rockbridge892 Rockingham206 Spottsylvania95 Stafford1 Surry74 Taylor50 Williamsburg6 13,909 Breckinridge's majorities11,943 Bell's clear maj. over Breckinridge1,966 Letcher's majority in the counties not in the above table, and not heard from1,386 Bell's clear majority, so far580 [by Telegraph.] Alexandria, Nov. 9.--The Gazette's summing up from 106 counties shows that Bell gains over Goggin 12,532, and Breckinridge gains over Letcher 8,310, giving Bell a clear gain of 4,222. This falls short of overcoming Letcher's majority by 1,607.
ochland--Official.--Breckinridge 425; Bell 236; Douglas 37. Surry--Official--Bell 189; Breckinridge 445; Douglas 56. Bedford--Official.--Bell 1,468; Breckinridge 1,039; Douglas 94. Appomattox--Official.--Breckinridge 559; Bell 218; Douglas 9. Albemarle--Official.--Bell 1,317; Breckinridge 1,056; Douglas 97. Shenandoah — All the precincts, except one, give Breckinridge 1,701; Bell 421; Douglas 164. The precinct to hear from will give Breckinridge 160. Culpeper--Official.--Breckinridge 525; Bell 526; Douglas 19. King William--Official.--Breckinridge 315; Bell 142; Douglas 8. Princess Anne--Official.--Bell 451; Breckinridge 379; Douglas 16. Norfolk County--Official.--Bell 632; Breckinridge 377; Douglas 47. Georgia. Augusta, Ga., Nov. 9.--Official returns from 79 counties give Breckinridge 35,130; Bell 34,180; Douglas 10,144. Florida. Returns from Florida indicate that the State has given a majority of 4,000 for Breckinridge.
Marine Intelligence.port of Richmond, November 9.high Water this day (Saturday) 1 ½ o'clock. Arrived, Steamer Belvidere, Keene, Baltimore, mdze., and passengers, D. & W. Currie. Steamship City of Richmond. Mitchell, Philadelphia, mdze. and passengers. C. P. Cardozo. Brig New York, Cooper, Baltimore, in ballast, Jas. Grays Sons. Sloop Sophia, Coleman, James river, wheat. Schr. Lynchburg, Harris, New York, mdze., D. & W. Currie. Schr. Willard Saulsbury, Hudson. Willard Saulsbury, Hudson, Philadelphia, coal, W. T. Staples. Sailed. Steamship Jamestown, Skinner, New York, mdze. and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Schr. Buena Vista, Robby, down the river, light. Schr. Roxanna, Moore, down the river, light. Cleared--Nov. 9. Brig Charles Miller, Brewer, with tobacco for Bristol, England, by Caskies & Harrison. Newark, Nov. 7.--Arr'd , schr. Banquet, Suffolk. Va. Norfolk, Nov. 8.--Arr'd , schr. Jno. P. Hooper, Richmond
From Georgia.the feeling in the State--exciting Scenes--the cockade, & c. Augusta, Ga.,Nov. 9. --The telegraph lines are down South of here. There is nothing of consequence from Milledgeville Meeting are being held all over Georgia for the formation of corps of minute men, and enrollment is going on actively. A meeting is called here to-morrow night, which will be managed by our most conserver citizens, and decided measures looking to the secession of Georgia will be adopted. A highly exciting scene occurred in this city the afternoon. A physician named Thayer, formerly a resident and recently returned. to ordered to leave Thursday night for uttering abolition sentiments. He refused, and as afternoon was waited on by a crowd, extreme treatment, and some a middle . While the crowd was engaged in listening to appeals on the subject. Thayer was to the rear of the hotel and escaped punishment. The prayers of his wife and children induced some citizens th
The Administration and the South. Washington. Nov. 9. --The Administration has not feel called upon to take action in the present condition of affairs at the South, but, while enforcing the laws, will continuously and any act which would by any possibility exasperate the public mind. Five thousand muskets were yesterday dispatched to the South, in charge of an ordnance officer, by . Their exact destination is unknown, is supposed they are intended to supply due to the Southern States.
Refusal of Federal Judges to hold Office under Lincoln. Montgomery, Ala.,Nov. 9. --The "Mail" publishes a dispatch from Apalachicola, state that McQueen and McIntosh. Federal Judges of Florida, will not hold office under Lincoln.
Action of the Georgia Legislature. Milledgeville, Ga.,Nov. 9. --The Senate refuses to bring on the election of U. S. Senate by a large majority.
Northern markets. Baltimore,Nov. 9. -- Flour closed steady-- How is Street and Ohio $5.50; City $5.37. Wheat Red $1 20 @ 1.35; White $1.40@ 1.65. Corn. Starch Yellow 69@70. Provisions quiet. Bacon ; 11 ½@; 11 ¾; Mess Pork $19.50 @ 19.75. Coffee Candy 13.14 @ 15. Whiskey dull at 20 ¾. New York. Nov. 9.--Cotton heavy. Flour heavy — Southern $5.65@6. Wheat quiet. Corn declining tendency -- mixed 70 @72 cts. Pork mass $19.12 @ 19 25; prime $14 50. Orleans Molasses-- new cr1 ¾; Mess Pork $19.50 @ 19.75. Coffee Candy 13.14 @ 15. Whiskey dull at 20 ¾. New York. Nov. 9.--Cotton heavy. Flour heavy — Southern $5.65@6. Wheat quiet. Corn declining tendency -- mixed 70 @72 cts. Pork mass $19.12 @ 19 25; prime $14 50. Orleans Molasses-- new crop 51 Spts. Turpentine heavy .14 ¼ @14 Rice firm and active at 4 5/4@4 ¾c. -- Stores lower — New York Centrals 80; U. S. 5 s of . in New York, Nov. 8, of $11. 000 Va. 6's, at and $20.000, Tenn, 6's
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