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Secession of Tennessee and Arkansas. In the absence of more detailed information relative to the secession of Tennessee, we copy the following telegraphic dispatch: Nashville,May 7.--the proceedings of the Tennessee Legislature have just been made public. An Ordinance of Secession and alliance with the Confederate States has been passed, subject to the vote of the people on the 8th of June. Fifty-five thousand troops are called for, and $2,000,000 are appropriated unconditionally and $3,000,000 conditionally. A dispatch via Louisville says that the Secession Ordinance of Arkansas passed by a vote of 69 to 1!
Continued. --Several cases, where parties had been arrested as suspicious characters, were called in the Mayor's Court yesterday, and continued as follows: Samuel T Close till to-morrow; Geo. Snider till June 5th; George Toland till June 8th; Byron W. Bernard till June 7th. The last named is now charged with being a person of evil name, fame and reputation, and a very suspicious character.--Josiah Davis, who had been taken up for selling certain sermons of Lyman Beecher, against intemperance, was admonished and let off.
Aquia Creek. --A letter from Aquia Creek (June 8) says: "All is quiet here; there are no war vessels in sight."
The Savannah blockade. Savannah, June 8.--The Savannah Republican of this morning says that parties who came up from Warsaw yesterday reported seeing a man-of-war anchored some distance from the Sound, and a small boat containing about thirty men was seen approaching the shore.
From Washington. Washington, June 8.--via Charleston.--Several companies of regulars have departed for Chambersburg to assist in the Harper's Ferry movement. It is understood that the lines are rapidly closing on the Ferry. The 71st Regiment are scouting in Southern Maryland to prevent supplies being forwarded. Chambersburg publications relative to the proposed movement are forbidden. Scouting parties from the Harper's Ferry forces have seized thirteen locomotives at Williamsport, which they have switched into Winchester road. The batteries are being withdrawn from the Maryland side and are retreating on the route towards Winchester, which has been strongly fortified. The Secessionists are strong and gaining in Frederick, Maryland. The Unionists there are quaking with apprehension of an advance from Point of Rocks, three miles distant. The feeling of the Marylanders is indicated by the fact that they will, at all hazards, continue to furnish food to the Co
wo prisoners and a drove of cattle captured. Washington, June 8. --The engineer corps of the 69th New York Regiment, nfederate forces at and near Harper's Ferry. Hagerstown, June 8. --No troops from Chambersburg have reached either theral forces at once. From California. Fort Kearney, June 8. --The Fancy Express has arrived with San Fransisco din St. Louis — large seizure of Counterfeits. St. Louis, June 8. --The City Council yesterday reconsidered its actionferson City. Advance on marine insurance. New York, June 8. --The Board of Underwriters in this city have agreedainst 500 for the Union. Naval movements. New York, June 8. --The United States sloop-of-war Vandalia sailed from the lower bay yesterday afternoon. Boston, June 8.--The United States steam frigate Colorado will sail on Monday. Chartered for the Gulf squadron. New York, June 8. --The steamship City of New York has been chartered by the Govern
From Louisville. Louisville, June 8. --A dispatch dated Louisville, May 25th, conveys the impression that packages for the Confederate States have been opened and inspected at Louisville, by Adams' Express Company. This is a mistake. The Louisville office of this company has in no respect deviated from the customary regulations, taking whatever is offered for points South. The outrages alluded to occur only North of the Ohio river, and only under legal compulsion. Louisville, pulsion. Louisville, June 8.--It is understood that Speed has instructions which he will obey, to deliver no more letters from seceded States, and Tennessee, now in the office, but to forward them to the Dead Letter office at Washington. This is creating quite an intense feeling among the merchants. The equity upon which the officials base so palpable a violation of contract, is that postage stamps have been supplied to seceding postmasters, for which the Department can get no returns.
From New York. New York, June 8. --It is reported that Hon. Henry A. Wise is dangerously sick. A Belgium letter reports that a duel is pending between Sanford, the Belgian Minister, and a Virginian. Cotton is quite firm. The special correspondence of the Tribune develops the programme for the Wheeling Convention, which is to establish a Provisional Government for Virginia, declare Governor Letcher deposed, appoint a new Governor, declare Eastern Virginia in insurrection, call for another election, elect U. S. Senators, and perform all the functions of the whole State. A letter from Gen. Fremont says that the Confederate Commissioners have succeeded in purchasing two steamers, which will shortly sail in ballast under British flag and register.
From Washington. Washington, June 8. --The Government is hesitating about advancing. A change of programme is probable. Gen. Scott has fresh and reliable information as to the number and movements of the Confederates, and is prepared to encounter a larger force than anticipated. Ex-United States Senator Cooper supercedes Gen. Cadwallader, at Baltimore. Gen. Scott informed the Cabinet to day that he intended to have possession of Richmond and Memphis by the 15th of July.
From Chambersburg. Chambersburg, June 8. --The 1st Division of Federal troops marched this morning, accompanied by a large number of baggage wagons.
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