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reflecting seriously how terrible is civil war, and what calamities it engenders, listen to the inspirations of a calmer spirit, and adopt resolutely the part of peace. As for us, we shall not cease to offer up the most fervent prayers to God Almighty, that He may pour out upon all the people of America the spirit of peace and charity, and that He will stop the great evils which afflict them. We, at the same time, beseech the God of pity to shed abroad upon you the light of His grace, and attach you to us by a perfect friendship. Given at Rome, at St. Peter's, the 3d of December, 1863, of our Pontificate 18. (Signed) Pius IX. During Mr. Davis's imprisonment, the Holy Father sent a likeness of himself, and wrote underneath it, with his own hand, attested by the seal of Cardinal Antonelli, Come unto me, all ye who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. The dignitary and the man both illustrated the meek and lowly Lord of all, whose vice-gerent he was.
4 per cent. Total of killed and wounded, 847; died of disease in Confederate prisons, 51. battles. K. & M. W. battles. K. & M. W. James Island, S. C. 20 Wilderness, Va. 26 Manassas, Va. 26 Spotsylvania, Va. 30 Chantilly, Va. 21 Totopotomoy, Va. 4 South Mountain, Md. 1 Cold Harbor, Va. 10 Antietam, Md. 26 Petersburg, Va. 6 Fredericksburg, Va. 36 Strawberry Plains, Va. 2 Gettysburg, Pa. 15 Deep Bottom, Va. 6 Auburn, Va. 1 Ream's Station, Va. 2 Picket, Va., Dec. 3, 1863 1 Hatcher's Run, Va., March 25, 1865 17 Present, also, at Chancellorsville; Bristoe Station; Mine Run; North Anna; Sutherland Station; Sailor's Creek; Farmville; Appomattox. notes.--Composed mostly of men of Irish birth. It was organized at Boston, and left the State January 11, 1862. Proceeding soon after to Hilton Head, S. C., it remained in that Department until August, when it sailed for Virginia; it was then in Stevens's Division, Ninth Corps, in which command it fought at
ambour, Company K, Seventy-fourth Ohio volunteers; Wm. Longwell, Orderly, Seventh Pennsylvania cavalry. Escort--Sergeant George C. Lee, Corporal E. H. Daugherty, Privates Henry Schwenk, Henry B. Zimmerman, John Higgins, Leon Starr, Daniel Walker, John McCorkle, Abraham Keppuly, George Gillem, John Cunningham. The following is an approximate report of the casualties in my command, during the battles before Murfreesboro, December thirtieth and thirty-first, 1862, and January second and third 1863: command.went into action.lost in action. Second Division--Centre--Fourteenth Army Corps.Officers.Men.Horses.Cannon.Killed.Wounded.Missing.Horses.Guns. Officers.Men.Officers.Men.Officers.Men.Killed.Wounded.Missing.Lost.Disabled. First Tennessee Brigade,667348  3122   1    Twenty-ninth Brigade,93171937 87825259 94535   Seventh Brigade,711948  379204151193      Infantry,230440145 11160466961287545   Schultz Battery275564 11  154 1  Marshall's Battery,31101166 
the new Mountain Department, Schenck had an independent Brigade, and he commanded the Federal right at the battle of Cross Keys. He was given a division of the First Corps, Army of Virginia, when the Mountain troops were merged in that army. He was severely wounded at Second Bull Run, where his gallantry won him promotion to major-general of volunteers. After recovery, he was given the Eighth Army Corps (troops of the Middle Department), December 22, 1862. He resigned from the Army December 3, 1863, having been elected member of Congress, where he served until 1870. In 1871, he was a member of the commission which drew up the treaty of Washington, and from 1871 to 1876 was United States minister to Great Britain. He died in Washington, March 23, 1890. Major-General Lewis Wallace was born in Brookville, Indiana, April 10, 1827. He became a lawyer and served in the Mexican War. At the commencement of the Civil War he headed the Eleventh Indiana Infantry, and was made briga
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 7. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Polk's report of battle of Taylor's Ridge. (search)
General Polk's report of battle of Taylor's Ridge. headquarters Polk's brigade, December 3, 1863. Captain J. A. Buck, Assistant Adjutant-General: Captain — In obedience to orders from division headquarters, I submit the following report of the part taken by my brigade in the battle of Taylor's ridge. Shortly after daylight on the morning of the 27th ultimo, General Cleburne ordered me to move my brigade through the gap in Taylor's ridge at Ringgold, and place my command so as to defend a road leading to his rear, and at same time place myself in communication with Seventh Texas regiment, placed on top of Taylor's ridge. This move was completed by 9 o'clock A. M. I went in person to the top of Taylor's ridge to see the commanding officer of the Seventh Texas regiment. Before arriving there I met a straggler, who told me the enemy were crossing Taylor's ridge to the right of General Cleburne's position. I immediately ordered up the First Arkansas regiment, and arriving i
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 9. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Report of General M. P. Lowry of battle of Taylor's Ridge. (search)
Report of General M. P. Lowry of battle of Taylor's Ridge. Headquarters Lowry's brigade, Tunnel Hill, December 3, 1863. Captain I. A. Buck, A. A. General: Sir,--I have the honor to submit the following report of the part taken by my brigade, on Taylor's Ridge, in the battle of the 27th November, 1863: Early in the morning Major-General Cleburne called on me for my smallest regiment, to be placed on the mountain to the left of the gap, through which the railroad and wagon road passed, leading out from Ringgold in the direction of Tunnel Hill. I sent the Sixteenth Alabama regiment and Captain Palmer, A. A. General, to place them in position. My other three regiments were then placed in the gap. After the skirmishing had commenced between Smith's brigade and the enemy, Major-General Cleburne informed me that the enemy was moving in force to his right and he wished me to go on the ridge to the right and protect his right flank. I moved my brigade at once by the right flank,
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), United States of America. (search)
tacks desultory; Meade retires......Nov. 27-30, 1863 General Longstreet assaults the defenses of Knoxville, especially Fort Sanders; repulsed with heavy loss......Nov. 29, 1863 General Longstreet raises the siege of Knoxville, retreats towards Virginia, remaining in northeastern Tennessee during the winter; in the spring he joins General Lee at Richmond......Dec. 1-4, 1863 General Sherman's command and the 4th Corps, Army of the Cumberland, reinforce Knoxville from Chattanooga......Dec. 3-6, 1863 Thirty-eighth Congress, first session, convenes......Dec. 7, 1863 President Lincoln proclaims amnesty to all Confederates on returning to their allegiance......Dec. 8, 1863 Total debt of Confederacy, $1,220,866,042.50......Jan. 1, 1864 Isaac Murphy inaugurated provisional governor of Arkansas......Jan. 22, 1864 President calls for 500,000 men for three years......Feb. 1, 1864 Sherman's Meridian expedition leaves Vicksburg, Miss......Feb. 3, 1864 More than 100 Uni
George Meade, The Life and Letters of George Gordon Meade, Major-General United States Army (ed. George Gordon Meade), chapter 6 (search)
its cause, as the agent having its vital interests solemnly entrusted to me, which I have no right wantonly to play with and to jeopardize, either for my own personal benefit, or to satisfy the demands of popular clamor, or interested politicians. Mine Run campaign. George Son of General Meade. was sent with one of the messages to suspend the attack; his horse fell with him, he was a little bruised and cut about the eye, but nothing serious. Headquarters army of the Potomac, December 3, 1863. Two days have now elapsed since I officially announced the return of the army, and yet not a word or line has been vouchsafed me from Washington. I am somewhat at a loss to know what the silence of the authorities means. My despatch simply stated the fact that, finding Lee too strongly posted and entrenched to justify my attacking him, and not being able to make any further tactical movement on his flank, I had felt it my duty to withdraw the army, and feared the lateness of the
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Louisiana, 1863 (search)
e attacks on U. S. Gunboats and Transports. Nov. 20: Action, Camp PrattILLINOIS--87th and 118th Mounted Infantry; 2d and 3d Cavalry. INDIANA--16th Mounted Infantry. LOUISIANA--1st Cavalry; 2d Mounted Infantry. MASSACHUSETTS--2d Battery Light Arty. NEW YORK--14th Cavalry. Nov. 21: Affair, WaterproofSteamer "Welcome." Nov. 22: Affair, Lake Borgne(No Reports.) Nov. 23: Affair, Bayou Portage, Grand LakeILLINOIS--2d Cavalry (Detachment). INDIANA--1st Cavalry (Co. "C"). LOUISIANA--2d Mounted Infantry (Detachment). MISSOURI--6th Cavalry (Detachment). Nov. 25: Skirmish, Bayou VermillionILLINOIS--2d and 3d Cavalry. Nov. 25: Affair, Camp PrattILLINOIS--2d and 3d Cavalry. Nov. 26: Skirmish, BonfoncaMASSACHUSETTS--4th Battery Light Arty; 31st Infantry. Nov. 30: Skirmish, Bayou VermillionMISSOURI--6th Cavalry. Dec. 3: Affair, St. MartinsvilleILLINOIS--2d Cavalry (Detachment). Dec. 9: Skirmish, Madrid BendILLINOIS--2d Cavalry (Detachment). Dec. 30: Skirmish near Port Hudson(No Reports.)
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Tennessee, 1863 (search)
ion loss, 9 killed, 43 wounded, 12 missing. Total, 64. Dec. 2: Action, SaulsburyILLINOIS--6th, 7th and 9th Cavalry; 47th Infantry. IOWA--2d Cavalry. Dec. 2-3: Reconnoissance from Blain's Cross Roads to Powder Springs GapILLINOIS--14th Cavalry. Dec. 3: Action, Log MountainINDIANA--5th Cavalry. Dec. 3: Skirmish, MoscowTENNESSEE--2d West (Colored) Infantry (Detachment). Dec. 3-4: Action, Wolf Bridge, near MoscowILLINOIS--6th, 7th and 9th Cavalry; Battery "K," 1st Light Arty. IOWA--2d Cavalry. Dec. 3: Skirmish, MoscowTENNESSEE--2d West (Colored) Infantry (Detachment). Dec. 3-4: Action, Wolf Bridge, near MoscowILLINOIS--6th, 7th and 9th Cavalry; Battery "K," 1st Light Arty. IOWA--2d Cavalry. TENNESSEE--2d West (Colored) Infantry. Union loss, 7 killed, 31 wounded, 25 missing. Total, 63. Dec. 4: Skirmish near KingstonILLINOIS--Elgin Indpt. Battery Light Arty. INDIANA--3d Cavalry (1st Battalion); 84th Infantry. KENTUCKY--16th Infantry. MICHIGAN--25th Infantry. OHIO--118th Infantry. TENNESSEE--3d, 5th and 6th Infantry. Dec. 4: Skirmish, La FayetteILLINOIS--6th Cavalry. Dec. 4-5: Skirmishes, LoudonNEW YORK--141st Infantry. Dec. 5: Skirmish, Walker's Ford, Clinch RiverINDIANA--5th Cav
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