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Jubal Anderson Early, Ruth Hairston Early, Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early , C. S. A., Chapter 10: operations on the Rappahannock. (search)
d Richmond at 200,000 men. Since then you and others report that they have and are receiving large reinforcements from the South. General Pope's army, now covering Washington, is only about 40,000. Your effective force is only about ninety thousand. You are about thirty miles from Richmond, and General Pope eighty or ninety, with the enemy directly between you, ready to fall with his superior numbers upon one or the other, as he may elect. headquarters, army of the Potomac, Berkley, August 14, 1862, 11 P. M. Movement has commenced by land and water. All sick will be away to-morrow night. Everything done to carry out your orders. I don't like Jackson's movements, he will suddenly appear where least expected. Will telegraph fully and understandingly in the morning. G. B. McClellan, Major General.
General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter 12: Halleck and Pope in Federal command. (search)
l McClellan's army, Pope was authorized to call to his aid the greater part of the army in West Virginia under General Cox. After reaching Gordonsville and learning something of the position of the armies, and more of the features of the country, it occurred to me that a move against General Pope's right would give us vantage-ground for battle and pursuit, besides the inviting foot-hills of the Blue Ridge for strategy, and this preference was expressed to General Lee. His letter of August 14, 1862. He joined us on the 15th, and the brigades, including those under Hood, were advanced to position for a general march. He thought it better to strike in between General Pope's left and the reinforcements that could join him from Fredericksburg than to adopt the proposition to move his army by the upper fords of the Rapidan and strike down upon the enemy's right, and decided to throw his right wing forward by the Raccoon Ford, and his left by the Somerville Ford, the latter above the r
n, Major-General. Major-General H. W. Halleck, Washington. The next day, at half-past 12, he sent another despatch, as follows:-- Cherry-Stone Inlet, August 14, 1862, 12.30 A. M. Started to Jamestown Island to talk with you; found cable broken, and came here. Please read my long telegram. All quiet at camp. Enemy burrthward on Sunday. G. B. McClellan, Major-General. Major-General H. W. Halleck, Washington. To which the following reply was received:-- Washington, August 14, 1862, 1.40 A. M. I have read your despatch. There is no change of plans. You will send up your troops as rapidly as possible. There is no difficulty in landil Halleck had taken his hat and walked out of the office without another word or message! General McClellan then telegraphed thus:-- Cherry-Stone Inlet, August 14, 1862, 1.40 A. M. Your orders will be obeyed. I return at once. I had hoped to have had a longer and fuller conversation with you, after travelling so far for
90;--killed 56. mortally wounded 34.76 Siege of Petersburg, Va. 14 Gettysburg, Pa. 27 Weldon Railroad, Va. 10 Wilderness, Va. 3 Hatcher's Run, Va. 11 Spotsylvania, Va. 25 Gravelly Run, Va. 2 North Anna, Va. 2 Five Forks, Va. 2 Bethesda Church, Va. 3 Skirmish Line, Va., June 21, 1864 1 Cold Harbor, Va. 3 Skirmish Line, Va., Oct. 8, 1864 1 Picket, Va., June 6, 1864 1     Present, also, at Chancellorsville; Mine Run; Totopotomoy; Appomattox. notes.--Organized August 14, 1862, with Captain C. W. Tilden, of the Second Maine, as its Colonel, who commanded it during its entire service. Arriving at Washington on August 21, 1862, it was ordered immediately on active duty in Maryland. The fatigue and exposure of a campaign without the customary preparatory service cost the regiment many lives, and sent large numbers to the hospital. It was assigned to Root's (1st) Brigade, Gibbon's (2d) Division, First Corps, and marched to Fredericksburg with that command. Th
Please accept, sir, the assurance of my high esteem. The Consul of France, Count Mejan. Lieutenant Weitzel, U. S. Engineers, and Assistant Military Commandant of New Orleans. I do not see how I can add anything to my reply to this letter. The evident desire to hold on to the arms impelled me to make my order more effectual, and therefore I must prevent the concealment of them by a high penalty; and also I sent this reply:-- headquarters Department of the Gulf, New Orleans, August 14, 1862. Sir:--Your official note to Lieutenant Weitzel has been forwarded to me. I see no just cause of complaint against the order requiring the arms of private citizens to be given up. It is the usual course pursued in cities similarly situated to this, even without any exterior force in the neighborhood. You will observe that it will not do to trust to mere professions of neutrality. I trust most of your countrymen are in good faith neutral; but it is unfortunately true that some
Doc. 162.-the battle of Bayou Barnard. New-York Tribune narrative. camp on Grand River, C. N., August 14, 1862. while the three Indian regiments (First, Second, and Third) lay in camp at Wolf Creek, under directions of Colonel Furness, the ranking commander, Col. Phillips, of the Third, selected one thousand two hundred men picked from the three regiments, and a section of Captain Allen's battery, under Lieut. Baldwin. Col. Phillips sent Major Forman down the west side of Grand River with one half of the force and the two pieces of artillery, (Parrott guns.) The other six hundred men went down with him through Talequa and Park Hill. Talequa is the capital of the Cherokee Nation, and is a small decayed town. Park Hill is the residence of John Ross, whose mansion is a beautiful one, handsomely furnished, with a lawn and shrubbery, and a great deal of comfort and beauty clustered around it. The design of the expedition was, first, to check the inroads of the enemy from
my operations on the Peninsula, to which they do not refer. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, J. Bankhead Magruder, Major-General. From General Lee to Secretary of War. headquarters Department of Northern Virginia, August 14, 1862. Hon. G. W. Randolph, Secretary of War, Richmond, Virginia: sir: I have the honor to transmit the report of Major-General Magruder, and the officers of his command, of the operations in the late engagements around Richmond. At the requesttack. This order was obeyed, as were all the others. The above is respectfully submitted as a part of my report. J. Bankhead Magruder, Major-General. [no. 1.] General Magruder to Adjutant-General Cooper. Fairfield race-course, August 14, 1862. To General S. Cooper, Adjutant-General, Richmond, Va.: Sir: The clerk, in copying from the minutes of my report of the operations, omitted the name of my able and gallant ordnance officer, Major J. L. Brent. I beg that the bearer, Capta
dquarters Fourth brigade, Third division, August 14, 1862. Captain G. C. Brown, Assistant Adjutant- V., McGruder's farm, Orange County, Va., August 14, 1862. To Brigadier-General W. B. Taliaferro, c headquarters Second Louisiana brigade, August 14, 1862. To Major-General A. P. Hill: I very r regiment Virginia cavalry, Orange C. H., August 14, 1862. General B. H. Robertson: sir: I have headquarters Fifth Virginia infantry, August 14, 1862. Captain Fulton, A. A. A. General: I h. Vols., camp Garnett, near Gordonsville, August 14, 1862. Captain John H. Fulton, Acting Assistantr. headquarters Thirteenth Virginia, August 14, 1862. Major Hall, A. A. A. General, Fourth Briue. camp near Gordonsville, Virginia August 14, 1862. Captain J. H. Fulton, A. A. A. General, port of Captain D'aquin. Camp wheat, August 14, 1862. The following is a report of the behater's battery, in camp near Gordonsville, August 14, 1862. To Colonel Ronald, commanding First Brig[3 more...]
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Missouri, 1862 (search)
nMISSOURI--24th Infantry (Detachment). Aug. 12-14: Scout from Fort Leavenworth, Kans., to IndependenceKANSAS--6th Cavalry (1 Co.); 8th Infantry (Co's "A," "F"). MISSOURI--7th State Militia Cavalry. WISCONSIN--3d Cavalry (2 Battalions). UNITED STATES--1st Infantry (Co. "E"). Aug. 12-18: Exp. from Camp Gamble against GuerrillasMISSOURI--1st State Militia Infantry. Aug. 13: Skirmish, Mussel Shoals, Grand RiverMISSOURI--9th State Militia Cavalry. Union loss, 100 killed, wounded and missing. Aug. 14: Skirmish near Barry SectionMISSOURI--5th State Militia Cavalry. Johnson's State Militia Battery (Section); Andrews' Co. Enrolled Militia. Union loss, 2 killed, 7 wounded. Total, 9. Aug. 14-17: Exp. from Ozark to ForsythILLINOIS--37th Infantry (Co's "A," "K"). MISSOURI--14th State Militia Cavalry (2 Co's). Aug. 15: Skirmish, Lone JackMISSOURI--6th State Militia Cavalry. Aug. 16: Action, Lone JackINDIANA--3d Indpt. Battery Light Arty. MISSOURI--7th Cavalry; 2d Battalion (3 Co's), 6th (3 C
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Tennessee, 1862 (search)
le, Scott Co.TENNESSEE--7th Infantry. Aug. 13: Skirmish, GallatinINDIANA--29th Infantry. MICHIGAN--11th Infantry. OHIO--69th Infantry. Union loss, 3 killed, 50 wounded, 200 missing. Total, 253. Aug. 13: Affair near MedonHome Guard detachment. Aug. 14: Skirmish, Mount PleasantKENTUCKY--3rd Cavalry (Detachment). Aug. 14: Skirmish, Rogers' GapKENTUCKY--6th Cavalry (Detachment). Aug. 16: Skirmish, Merriweather's Ferry, Obion RiverILLINOIS--2nd Cavalry (Co. "C"); 54th Infantry. Union loss, 3 kiAug. 14: Skirmish, Rogers' GapKENTUCKY--6th Cavalry (Detachment). Aug. 16: Skirmish, Merriweather's Ferry, Obion RiverILLINOIS--2nd Cavalry (Co. "C"); 54th Infantry. Union loss, 3 killed, 6 wounded. Total, 9. Aug. 16: Skirmish, Cumberland GapTENNESSEE--5th Infantry. Aug. 17: Skirmish, Pine MountainKENTUCKY--6th Cavalry. Aug. 18: Surrender of ClarksvilleOHIO--71st Infantry. Loss, 200. Aug. 18: Skirmish near DyersburgILLINOIS--6th Cavalry (Co. "E"). Aug. 19-21: Raid on Louisville and Nashville R. R.INDIANA--2nd Cavalry (Detachment). KENTUCKY--4th and 5th Cavalry (Detachments). PENNSYLVANIA--7th Cavalry (Detachment). Aug. 20: Skirmish, MurfreesboroughINDIANA--2nd Cavalr
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