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Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Alabama, 1864 (search)
o TrianaALABAMA--1st Cavalry (Detachment). OHIO--7th, 28th and 66th Infantry (Detachments). PENNSYLVANIA--Indpt, Battery "E," Light Arty. (Section); 28th and 147th Infantry (Detachments). April 13: Skirmish near DecaturILLINOIS--9th Mounted Infantry. Union loss, 2 killed, 41 missing. Total, 43. April 17: Affair, Flint RiverILLINOIS--9th Mounted Infantry (Detachment). April 17: Skirmish, DecaturILLINOIS--9th Mounted Infantry (Detachment). April 18: Skirmish, DecaturALABAMA--1st Cavalry. April 19: Operations in Morgan County(Confederate Reports.) April 21: Affair, Harrison's GapIOWA--26th Infantry (Detachment). April 24: Affair near Decatur(No Reports.) April 27: Affair near DecaturPicket Attack. April 30: Skirmish, Decatur(No Reports.) May 7: Skirmish near FlorenceILLINOIS--7th Infantry. May 8: Skirmish, DecaturILLINOIS--7th Infantry. May 12: Skirmish, Jackson's Ferry, Hallowell LandingOHIO--5th Co. Sharpshooters. May 15: Skirmish, Centre StarILLINOIS--7th Infantry. OHIO--9
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Arkansas, 1864 (search)
fantry. IOWA--40th Infantry. KANSAS--6th Cavalry. MISSOURI--2d and 3d Cavalry; Battery "E," 2d Light Arty. WISCONSIN--9th Infantry. April 17: Skirmish, Red MoundINDIANA--50th Infantry. April 17: Skirmish, Limestone ValleyARKANSAS--2d Cavalry (Detachment). April 18: Engagement, Poison SpringsINDIANA--2d Indpt. Battery Light Arty, (Section). IOWA--18th Infantry. KANSAS--2d, 6th and 14th Cavalry; 1st Colored Infantry. Union loss, 92 killed, 97 wounded, 106 captured and missing. Total, 295. April 19: Skirmish, Kings RiverARKANSAS--2d Cavalry. April 20: Attack on JacksonportMISSOURI--11th Cavalry. NEBRASKA--1st Cavalry. Loss, 2 wounded. April 20: Skirmish near CamdenILLINOIS--10th Cavalry. April 21-22: Affairs, Cache River, CottonplantMISSOURI--8th Cavalry. Union loss, 2 killed, 19 wounded. Total, 21. April 22-24: Expedition from Jacksonport to AugustaMISSOURI--11th Cavalry. NEBRASKA--1st Cavalry. April 23: Skirmish, Swan LakeKANSAS--5th Cavalry. April 24: Skirmish near CamdenMISS
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Kentucky, 1864 (search)
UNITED STATES--3d Colored Infantry (Detachment). April 13: Skirmish, PaintsvilleKENTUCKY--14th and 39th Mounted Infantry. April 14: Skirmish, PaducahOHIO--72d Infantry. April 14: Action, Half Mountain, Licking RiverKENTUCKY--14th and 39th Mounted Infantry. Union loss, 4 wounded. April 14: Affair, BoonevilleKENTUCKY--Home Guard. April 16: Skirmish, SaylersvilleKENTUCKY--39th Mounted Infantry. April 18-20: Exp. from Burkesville to Obey's River Tenn.KENTUCKY--13th Cavalry (Detachment). April 19: Skirmish, Pound GapKENTUCKY--45th Infantry (Detachment). April 27: Skirmish, Troublesome CreekKENTUCKY--45th Infantry. May 5: Scout in Meade and Breckenridge CountiesKENTUCKY--35th Infantry (Co. "B"). May 6: Skirmish, MorganfieldKENTUCKY--45th Infantry. May 9-13: Exp. from Louisa to Rockhouse CreekKENTUCKY--39th Mounted Infantry (Co. "B"). May 9: Skirmish, Pound GapMICHIGAN--11th Cavalry (Co's "A," "F"). May 16: Skirmish, Pond Creek, Pike CountyMICHIGAN--11th Cavalry (Co's "A," "F").
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Louisiana, 1864 (search)
ndINDIANA--89th Infantry. April 12-13: Action, Pleasant Hill Landing, Blair's LandingILLINOIS--41st, 81st and 95th Infantry. INDIANA--1st Heavy Arty. (Detachment). IOWA--3d Infantry. MISSOURI--Battery "M," 1st Light Arty. WISCONSIN--14th and 33d Infantry; U. S. Gunboats "Osage" and "Lexington." Loss, 7 wounded. April 14: Skirmish, Bayou SalineNEW YORK--2d (Veteran) Cavalry. April 15: Skirmish near Baton RougeScouting party. April 16: Skirmish, Grand EcoreINDIANA--16th Mounted Infantry. April 19: Skirmish, NatchitochesNEW YORK--2d (Veteran) and 18th Cavalry. RHODE ISLAND--3d Cavalry. April 20: Skirmish, WaterproofUNITED STATES--63d Colored Infantry. April 20-21: Skirmishes, NatchitochesILLINOIS--58th and 119th Infantry. INDIANA--89th Infantry. April 21: Skirmish near Tunica BendRHODE ISLAND--3d Cavalry (3 Cos.). Union loss, 2 killed, 17 wounded. Total, 19. April 22: Skirmish, NatchitochesILLINOIS--95th Infantry. INDIANA--16th (Mounted) Infantry. NEW YORK--14th Cavalry. April 2
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Virginia, 1864 (search)
-15: Skirmishes, Smithfield-Cherry GroveMASSACHUSETTS--23d and 25th Infantry. NEW JERSEY--9th Infantry. NEW YORK--118th Infantry; Graham's Naval Brigade. Union loss, 5 wounded, 1 missing. Total, 6. April 15: Affair, Bristoe StationPENNSYLVANIA--10th Reserve Infantry (Detachment). Union loss, 1 killed, 2 wounded. Total, 3. April 15: Affair near MilfordPENNSYLVANIA--13th Cavalry (Detachment). April 16: Affair, Catlett's Station(No Reports.) April 17: Skirmish near Ellis Ford(No Reports.) April 19: Affair at LeesburgMASSACHUSETTS--2d Cavalry (Detachment). April 23: Affair, Hunter's MillsPicket attack. April 24: Skirmish, MiddletownNEW YORK--1st and 21st Cavalry. PENNSYLVANIA--13th Cavalry (Detachments). Union loss, 11. April 26: Skirmish, WinchesterPENNSYLVANIA--12th Cavalry. April 27: Skirmish, Twelve Mile OrdinaryNEW YORK--7th Cavalry. April 27-29: Expedition from WilliamsburgNEW YORK--7th Cavalry. April 28: Skirmish, Twelve Mile OrdinaryNEW YORK--7th Cavalry. April 28: Reco