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Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Alabama, 1863 (search)
th Cavalry; Battery "I," 1st Light Arty. April 17: Skirmishes, Great Bear Creek, Cherokee Station and Lundy's LaneALABAMA--1st Cavalry. ILLINOIS--15th Cavalry; Battery "H," 1st Light Arty.; 7th, 9th (Mounted), 50th and 57th Infantry. IOWA--39th Infantry. MISSOURI--10th Cavalry; Battery "I," 1st Light Arty. OHIO--81st Infantry. Union loss, 4 killed, 19 wounded. 59 missing. Total, 82. April 19: Skirmish, Dickson's StationILLINOIS--15th Cavalry; 9th Mounted Infantry. MISSOURI--10th Cavalry. April 22: Action, Rock Cut, near TuscumbiaALABAMA--1st Cavalry. ILLINOIS--15th Cavalry; Battery "H," 1st Light Arty.; 7th, 9th (Mounted), 12th, 50th, 52d. 57th and 122d Infantry. INDIANA--66th Infantry. IOWA--39th. Infantry. MICHIGAN--Battery "C," 1st Light Arty. KANSAS--7th Cavalry. MISSOURI--10th Cavalry; Batteries "D," "H" and "I," 1st Light Arty. OHIO--27th, 39th, 43d, 63d and 81st Infantry. April 23: Skirmish, Dickson's StationKANSAS--7th Cavalry. MISSOURI--10th Cavalry. April 23: Action, Tus
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Louisiana, 1863 (search)
tery "F" 1st Arty. April 18: Destruction of Salt Works near New IberiaCONNECTICUT--24th Infantry. MAINE--12th Infantry. MASSACHUSETTS--2d Battery Light Arty.; 41st Infantry. April 18: Affair at PlaquemineMAINE--28th Infantry (Detachment). April 20: Capture of Butte la RoseU. S. Gunboats "Estrella," "Clifton," "Arizona" and "Calhoun." April 21-26: Exp. from Opelousas to Barre LandingMAINE--1st Battery Light Arty. (Section). NEW YORK----162d Infantry. LOUISIANA--1st Cavalry, Company "F." April 22: Skirmishes, Bayou Boeuf and near WashingtonLOUISIANA--1st Cavalry (Co. "F"). Union loss, 1 killed, 1 missing. Total, 2. April 22-23: Exp. to Bayou PlaquemineWISCONSIN--4th Mounted Infantry. April 24: Exp. to Lake St. Joseph(No Reports.) April 25-29: Exp. from Perkins' Plantation to Hard Times LandingILLINOIS--2d Cavalry (Detachment). INDIANA--49th Infantry (Detachment). MICHIGAN--Battery "G" 1st Light Arty. (Section). OHIO--114th Infantry (Detachment). April 26: Skirmishes, Phelps' and
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Mississippi, 1863 (search)
33d Infantry. Union loss, 2 wounded. April 18-19: Skirmishes, New AlbanyILLINOIS--7th Cavalry. April 19: Action, Perry's Ferry, Coldwater RiverILLINOIS--41st Infantry. OHIO--5th Cavalry; 15th Indpt. Battery Light Arty. WISCONSIN--12th and 33d Infantry. Union loss, 5 killed, 12 wounded, 1 missing. Total, 18. April 19: Skirmish, PontotocIOWA--2d Cavalry. April 21-22: Skirmishes, Palo Alto and OkolonaILLINOIS--Battery "K" 1st Light Arty (Section). IOWA--2d Cavalry. Union loss, 6 missing. April 22: Passage of Vicksburg and Warrenton BatteriesDetachments from 11th, 20th, 31st and 45th Illinois Infantry, 23d Indiana Infantry and 7th Missouri Infantry, on Transports "Tigress," "Cheeseman," "Anglo Saxon," "Moderator," "Empire City," "Arizona," and 12 Barges. April 24: Skirmish, Newton StationILLINOIS--7th Cavalry. April 24: Skirmish, GarlandsvilleILLINOIS--6th and 7th Cavalry. April 24: Skirmish, BirminghamIOWA--2d Cavalry. April 25-30: Movement on Bruinsburg and turning Grand GulfIL
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Missouri, 1863 (search)
ntry. WISCONSIN--1st Cavalry. Union loss, 23 killed, 44 wounded, 53 missing. Total, 120. April 18: Scout through Shanon County(No Reports). April 18-21: Scout from Salem to Sinking Creek, Current RiverMISSOURI--5th Enrolled Militia (Co. "C"). April 19-20: Scout near NeoshoMISSOURI--8th State Militia Cavalry (Co's "L," "M"). April 20: Affair, Bloomfield(No Reports). April 20: Skirmish, PattersonMISSOURI--3d State Militia Cavalry. Union loss, 12 killed, 7 wounded, 41 missing. Total, 60. April 22: Skirmish, FredericktownMISSOURI--3d State Militia Cavalry. April 23: Skirmish, Independence(No Reports). April 24: Skirmish, Middle or Mill Creek BridgeMISSOURI--24th Infantry (Detachment); 1st Enrolled Militia. Union loss, 1 killed. April 25: Affair, Cape GirardeauSurrender demanded by Gen. Price. April 26: Skirmish, JacksonILLINOIS--10th Cavalry. April 26: Action, Cape GirardeauILLINOIS--37th Infantry. IOWA--3d Cavalry; 23d (Co. "G") and 32d Infantry. NEBRASKA--1st Infantry. MISSOUR
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Tennessee, 1863 (search)
INOIS--24th and 98th Infantry. INDIANA--10th, 18th and 19th Indpt. Batteries Light Arty.; 17th, 68th, 72nd, 75th and 101st Infantry. KENTUCKY--2nd Cavalry. MICHIGAN--4th Cavalry; Battery "A" 1st Light Arty. OHIO--4th Cavalry; Battery "D" 1st Light Arty. (Section); 97th and 105th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--7th Cavalry; 79th Infantry. TENNESSEE--1st Middle and 2nd East Cavalry. WISCONSIN--1st and 21st Infantry. UNITED STATES--4th Cavalry. April 21: Skirmish, Hickory CreekMICHIGAN--4th Cavalry. April 22: Skirmish, HartsvilleTENNESSEE--5th Cavalry. April 23: Skirmish, Shelbyville PikeINDIANA--3rd Cavalry. April 24: Action, Little Rock Landing, Duck River ShoalsElliott's Miss. Marine Brigade. April 25: Skirmish, Cotton GroveMICHIGAN--3rd Cavalry. April 26: Action, Duck River IslandMISSOURI--Miss. Marine Brigade; Ram "Monarch." OHIO--Battery "A" 1st Light Arty. April 26: Skirmish, Fort PillowILLINOIS--2nd Cavalry. April 26: Action, Little Rock LandingMISSOURI--1st Cavalry; Miss. Marine
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Virginia, 1863 (search)
9th and 130th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--167th Infantry. April 20: Skirmish, Somerton RoadPENNSYLVANIA--166th Infantry. April 20: Reconnoissance from Winchester towa Wardensville and Strasburg, and skirmishCONNECTICUT--18th Infantry. OHIO--110th, 116th, 122d and 123d Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--12th and 13th Cavalry; 87th Infantry. WEST VIRGINIA--3d Cavalry; Battery "D" Light Arty. Union loss, 7 killed, 6 wounded, 14 missing. Total, 27. April 21-24: Scout to LeesburgPENNSYLVANIA--14th Cavalry. April 22: Skirmish, Fisher's Hill, Strasburg RoadPENNSYLVANIA--13th Cavalry. WEST VIRGINIA--3d Cavalry. Union loss, 8 killed, 6 wounded. Total, 14. April 22-23: Expedition from Belle Plains to Port Royal and Port ConwayMICHIGAN--24th Infantry. NEW YORK--84th Infantry. April 22-29: Operations in Shenandoah ValleyOHIO--116th and 123d Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--12th and 13th Cavalry. WEST VIRGINIA--Battery "D" Light Arty. April 23: Action, ChuckatuckU. S. Gunboat "Commodore Barney." Union loss, 1 kille
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, West Virginia, 1863 (search)
n loss, 12 missing. April 6-7: Skirmishes, Purgetsville and Going's Ford.PENNSYLVANIA--Ringgold Cavalry; 54th Infantry. Union loss, 3 killed. April 6: Skirmish near MoorefieldPENNSYLVANIA--Lafayette County Cavalry Company. WEST VIRGINIA--Battery "E" 1st Light Arty. April 7: Skirmish, Green Spring RunPENNSYLVANIA--Washington County Cavalry Company. April 11-18: Scout from Beverly to FranklinWEST VIRGINIA--2d Infantry. April 18: Affair, JohnstownWEST VIRGINIA--6th Infantry (Detachment). April 22: Skirmish, Point Pleasant(No Reports.) April 24: Skirmish, BeverlyOHIO--Smith's Cavalry Company. WEST VIRGINIA--1st Cavalry (Co. "A"); Battery "G" Light Arty.; 2d and 8th Infantry. Union loss, 2 killed, 10 wounded. Total, 12. April 24: Skirmish, Gilmer CountyWEST VIRGINIA--11th Infantry. April 24: Skirmish, Lambert's RunWEST VIRGINIA--3d Cavalry. April 25: Skirmish, Greenland GapILLINOIS--23d Infantry (Co. "G"). WEST VIRGINIA--14th Infantry (Co. "A"). Union loss, 2 killed, 4 wounded, 60