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essel by bolts, which are provided with elastic washercushions. Callender and Northrup's armor. Ballard's armor. Callender and North- Rup's Defensive Armor, May 27, 1862, is composed of ribbed plates which are fastened to interior concave stringers by bolts passing through the stringers and into metallic tubes between them; each plate has a lap at its edge to fit the corresponding edge of the next plate, to which it is riveted. The nuts are on the outside. Ballard's armor, June 24, 1862, consists of a series of inner iron ribs A A, with interposed wooden frames B B, longitudinal covering bars or plates C C, diagonal bars or plates D E, and outer covering plates F F. Hotchkiss's armor. Hotchkiss's Metallic Defensive armor for vessels and fortifications is formed by a series of plates, in which the lower ones over lap the higher, so that when any one of them is struck by a projectile, the projecting edge may become detached, glancing the shot on to the next plate, b
, 1873. 139,422W. RichardsMay 27, 1873. 3. (b.) Moving Laterally. 168Fisher and ChamberlinApr. 17, 1837. 14,667P. LancasterApr. 15, 1856. *19,387C. C. TerrillFeb. 16, 1858. 33,560Vittum and StevensOct. 22, 1861. 35,685P. J. JarreJune 24, 1862. 51,225E. SchoppNov. 28, 1865. 4. Swinging or rotating Laterally. (a.) On a Longitudinal Pin or Hinge. No.Name.Date. 193W. H. HubbellMar. 11, 1837. *364S. DayAug. 31, 1837. 3,649W. W. HubbellJuly 1, 1844. 6,139D. MinesingerFeb. 2. 30,537E. MaynardOct. 30, 1860. 33,435B. F. JoslynOct. 8, 1861. 33,907W. H. SmithDec. 10, 1861. *34,126Brady and NobleJan. 14, 1862. 34,449B. F. Skinner and A. Plummer, Jr.Feb. 18, 1862. 34,854S. W. WoodApr. 1, 1862. 35,688B. F. JoslynJune 24, 1862. *35,996J. B. DoolittleJuly 29, 1862. *36,358J. NicholsSept. 2, 1862. 37,208S. StrongDec. 16, 1862. 38,366L. AlbrightMay 5, 1863. 38,643S. StrongMay 19, 1863. 38,644S. StrongMay 19, 1863. 39,198J. DavisJuly 7, 1863. 39,407B. F. Joslyn
smit the load to the arch. Span′drel-wall. (Masonry.) One built on the extrados of an arch. Machine for attaching spangles to hoop-skirts. Span′gling-ma-chine′. A machine for setting and securing the clasps or spangles by which the wires and tapes of hoop-skirts are secured together. The spangles are placed in a hopper, and automatically take their place in line in an inclined feedingchute, which leads them to the clinching mechanism. See patents — No. 35,666.BeckJune 24, 1862. No. 36,877.DeForestNov. 4, 1862. No. 37,124.BairdDec. 9, 1862. No. 37,992.WilmotMar. 24, 1863. No. 50,728.OlmsteadOct. 31, 1865. No. 54,939.NeumannMay. 23, 1866. No. 64,543.KompMay. 7, 1867. No. 71,492.JenkinsonNov. 26, 1867. No. 79,810.CarterJuly 14, 1868. In Fig. 5342, the frame A carries a standard B, supporting the inclined trough C, into which a quantity of the spangles are placed. These slide down by gravity, and on reaching the throat of the spangle-guide D, tho