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The Georgia Legislature. Milledgeville, Ga, Nov. 12 --A resolution was introduced in the House to-day, to the effect that Georgia declares herself out of the Union, and another of similar character, but calling a convention of the people to ratify the secession, was also introduced. Both were referred to a committee. Senator Toombs' resignation is to take place after the 4th of March, unless Georgia sooner secedes. It is reliably reported here that Senator Hammond, of S. C., has resigned his seat in the Senate. [Second Dispatch.] Milledgeville, Ga., Nov. 12.--A resolution was offered in the House instructing the Georgia Senators and Representatives in Congress to resist the counting of the Electoral vote of the States which have nullified the fugitive slave law. It was made the special order of the day for the 20th inst. A resolution was offered contemplating the calling of a Southern Convention in February, at Atlanta. One of the provisions of
waitomie ever commanded. This attempt to throw the onus of the outrages of Northern emissaries upon the people of the South, is similar to the attempts during the Kansas troubles to saddle the South with the provocation. We have now another rumor from Washington, by telegraph, of a kindred character. This states that "Letters have been received here (Washington) from many points at the South, stating that the Minute Men were secretly organizing to rally a force at Washington on the 4th of March next, to attack the 'Wide-A wakes,' and by a general row to prevent the inauguration of Lincoln." Does anybody at the South believe a word of this ! Mr. Lincoln will not be disturbed by any such cause. The "Wide-Awakes" will have doubtless a prominent position, and possibly it may be to Mr. L's taste to be escorted by a hand of men, who, to insult the South, have adopted the name of John Brown's cut throats, robbers and marauders. Certainly, no body of men from the South will intervene
stop it. An Abolitionist was hanged, barrelled up, and rolled into the river at this point last week, and it was probably to avenge his death that the last gins were fired. A negro implicated the men who were hung. He said that they had told him all the negroes were to be free next March, when Lincoln becomes President, and that there will be a general rising of the negroes then. The vigilance committee have sworn to hang every Northern man who comes here from this time until the 4th of March, and all such had better be in h--1 than Friar's Point. Position of Senator Wilson. Senator Wilson's letter to Hon. Caleb Cushing is out. It is mainly devoted to the exhuming of the declarations of Gen. Cushing in opposition to slavery, made from three to thirty years ago, and explains his own position on the question. Gen. Wilson says, in relation to his remarks made just after the election, that "the slave power was now broken beneath our republican feet — that our heels were
A letter, received yesterday by a prominent citizen of Henrico, from a Western member of Congress, says: "If the Southern States are not united out before the fourth of March, we shall have a bloody civil war."
ription. It seemed to rouse the Abolitionists, for the first time, to a sense of the vast importance of setual and everlasting dissolution. Now they may possibly fling a meatless bone to the Border States. But, mark me, so long as there is even one slave State under the same Government with them, so long will they have the basis of an anti-slavery party, and the means of raising a row. You may think Crittenden's amendment will cure the national ailment. I know it will not. By the 4th of March there will be 1,000 coops of the regular army here, and as many Northern volunteers. Do you think Lincoln will disband them? Maryland might want to go out. Do you think he will withdraw the Soldiers from Fortress Monroe and from Harper's Ferry when the patriotic Superintendent, after morning here and getting the views of Southern men, went straight way to Buchanan and got him to order them? If you and the people of Virginia think so, you are stark raving made. I tell you Lincoln is go
Adjournment of the Alabama Convention. Montgomery,, Jan. 26. --The Convention udjourns on Tuesday next to the 4th of March.
could, in such a hopeless alliance with the Black Republicans; for, if she could not protect herself from them (as experience has shown she could not) when all the Southern States were co-operating with her, she certainly can not do so after she shall have lost the aid of nine of them. Of necessity, therefore, as well as from affection. I hope — from pride and honor, she must go with the great body of the slave States. The only question, then, is, when shall she go? I say before the 4th of March, for the following reasons, viz: I. Because, if Virginia remains under the present Government until after Lincoln and Seward come into power, she will be involved in civil war, whether she submits to them or not. If she then refuses to submit, the war will be against her, as well as the other seceding States; and if she submits, it will be against the seceding States, and she will be compelled to take part in it, with the North, or with the South. I can not conceive that she can eve
hich I trust will be properly appreciated, I now retire from the canvass. I am unwilling to be to any extent instrumental in dividing the votes of those who believe in the necessity of the prompt and decisive action of Virginia in the present crisis, when such division may tend to the election of some one not sufficiently alive to the imminence of the danger by which we are surrounded. I trust the citizens of Henrico will concentrate their entire vote on some worthy citizen of their own county, who will not pursue that dilly-dally policy, so well calculated to deluge the fair plains of the South in the blood of civil strife. Above all things, do not send to the Convention one who believes that under Black Republican rule we shall be "in no worse condition than now," that "Virginia can resume her sovereignty as easily on the 4th of July"--when Lincoln will have entire control of every department of the General Government--"as on the 4th of March." Edward E. Orvis. ja 29--1t
Alabama Convention. Montgomery, Ala., Jan. 29. --The Convention held a secret session last night, and adopted a resolution instructing its deputies to the Southern Congress to insist upon the enactment of such measures as will forever prevent the re-opening of the African slave trade. To-day it passed a supplementary ordinance, authorizing the Governor to carry into effect the ordinance for protecting the defences in the Gulf; also, an ordinance adopting, as the laws of Alabama, the laws of the United States relative to patents, so as to secure rights of invention to the citizens of the Southern Confederacy. The Convention then adjourned until the 4th of March.
An Army of Observation. --The Chicago Democrat says that a movement is on foot to call a monster Republican Convention of 100,000 men, to be held at Cincinnati on the 2d of March. The delegates of this Convention are expected to be armed and equipped for any necessary service, and will hold themselves in readiness to go to Washington city on the 4th of March, or in any other direction where Generals Scott and Wool may order them to move.
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