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end, but not being rich, he could not afford to take a servant to camp; it therefore fell to the lot of the privates to clean the captain's shoes. When the turn of the wealthy friend came, he walked up, cap in hand, with an air of due humility, gave the military salute, and said, with great gravity, Captain, your shoes, if you please, sir. The ludicrousness of the scene was more than either could stand, and they laughed heartily. But the wealthy private cleaned the captain's shoes. June 15, 1861. Yesterday was set apart by the President as a day of prayer and fasting, and I trust that throughout the Confederacy the blessing of God was invoked upon the army and country. We went to church at Millwood, and heard Bishop Meade. His sermon was full of wisdom and love; he urged us to individual piety in all things, particularly to love and charity to our enemies. He is full of enthusiasm and zeal for our cause. His whole heart is in it, and from the abundance of the heart the m
. Second Minnesota, Company F:--William Blake, musician; threw away his drum and took a gun at Mill Springs. Eighth Tennessee (Unions), Company C:--Sergeant John Gossett; killed at Utoy Creek while planting his colors on the enemy's works. Nineteenth Wisconsin:--Chaplain J. H. Nichols; died Jan., 1863, in an insane asylum. Fifty-second Indiana, Company B:--Timothy Westport; discharged April 27, 1863, for loss of speech. Twenty-first Illinois:--Colonel U. S. Grant; enlisted June 15, 1861; promoted Brigadier dier General, Aug. 7, 1861. Twenty-fifth Wisconsin, Company G:--(Geo. W. Ide; died June 2, 1864, at Dallas, Ga., of sunstroke. First Kentucky Cavalry (Union), Company H:--Geo. W. Eller; killed Feb. 10, 1863, in a personal difficulty, A frequent item in the Tennessee and Kentucky rolls. in Wayne Co., Ky. Fifth Tennessee Cavalry (Union), Company F:--J. N. Gilliam; killed near Tracy City, Tenn., by guerrillas, A frequent item in the Tennessee and kentucky
, Inspector-General. To His Excellency B. Magoffin, Frankfort, Kentucky. General Buckner to Governor Magoffin. Headquarters Ky. State Guards, Paducah, June 15, 1861. sir:--On the 11th inst., I advised Governor Harris, of Tennessee, of the agreement which has been entered into with Gen. McClellan, and of the purpose of K, Inspector-General. To His Excellency B. Magoffin, Frankfort, Kentucky. General Buckner to Governor Magoffin. Headquarters Ky. State Guards, Paducah, June 15, 1861. sir:--On the afternoon of the 12th instant I reached Union City, Tennessee, about twenty-six miles southeast of Columbus, Kentucky, in consequence of an Buckner, Inspector-General. To His Excellency B. Magoffin, Frankfort, Ky. General Buckner to Colonel Tilghman. Headquarters Ky. State Guards, Paducah, June 15, 1861. sir:--The Commander-in-Chief directs that you call into the service of the State, as soon as practicable, six companies of the State Guard, four of infantr
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 9. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The Maryland line. (search)
y regular monthly meeting of the Association, provided two-thirds of all the members then present assent to such amendment. I find among my Confederate papers, and in Major Frank A. Bond's handwriting, the following list of the officers elected on the 8th of June, 1861; all of whom, if my memory serves me correctly, were present at the organization of the Association. Coleman Yellott, President. Dr. Charles A. Harding, Vice President. B. S. White, R. H. Archer, T. Sturgis Davis, Frank A. Bond, Geo. R. Garther, Jr., James A. Kemer, Council. Horace E. Hayden, Secretary. B. S. White, Treasurer. The Association failed. Why I know not; and the Howard county troops, known as the Maryland cavalry, June 15, 1861, left Leesburg to join the command of Colonel Angus McDonald at Romney. This company subsequently became the basis of the first battalion of Maryland cavalry under Colonel Ridgley Brown.--(Southern Historical Society Papers, V. 251.) Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), United States of America. (search)
of Northeastern Virginia......May 28, 1861 Grafton, W. Va., occupied by United States troops......May 30, 1861 Ordinance of secession of the State of Tennessee adopted by the legislature......June 8, 1861 Virginia State troops transferred to the Confederate government......June 8, 1861 Engagement at Big Bethel, Va.......June 10, 1861 Governor of Missouri calls for 50,000 State militia to repel invasion......June 12, 1861 Harper's Ferry abandoned by the Confederates......June 15, 1861 General Banks arrests George P. Kane, chief of police, at Baltimore......June 27, 1861 And police commissioners......July 1, 1861 Western Department constituted......July 3, 1861 Thirty-seventh Congress, first session (extra), assembles......July 4, 1861 Galusha A. Grow, of Pennsylvania, elected speaker of the House. [States not represented in the Thirty-Seventh Congress: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas; from Louisiana t
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Massachusetts (search)
quartered in the Senate chamber......5 P. M., April 19, 1861 Legislature convenes in extra session May 14, and passes an act for the maintenance of the Union and the Constitution, creating the Union fund, and authorizing the issue of $3,000,000 in scrip, supplemented afterwards by an act empowering the governor to issue scrip for $7,000,000 to be loaned to the United States......May, 1861 First Massachusetts, the first threeyears' regiment to reach Washington, leaves the State......June 15, 1861 San Jacinto arrives at Boston with Mason and Slidell, Nov. 19; they are incarcerated in Fort Warren......Nov. 24, 1861 Maryland legislature appropriates $7,000 to be transmitted to the governor of Massachusetts for distribution among the families of those of the Massachusetts regiment who were killed or wounded in the Baltimore riot......December, 1861 New England women's auxiliary association organized, with headquarters at Boston......December, 1861 Mason and Slidell rele
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Missouri, (search)
eneral Harney, commandant at St. Louis, addresses the people of Missouri, denouncing a military act of the legislature as indirect secession and unconstitutional......May 14, 1861 Governor Jackson calls for 50,000 militia, for the purpose of repelling invasion, and for the protection of the lives, liberty, and property of citizens of the State ......June 12, 1861 Governor Jackson, with the State troops, proceeds to Booneville, leaving the capital to fall into the hands of Lyon......June 15, 1861 General Lyon defeats the State troops under Colonel Marmaduke in battle at Booneville......June 17, 1861 An indecisive battle is fought at Carthage between State troops under General Jackson and Federals under General Sigel......July 5, 1861 State convention makes Robert Wilson president in place of Sterling Price, made major-general in the Confederate army......July 22, 1861 State convention declares the office of governor, of lieutenant-governor, and of members of legislatu
I understand the President thinks them too conspicuous—so do I. A small rosette of the same stuff pinned or attached on the arm or breast will be less notable, and quite enough distinguishable, I think. I wish I were with you in the conflict. May God give you his protection; your battle is righteous, and your victory undoubted. Yours truly, A. C. Myers. Genl. G. T. Beauregard. Appendix to Chapter VII. Headquarters Department of Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg, Va., June 15th, 1861. General,—Since my arrival here I have made careful reconnoissance of the coast, and sought in every way possible to possess myself of the enemy's movements and intentions; there is no evidence of a disposition on his part to land in this vicinity, and I am obliged to think the force here is unnecessarily large. To all appearances the Federal forces will be directed against Manassas and Harper's Ferry; if those places fall, this position will be unnecessary, as he will have opened
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, West Virginia, 1861 (search)
1861 April 18: Abandonment of Harper's FerryDestruction of Ordnance stores. May 30: Occupation of GraftonOHIO--16th Infantry. WEST VIRGINIA--1st and 2d Infantry. June 3: Action, PhillippiINDIANA--6th, 7th and 9th Infantry. OHIO--Barnett's Battery Light Arty.; 14th and 16th Infantry. WEST VIRGINIA--1st Infantry. Union loss, 2 wounded. June 13: Action, RomneyINDIANA--11th Infantry. June 15: Evacuation of Harper's FerryBy Confederates. June 19: Affair, New CreekLocal Militia. June 23: Skirmish, RighterOHIO--20th Infantry. June 26: Skirmish, Frankfort, Patterson's CreekINDIANA--11th Infantry. Union loss, 1 killed, 1 wounded. June 29: Skirmish, Bowman's Place, Cheat RiverOHIO--15th and 16th Infantry (Detachments). WEST VIRGINIA--1st Infantry (Detachment). June 30: Occupation of BuckhannonINDIANA--8th and 10th Infantry. OHIO--19th Infantry. July 2: Action, Falling Water, Hoke's RunPENNSYLVANIA--1st Troop Philadelphia Cavalry; 6th, 8th, 11th, 15th, 21st and 23d Infantry. WISCONSIN
A Roster of General Officers , Heads of Departments, Senators, Representatives , Military Organizations, &c., &c., in Confederate Service during the War between the States. (ed. Charles C. Jones, Jr. Late Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, C. S. A.), Commissioned and Warrant officers of the Navy of the Cofederate States January 1, 1864. (search)
LeeVirginiaVirginia June 11, 1861.June 21, 1861.March 26, 1861.Commanding at Drewry's Bluff. CommanderWilliam C. WhittleVirginiaVirginia June 11, 1861.June 21, 1861.March 26, 1861.Waiting orders. CommanderRobert D. ThorburnVirginiaVirginia June 15, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March 26, 1861.Naval station, Savannah. CommanderRobert G. RobbVirginiaVirginia June 10, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March 26, 1861.Commanding navy yard, Rocketts. CommanderW. W. HunterPennsylvaniaLouisiana June 6, 1861.June 6, 1861.MaiaVirginia June 10, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March 26, 1861.Special service. CommanderRichard L. PageVirginiaVirginia June 10, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March 26, 1861.Commanding naval station, Charlotte, N. C. CommanderFrederick ChatardMarylandMaryland June 15, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March 26, 1861.Naval battery, Drewry's Bluff. CommanderArthur SinclairVirginiaVirginia June 10, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March 26, 1861.Special service. CommanderC. H. KennedyVirginiaNorth Carolina June 25, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March
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