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Two more Hessians Knocked over. Alexandria, July 1. --There has been another skirmish, in which two of the Federal pickets were killed.
From Alexandria. Alexandria, Va July 1. --There are no apparent indications here of an advance by the Federal on the Confederate forces.
Southerners running Railroad cars. Washington July 1. --The Southerners are running railroad cars within ten miles of Alexandria.
French recognition of the Confederate States of America. New York, July 1. --A most significant article is published simultaneously in the Paris Patrie and Moniteur. It evidently foreshadows the coming recognition of the Confederate States of America. The Emperor of France announces for himself and other European powers that the Southern Confederacy has the same claims for its acknowledgment as a new kingdom that Italy had. When it shows that it can maintain itself, international relations can be established by its rulers.
Gossip of the New York papers. New York, July 1. --The city gossip column in the Tribune of this morning states that it is impossible for the Federal forces to move forward until about one thousand wagons are obtained, and that no decided demonstration can be made earlier than the 15th of July. The Times indulges in gossip about the Speakership of the Federal Congress. It states that the exciting chances are in favor of the selection of Grow, in which event Forney goes overboard, as he is urging the election of Blair. The Herald says that the Lincoln Government does not regard the occupation of Harper's Ferry as of any consequence, as everything of material value there has been destroyed. The Journal of Commerce states that recent developments indicate that General Scott intends to make no forward movements into Virginia this summer. The correspondent of the Journal of Commerce states that it was generally believed in Washington City on Saturday, that th
Federal advance. Washington, July 1. --The Federal force are ordered to occupy Fairfax, Va., the 4th of July.
Diplomatic appointments. Washington July 1 --No diplomatic appointments will be considered until after the adjournment of Congress.
Mathias' Point again. Washington, July 1. --The Pocahontas and Pawnee have sailed for Mathias' Point.
Tobacco. --From a statement furnished by the inspectors of tobacco at the different ware-houses in this city, for the nine months ending 30th ult., it appears that the inspections for the month of June, 1860, and 1861, are as follows: 1860.1861. Shockoe Warehouse2,654310 Public Warehouse1,766261 Seabrook's Warehouse939126 Dibrall's Warehouse8869 Mayo's Warehouse525293 6,770999 999 Decrease5,771 The total inspections in this city for the last nine months is 20,436, against 27,602 hhds. for the same period of the previous year. The stock on hand 1st of July in this city is near 8,000 hhds. The recent advance in the price of good shipping and fine manufacturing tobacco will doubtless cause the planters to send it forward more freely.
them down the necessary bedding. There is every appearance of great uneasiness exhibited at the Fort. Chevaux-de-frise are being thrown up and active preparations being made to protect the Fort from an assault. At any other period than the present, the ridiculous alarm exhibited by the troops in and around the city would be a matter of much amusement. The following is the proclamation under which these arrests were perpetrated: Headquarters, Dep't of Annapolis, Fort McHenry, July 1. In pursuance of orders issued from the headquarters of the Army at Washington, for the preservation of the public peace in this department, I have arrested, and do now detain in custody of the United States, the late members of the Board of Police, Messrs. Chas. Howard, Wm. Gatchell, Chas. Hinks, and John W. Davis. The incidents of the past week afforded full justification for this order, The headquarters, under the charge of the Board, when abandoned by the officers, resembled in som
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