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rry me through a fortnight. January 27.--The yield of milk decreases, and the goat fattens in proportion. Consequently, in case of her milk falling, the poor creature is preparing to sustain my life with her own substance ! I am now haunted by one horrid idea: shall I be driven to the necessity of turning butcher? Shall I be obliged, in order to prolong my own existence, to cut the throat of the animal which has fed me up to the present? I have now only a half ration of milk. February 7.--I have tried every expedient.--Once I got a little more milk by giving her a triple allowance of salt, which made her drink more. But it was impossible to go on so; because I shall require all my salt, if — Poor Blanchette ! I have heard that hens too fat and well fed, do not lay so abundantly as lean ones; so I thought I would try the effect of giving my goat a smaller quantity of hay.--But it did not answer. She yielded still less milk, and I had the vexation of hearing her bleat hal
e Bank of England. Ultimately, however, it was seen that this is the true course for that establishment, and the only one likely to prevent the existing difficulty from assuming proportions that might lead to serious results, which could not fail to produce inconvenience on this side, and a feeling of greater confidence became apparent. Consoles for money were first quoted at 91 ½ to From this they receded to 91 ½. There was then a rebound to 91 ½ to ¼, and the final price was 91 ½ to . For the 7th of February the latest bargains were at 91 ¼ to . Bank Stock left off at 232 to ; Reduced and New Three per Cents 91 to ½; India Stock 220 to 222; India five per cents 100 ¼ to 101; Rupee paper 94 ½ and 100 ½; India bounds 10s, to 5s. discount, and Exchequer bills 2s. discount to 1s. premium. The applications for discount at the Bank to-day were again comparatively moderate, the supply being good in the open market at the existing rate, and occasionally at a fraction b
Henrico Mounted Rangers. --In accordance with advertisement, the citizens in the lower end of Henrico county met on the 31st of January, at the residence of R. Mills, to organize a company of Mounted Rangers. On motion, Col. J. P. Harrison was called to the chair, and Z. S. McGruder elected Secretary. Fifty-seven members came forward and enrolled their names, after which the following officers were unanimously elected: Captain, R. Mills. 1st Lientenant. Jas. H. Aiken; 2d. J. C. Schermerhon; 3d. B. O. Aiken. Surgeon, Wm. Farrar. Quartermaster, Albert Aiken. 1st. Sergeant, J. L. Johnson; 2d. J. P. Schermerhon; 3d. Capt. Jeffreys; 4th. W. Baker; 5th. Geo. H. Cox. Corporals--1st. R. C. Braxton; 2d. Wm. Throgmorton; 3d. Wm. F. Dupriest; 4th. Wash. Bottoms; 5th. Henry Myers. On motion, the meeting adjourned to meet at Mr. Albert Aiken's, on Thursday, the 7th of February, at 12 o'clock.
The ultimatum of South Carolina refused by the General Government. Washington, Feb, 7.--The N. Y. Herald's correspondent says the President's reply to Col. Hayne was transmitted yesterday. It calls for an answer from Hayne, which will be made immediately. This will close the correspondence. The Government refuses to comply with the demand of South Carolina for the surrender of Fort Sumter. All hope of a peaceable solution of the question is abandoned. There has been an apparent disposition on both sides to delay matters in hope an amicable adjustment might be made, leading to peace in Charleston harbor, but the matter cannot further be postponed. Carolina has presented her ultimatum, and the Government has positively refused to comply.
Congressional. Washington, Feb. 7. --House.--The bill to reorganize the Patent Office and amend the patent law, was passed with amendments. The report of the Committee of Thirty-Three was taken up. Mr. Corwin proposed to postpone calling the previous question on it for a week. Henry Winter Davis, of Maryland, made a speech, in which he referred to the imbecility of the President, and treason of the former members of the Cabinet. He said the Constitution and laws must be enforced, and those who oppose them must conquer, submit, or be destroyed. (Applause.) This was the sentiment of Maryland. Mr. Kunkel desired to deny this, but the Republican side of the House were too well pleased to permit him, and Mr. Davis declined yielding the floor. Mr. Davis continued. Whether elected by the people of Maryland, or not, I will state what I know to be their will. (Deafening applause.) He would fight disunion from St. Mary's to the Alleghanies. Mr. Kunkel
Northern Markets. Baltimore, Feb. 7. --Flour steady, Howard st., Ohio and City Mills $5.25. Wheat dull — red $1.26 @1.32; white $1.47@1.62. Corn lower — yellow 58@60 Provisions active — mess pork $1s. Lard 10 ½c. Coffee steady at 12 ½@13 ½c. Whiskey steady at 18 Sales in New York, February 6th, of $1,000 Virginia 6's at 74, $2,000 Virginia 6's at 74 ½, and $21,000 Tennessee 6's at
Arrived, Schr. Jno. H. Travers, Frank, Baltimore, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr. Hope, Frank, Baltimore, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr. M. L. Johnson, Burrows, Norfolk, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr. Whig, Passwater, James River, billets, Cole & Co. Schr. New York, Carnival, James River, lumber. Schr. Burdett Hart, Hardy, New York, guano, Bacon & Baskerville. Sailed, Steamship Jamestown, Skinner. N. York, mdze. and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Schr. Jno. Francis, Frost, down the river, light. Cleared, British ship Avon, Geo. Maunts, master, for Liverpool, with 214 hhds, tobacco, 978 bales cotton, 2,406 bbls. flour, by Chas. Palmer. Baltimore, Feb. 7.--Cleared, schr. Ashland, Petersburg, Va. New York, Feb. 6.--Cleared, schr. Alice, Norfolk. Boston, Feb. 6.--Arrived, schr. W. M. Petit, Richmond.
Telegraphic news. Reported for the Richmond Dispatch.Later from Europe. Halifax, Feb. 7. --The Canada, from Liverpool on the 27th ult., has arrived. The Sardinian had entered the Ro wealth are represented by them. The Convention of the cotton States. Montgomery, Ala.,Feb. 7.--The Convention received an official copy of the act of Alabama, appropriating $500,000 to suppee negro expulsion was indefinitely postponed. Heavy Suspensions at New York. New York,Feb. 7.--Messrs. Graydon, McCreedy & Co., and Strong, Adriance & Co., dry goods jobbers, have suspendedthe Virginia Convention, in place of Gardner, declined. Heavy snow in Canada. Montreal, Fed 7.--Another heavy snow has blocked the railroads, and caused a general suspension of trade and travel. No mails are leaving. The ship Leila in Distress. New York,Feb. 7.--St. Thomas dates of January 19th, say the ship Leila from Rotterdam, of and for Baltimore, put in there leaky, and w
Halifax, Feb. 7. --The Canada, from Liverpool on the 27th ult., has arrived. The Sardinian had entered the Roman States, and dispersed the Reactionary bands, and burnt a convent at Casmalia. The Paris Bourse was firmer. Commercial. Liverpool,Jan, 27.--Cotton dull and slightly lower. Lower qualities declined most. Bread-stuffs have a downward tendency. Consols 91 ½#0040;91 ½.
The Convention of the cotton States. Montgomery, Ala.,Feb. 7.--The Convention received an official copy of the act of Alabama, appropriating $500,000 to support a provisional government of the seceded States. A very short time only was spent in open session to-day. The committee on a plan for a provisional government reported in secret session. The plan was discussed four hours, and the Convention adjourned until tomorrow at 11 o'clock. It is reported that great unanimity prevailed with regard to the plan. The Constitution of the United States was adopted by the committee with the addition of free trade with all the world.
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