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From Washington. Washington, July 1. --(via New Orleans, July 2)--Captain Craven now commands the Potomac Flotilla, vice Captain Ward. The Freeborn has been so badly crippled that she will probably be condemned. Fourteen of the scouts of the Confederate forces attacked the Federal pickets at Shuter's Hill, and killed one and wounded one of the Federal forces. Skirmishing continues at Grafton, but the details are suppressed.
From New Orleans. New Orleans, July 1 --The enemy has seized the telegraph instruments at Pass a L'Outre. The Federal blockade steamer Brooklyn left the bar yesterday morning, and the Confederate war steamer Sumter went to sea. The operator at the Southwest Pass saved the instruments, though they had a guard over him for about twenty-eight hours. The telegraph office at the head of the Capes is hourly expected to be attacked.
Several points of News. Washington, July 1. --The Confederate steamer George Page is cruising in the vicinity of Aquia Creek. Colonel Stone is to occupy the Maryland Heights commanding Harper's Ferry. Wm. Brent, of South Carolina, and Henry Scott, of Maryland, have been arrested as alleged spies.
Gasconade of frank Blair Washington, July 1. --Frank Blair was serenaded here to-night, and in his speech returning thanks for the compliment referred in disparaging terms to the Maryland Legislature--spoke tauntingly of Southern chivalry, which was amusing itself by picking off Federal pickets; and declared for war until no enemy was left. He said he abominated compromises, and closed with complimentary terms to Lord Lyons.
Affairs at Louisville. Louisville, July 1. --Messrs. Breckinridge and Burnett have left for Washington. Powell will also go. Three half filled companies have left here and gone into camp at Silver Creek, opposite this city, in Indiana. The exodus excited more laughter than indignation. They were a ragged set.
Northern account of Movements in Virginia. Hagerstown, Md., July 1. --Two Southern Regiments at Harper's Ferry have destroyed the balance of the railroad bridge. After doing so, they crossed to the Maryland side and captured many boats.
Movements of Missourians. Independence, July 1. --Intelligence has been received here announcing that 10,000 Missourians are encamped about one hundred miles below this point, and are there preparing for an advance.
A black Republican Falsehood Exposed. New York, July 1. --The Times, of this city, publishes a letter from Mr. Russell, the correspondent of the London Times, in which he denies that his correspondence has been tampered with in the South.
New York cotton Market. New York, July 1 --The cotton market was firm to-day, with an upward tendency, and with sales of 1,200 bales. Middling uplands were quoted at 14¼c.
Discharge of "Disabled" Hessians. Baltimore, July 1. --At Newport News there were four hundred disabled volunteers discharged to-day.
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