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Rioters Convicted. --The Circuit Court of the city of Richmond, Judge Meredith, commenced its session a few days since, when the cases of the parties charged with rioting on the 2d of April, were taken up. The Grand Jury indicted a number of the accused for misdemeanor. On Saturday, Wm. J. Lusk, one of the parties, (the same man who, jumped into the window of Jas. Knotts's store and busied himself in throwing out goods,) was tried by jury, found guilty, and fined $100. The Judge sent him to jail for one year, the maximum punishment allowed by law. Ann Bell, another rioter, was tried, found guilty, and fined $75. The Judge, in consideration of the fact of her having three small children, assessed her confinement in the jail at only thirty days. More of the accused will be tried to day.
smissed. Ann Shay was fined $5 for allowing her stove pipe to get out of order and become dangerous to people residing in an adjoining house. George Farrell, arrested as a suspicious character, was committed in default of $300 surety to keep the peace, and be of good behavior. Bill Washington, slave of Steward Lomax, of Prince George county, was examined for stealing a gold watch from Hartman Jones, colored fisherman from Charles City county, and sent before the Hustings Court for final trial. The examination of John Murphy, for shooting Martin Callahan, was further continued till the 7th of May. Frances Kelley was examined for being engaged in a riot on the 2d of April, and sent on to Judge Meredith's Court for misdemeanor. Robert S. Forde, charged with shooting and killing R. E. Dixon, on Bank street, in this city, Friday week last, waived a preliminary examination before the Mayor and had the case sent on to a Court of Hustings called for next Friday.
The Daily Dispatch: May 6, 1863., [Electronic resource], What of the odds?--"Twenty Millions against Eight" (search)
Circuit Court. --Judge Meredith's Court was in session yesterday, when the trial of those engaged in the riot of the 2d of April was resumed. Barbara Idol, one of the females charged with participation in the riot, was put on trial. The jury, after hearing the evidence and arguments of counsel, returned a verdict of not guilty, and she was discharged. In the time of Thomas M. Palmer, indicted for the same offence, a demurrer was entered by his counsel, and a motion submitted and argued to quash the indictment. The Judge will render his decision to day.
Mayor's Court. --Yesterday John Murphy was examined for having, on the 2th of April last, shot Martin Callahan in the month with a pistol ball, near the Old Market. The wounded man appeared in Court. The Mayer remanded Murphy to the Hustings Court and allowed him to give $500 call for his appearance. Sally, slave of J. M Mecon, was examined for receiving $100 in gold, part of $3,000 stolen from Isaac Jacobs by his servant, knowing the same to have been stolen. She was remanded for trial before the Hustings Court. The case of Wm Train and P M Reynolds, for fighting in the street and disturbing the public peace, was called Reynolds only answering to his name. He was required to give security to answer an indictment for misdemeanor. A number of persons were fined for keeping their restaurants open on Sunday, in violation of law, and for selling liquor without a tavern licence.
The Courts --Before the Circuit Court on Wednesday a nolle prosequi was entered in the case of Thomas M. Palmer indicted for engaging in a riot Loura Gorcon was fined $25 for rioting and Martha Jamieson $10 and imprisoned twenty-four hours in the city jail for the same offence. Yesterday Minerva Meredith was put on trial for being engaged in the riot of April 2d, The jury found her guilty and fined her $100. The Judge sentenced her to six months in the city jail in addition. She is the same party who, with others, took from Henry Myers a lot of beef he was carrying to the small-pox hospital for the patients. The Grand Jury indicted Elizabeth Goods and Mary Duke for being engaged in the same riot.
Circuit Court. --The time of Judge Meredith's Court yesterday, was consumed in the trial of sundry persons charged with engaging in a riot in the streets of Richmond on the 2d of April. Martha Burnett who fined $5 and costs by jury, and sent by the Judge to jail for thirty days. The same judgment was given in the case of Sarah Mitchell Peter Blake was tried and acquitted. In the case of Ann Buroughty, the jury was adjourned over until to-day, not being able to agree. The Grand Jury assembled and indicted Julius Desplaiquels and Wm. Hammell for felony. Desplaiquels felony consisted in an effort to get out of the penitentiary, where he had been put for robbing a man in the city jail. Bennett G. Burley, James Marshall, Ann Buroughty, and Martha Marshall, were indicted for rioting. The indictments against Mildred Imory and Jennett Williams for riot were ignored.
a lot of silver ware. The case of Forde, for the homicide of Dixon, was called and continued until Friday. Rules were awarded against Jas. Beale, Benj. Housman, and A. W. Shead, Commonwealth's witnesses. John W. Butler was examined and sent on for final trial for having, on the 16th of April, out and wounded Albert N. Hendle, with intent to kill him. The case of Jesse White, charged with the homicide of John Andrews, was set for Saturday, and rules were awarded against E. Powell, Thos. M. Hailey, James Conway, and Peter Rose, witnesses for the Commonwealth. Frances Kelley was arraigned for having, on the 2d of April, in conjunction with a number of unknown persons, riotously assembled in one of the public streets of this city, to the great terror of the public, and entered Pollard & Walker's store and helped herself to a lot of bacon. The certificate of the Mayor sending on the case was quashed by the Court, and defendant remanded to him for further examination.
pursuance of the act of Assembly, $420 were donated to the Clerk of the Hustings Court as pay for attending to forty-two felony cases, tried at the last term of said Court. Mr. Walker made a motion of inquiry into the expediency of reporting an ordinance limiting the quantity of butter and eggs to be sold to any one person on one day Mr. Randolph submitted the opinion of the City Attorney on the subject of the city paying for the damage done to private property by the mob of the 2d of April. The Attorney's opinion is that the Council, in behalf of the city, has no legal right to pay any demands for such damage, and that they would violate law in assuming to do so. Mr. Randolph moved that the opinion be published in one of the city papers, An amend sent offered by Mr. Walker, providing for the publication of the opinion in all of the daily papers, was adopted. On motion, a committee was appointed to submit a plan for the better defence of the city against the public enemy
residing. --The Grand Jury of this Court assembled yesterday pursuant to adjournment, and proceeded to examine witnesses in a number of felony cases brought to their attention. The following parties were indicted: Virgil Jones, one of the 2d of April rioters, for stealing goods from Pollard &Walker; James White, for forging, on the 13th of April, Mary A. Paris's name to a check; Frederick Gansler, for stealing 5 dozen calf skins on the 30th of October, 1862; Mary Johnson, for felony, (riot21st of April; Harry Chadwell, for stealing Wm. S. Kemper's horse, on the 1st of May; Mary Smith, for stealing $100 in C. S. notes from Joseph Kefler, on the 7th of April, Benjamin Slemmer, for breaking into the store of Joseph Knotts on the 2d day of April; Edward Murphrey, for breaking into W. D. Blair's store on the night of the 21st of April; James Hensly, for receiving on the 19th of April a lot of crockery stolen from persons unknown; Richard Duff, for stealing $170 from Charles Donoboe on
prisoner relative to the conduct of Deitrick in regard to his wife led him to seek an interview, which resulted in a quarrel, ending with the stabbing complained of. The wound was made in Deitrick's neck, and came very near finishing him, so far as an earthly sojourn was concerned. The Mayor sent the case on before the Hustings Court, and committed Sweeney to answer the charge of stabbing with intent to kill. The case of Mrs. Frances Kelley, charged with engaging in a riot on the 2d day of April, was called; but the necessary witnesses not being present, it was continued. The examination of Jesse Sheppardson, for committing a violent assault on M. W. Swain, proprietor of a grocery opposite the New Market, was called and continued, the Clerk of the Market testifying that Swain was so badly injured that he would probably die. The assault was committed with a stick of wood, with which Sheppardson dealt Swain a heavy blow across the head. A son of Swain's and a nephew of the a
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