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te of the Treasury — Commonwealth's funds, 1859-'60. 1859. Oct. 1--To balance per last annual report$104,013 36 Oct. 31--To receipts in October, 185957,409 93 Nov. 30--To receipts in Nov., 1859153,749 56 Dec. 31--To receipts in Dec., 1859.1,639,128 48 $1,954,301 32 1860. Jan. 2--To balance brought down109 257 99 Jan. 8--To receipts in January, 1860.419 058 62 Feb. 29--To receipts in February, 1860385 735 32 Mar. 31--To receipts in March, 1860107 749 35 $1 021 812 28 April 2--To balance brought down183,7 April 30--To receipts in April, 186047,070 91 May 31--To receipts in May, 1860292,145 10 June 30--To receipts in June, 1860441,608 97 $964,525 79 July 2--To balance brought down.42,395 64 July 31--To receipts in July, 1860413,212 13 Aug. 31--To receipts in August, 186091,883 92 Sept. 29--To receipts in Sept. 1860.133,756 98 $681,248 67 1860. Oct. 1--To balance this day against the Treasurer, exclusive of the funds under the direction of th
It is untrue that a Russian fleet is to replace the French fleet at Gaeta. Germany. It is said that the German Diet will refuse to recognize any representative from Sardinia, under the new Italian annexations to the Kingdom. The German army is said to be ready to meet any enemy. Austria. The Austrian Ministers have been ordered to put the new ordinance into effect immediately A provisional electoral law is to be adopted for Hungary. The Hungarian Diet assembles April 2d. The disquiet is increasing in Servia. China. The regular China mails had been telegraphed and would be due at London in time for the steamer Niagara. The terms of the treaty of peace provide, among other things, that all the important Chinese ports shall be opened, and inland foreign trade allowed. Chinese Ambassadors are to reside in England. Exchange rates had declined at Hong Kong 3-4 per cent. The Russian Ambassador at Pekin had ratified the convention confirm
port of the Committee of Investigation of the Great Western Railway of Canada is ready for issue. It is a striking document, and, from the nature of its accusations, is likely to excite much public discussion. The ship King Philip, from London for Calcutta, has been out 165 days and not been heard of. Turin, Feb. 22.--The inauguration of the Italian Parliament was celebrated in several towns in Venetia. Pesthe, Feb. 22.--The Royal rescript convokes the Diet at Buda for the 2d of April, to make arrangements for the coronation of the Emperor as King of Hungary and inaugurate a diploma, and to elect a Palatine of Hungary. The very latest via Londonderry. Liverpool, Feb. 22. --Cotton — The Brokers' Circular reports the sales of the week as 26,000 bales, including 2,000 to speculators and 4,000 to exporters. The market closed very dull, decline of ½d, and very irregular. The principal causes were unfavorable intelligence from Manchester and the high rate of in
opposing a Border Conference; also, a petition signed by some 400 voters of the county of Grayson, praying for the passage of an Ordinance of Secession. Mr. Parks endorsed the high character of those who participated in the meeting, and declared his purpose of obeying the instructions. Referred to the Committee on Federal Relations. proposed Limitation of Debates. Mr. Conrad, of Frederick, offered the following resolutions: Resolved and ordered, That on Tuesday, the 2d day of April next, at 12 o'clock M., all debate in Committee of the Whole upon the reports from the Committee on Federal Relations, shall terminate, and the Committee shall at once proceed to vote upon the propositions before it, giving five minutes to the member offering any amendment, and the same time to one member opposing it, for explanation. 2. That hereafter no member in the Committee of the Whole shall be allowed to speak more than once upon the same preposition. Mr. Conrad called
The New mail agent. --Mr. F. W. Bruce, the newly appointed mail agent on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, accompanied by Postmaster Ashby, of this city, went up the road yesterday morning, in charge of the U. S. Mail.--Alexandria Gazette, April 2.
Later from Europe.arrival of the New York. New York, April 2. --The steamer New York, from Liverpool on the 20th ult., arrived to-day. The London Times, commenting on Lincoln's Inaugural, says its expressions are studiously cautious, but really amount to the fact, that he will recapture the Southern forts and citadels. Commercial. Liverpool, March 20. --Cotton — sales for two days of 32,000 bales; advanced ¼@1. Market closed active and buoyant. Flour quiet and steady.--Wheat do. Corn steady. Provisions quiet. Sugar and coffee quiet. Rice steady. Rosin dull at 4¼d. Consols unchanged
From Pensacola.Reinforcements — the Seizure of St. Domingo--France-Spanish Designs on Mexico. Montgomery, Ala., April 2. --W. H. Ward, editor of the "Key of the Gulf," has arrived here from Pensacola. He states that on the 25th ult., the steamer Gen. Rusk arrived at Key West with 200 troops for Fort Taylor, and 100 for Fort Jefferson, Tortugas. The United States steamer Crusader, Lieut. Craven, had reached Key West with marines. The United States frigate Brooklyn was going into Key West, on the 16th. There was no doubt she had left her troops at Fort Pickens. The Texas Commissioners stipulated that the Rusk's troops should be landed at New York, and the commander of the three companies on board of her signed a paper exonerating Capt. Smith, of the Rusk, from any blame for the deception. By an arrival at Key West, on the 26th ult., It was reported that the Spanish flag had been hoisted at St. Domingo by the French and Spaniards. The Spanish President ha
The U. S. Loan. Washington, April 2. --The U. S. Government loan of $8,000,000 was taken to-day at an average of about 93½. Nearly $30,000,000 were bid for. [second Dispatch.] Washington, April 2. --The following are the principal successful bidders for the loan : In New York: Bank of Commerce, $2,500,000; Drexel & Co. $1,000,000; E. Whitehouse, Son & Morrison, $400,000; James Gallatin, $150,000; Bank of America, $500,000; Ocean Bank, $100,000; Bank of North America, April 2. --The following are the principal successful bidders for the loan : In New York: Bank of Commerce, $2,500,000; Drexel & Co. $1,000,000; E. Whitehouse, Son & Morrison, $400,000; James Gallatin, $150,000; Bank of America, $500,000; Ocean Bank, $100,000; Bank of North America, $250,000; Marie & Katz, $180,000; Bliss, Williams & Co., $100,000; John A. Dix, $25,000; J. W. Walcot & Co., Boston, $300,000; Sweney, Ritterhouse, Faut & Co., Washington, $150,000. There was no bid below 93 18-100, which will be successful. A considerable amount will be taken at 94 and par. About $27,000,000 was bid for.
Political. Washington, April 2. --Gen. Joe Lane writes to a friend here that he goes to Oregon to urge the Democracy there to adopt the Constitution of the Confederate States as their platform.
Connecticut election. Hartford, Conn., April 2. --The Republicans have elected their State ticket by an increased majority. They also carried the 1st and 3rd Congressional Districts, but lost the 2nd. The 4th is not heard from.
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