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e debt, &c. They are as follows: Population in 1860. Free.Slave.State Debt in 1859. South Carolina308, 186407,185$6,192.743 Georgia615,336467,4002,632,722 Alabama520,444435,4735,888,134 Mississippi407,051479,6077,271,707 Louisiana354,245312, 18610,703,142 Florida81,88563,800158,000 2,287,1472,165,651 2,287,147 Total4,452,798 This is a population exceeding by 522,926 that of 1790, at the close of the Revolutionary war. The Rejoicing in New Orleans. New Orleans, Feb. 9.--The President of the Louisiana State Convention announced to-day that information by telegraphic dispatch had been received of the election of Jefferson Davis for President, and Alexander H. Stephens for Vice President of the Provisional Government of the Southern Confederacy. Tremendous and prolonged applause greeted the announcement from the galleries and the lobbies. Resolutions were immediately offered cordially approving the action of the Montgomery Convention, and passed unanimousl
Halifax,Feb. 22. --The America has arrived, with Liverpool dates to Feb. 9th. The Asia arrived, at Queenstown on the 10th inst. The America brings 34,000 sterling of specie. Lord Palmerston stated in Parliament that orders had been sent to the Governor General of Canada not to give up the fugitive Anderson, without express orders from the Imperial Government. There was no chance of his surrender without a full discussion of the case. Commercial. Liverpool, Saturday.--Cotton — Sales of 6,000 bales to- day; but little inquiry, and prices weak. Breadstuffs quiet and steady. Provisions steady. Consoles ! better.
Death of a French editor. --Eugene Guinot, associate editor of the Pays, and one of the first and most elegant chroniclers of the Parisian press, died on the 9th ultimo, after a very short illness. He was also known under the nom de plume of Paul Vermond and Pierre Durand. During the twenty-five years that he has been connected with the press, Eugene Guinot never failed to send his weekly feuilleton on the appointed day. Therefore, when, on Saturday, the 9th of February, the chief editor of the Pays did not receive from him the expected copy, he said to his friends: "Guinot has not sent his chronicle for to-morrow — he must be dead." He was not dead, but dying.
and headed for the Mexican Coast.--The brig Consort was dismantled in a gale, about October 15th, according to one account, and October 20th, according to another. "In looking back over our shipping memoranda, we find that the whaling barks Emerald, Robert Morrison, Florence and Bragansa, and ships Republic, Coral and Majestic Arch, reports severe gales in from 30 to 45 North latitude, from October 3d to October 10th, (wind S. W.,) in which they all received more or less damage. "Had the Levant simply been dismasted she could have reached these islands under jury masts, as the boats could have got here. The conclusion forces itself on us, that if she met with disaster, it has proved fatal to the ship and all on board." The anniversary of King Kamehameha's birth-day occurred on Saturday, the 9th of February, and was observed at Honolulu with great public rejoicing. The annual parade of the Fire Department in uniform, with their engines, was held on this occasion.
Holt, published a few days since as a portion of the Hayne correspondence concerning his negotiations for the surrender of Fort Sumter. The offensive and insulting portion of the letter in question is believed to have been an allegation that the Government's possession of Fort Sumter was an unwarranted act of Major Anderson, by and through the President's violation of his faith to South Carolina, &c. The following dispatches from Washington are received by telegraph: Washington, Feb. 9.--The President has approved and signed the twenty-five million loan bill, which passed both Houses as originally reported with amendments pending that the revenue from the loan authorized by the Act of June, 1860, or so much as may be deemed necessary, shall be applied to the redemption of the Treasury notes issued under the Act of last December, and for no other purpose. The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to exchange par bonds of the United States for said Treasury notes at l
Norfolk, Va., Feb. 9. --Arr'd, bark Epham Williams, of New York, from Baltimore, bound to Wilmington, N. C., with coal, with loss of anchor chains in the gale of Thursday. Daniel Cushman, a colored sailor, froze to death, and five of the crew were badly frosted, and have been placed in the hospital. Prussian bark William, from Liverpool, with salt; Norwegian bark Rex.
Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida Confederated, &c., &c. Montgomery, Feb. 8. --The Southern Confederacy Congress was in session four hours this morning, and met again to-night. Probably the result will be made known during the night, or tomorrow. The only public session to-day was of about a half-hour's duration, and was consumed in prayer and the transaction of some formal business. Gen. Henningsen is here. [Second Dispatch.] Montgomery,Feb. 9. --Congress, last night, unanimously agreed to the Constitution and plan of a Provisional Government. A strong and vigorous Government will go into immediate operation, with full powers and ample funds. No proposition for a compromise with the North, or a re-construction of the old Government, will be entertained. The present Congress will remain in session to make all the necessary laws required by the new Confederacy. [third Dispatch.] Montgomery, Ala.,Feb. 10. --U
Seizure of New York vessels by the Governorof Georgia. Savannah,Feb. 9. --Gov Brown seized yesterday, at this port, five vessels, owned in New York--brigs W. R. Kerby and Golden Head, and barks D. Golden Morning, Adjuster, and schooner Julia A. Hallock. This is understood to be a retaliatory measure, on account of the seizure of arms and munitions intended for Georgia by the New York authorities. When the Georgia property seized by the N. York police is returned, the ships will be delivered to the citizens of New York who own them. The brig W. K. Kirby, bark Adjuster, brig Golden Head, schooner Julia A. Hallock, bark D. Golden Morning, were seized. Gov. Brown's order was executed by Col. Lawton's military. The order reads thus: "To Col. Lawton's--Order out a sufficient military force, and seize and hold, subject to my order, every ship in this harbor, (Savannah.) belonging to citizens of the State of New York. When the property of which our citizens have b
A duel. Cincinnati,Feb. 9. --Messrs. Heffrom and Moody, of the Indiana Legislature, left this city last night for Kentucky, to fight a duel at an early hour this morning. The weapons were to be knives. The police are on their track.
Weather reports. Montreal,Feb. 9. --Weather clear and cold. Thermometer 18 deg, below zero. The roads are all blocked, and will probably remain so for two or three days, with snow. No mails came in or have gone out since Wednesday.
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