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Reparation for an Insult. --On hearing of the outrage on our flag by the revolutionary troops at Rio Hache, New Granada, the commander of our squadron at the West Indies immediately dispatched the sloop-of-war St. Louis, Captain Poor, with orders to demand redress. This vessel arrived at Rio Hache about the 1st of September, and "the Commander demanded that the flag of the Consulate should be hoisted by two officers of the garrison, that the troops should then file under it, and afterwards salute it by three volleys. Although at first they endeavored to evade giving this satisfaction, they had at last to pass through the Candine Forks by the peremptory terms in which the Commander exacted it."
in the State$174,658 68 out of the State25 519 24 value of Real estate179,533 45 Contingent Fund192,049 60 Deposits1,168 718 17 Loans to Directors.99 751 68 Dividends unclaimed4 331 00 aggregate debt due by the Bank2,689,499 60 aggregate of outstanding debt due to the Bank5,452 516 94 Dealings in exchange. bought$2,207,826 89 sold2,735,236 37 Premium realized$4,835 23 since 31st may, at Branches; since 30th June, at parent BankJuly 1.Aug. 1.Sept. 1. Inland and foreign bills of Exc'ge.$1,234,141 411,284,744 971,362,487 71 Specie366,704 10390,398 27379,872 90 Circulation1,193,818 001,252,510 501,340 270 50 Deposits1,360,854 57 1,154,691 851,126,345 77 Loans to Directors101,653 4195,538 3102,061 32 Aggregate debt due by the Bank2,800,832 242,682 305 042,697,458 82 Aggregate of outstanding debt due to the Bank5,587,837 05,376,662 575,455,567 48 This includes all bills drawn within the State and payable at any distant point with
Aug. 1, Bills Discounted payable at Bank and Branches650,731.69 Sept. 1. Bills Discounted, payable at Bank and Branches670,521.68 Oct. 1, 20,512.39 Aug. 1, Foreign Bills payable out of State1,005,552.40 Sept. 1, Foreign Bills payable out of State1,095,370.50 Oct. 1, Foreign Bidebts,000.00 Doubtful accounts5,159.64 Aug. 1, Specie304,502.91 Sept. 1, Specie327,486.52 Oct. 1, Specie346,7.86 Aug. 1, Circulation1,463,95.00 Sept. 1, Circulation1,536,689.00 Oct. 1, Circulation1,471,834.00 Sept. 1, Notes of Virginia Banks19.00 Oct. 1, Notes of Virginia BaSept. 1, Notes of Virginia Banks19.00 Oct. 1, Notes of Virginia Banks8,077.00 Aug. 1, Notes of other Banks and Checks65,057.58 Sept. 1, Notes of other Banks and Checks87,509.84 Oct. 1, Notes of other BanksSept. 1, Notes of other Banks and Checks87,509.84 Oct. 1, Notes of other Banks and Checks78,308.06 Exchange bought and sold from par. to 1 per cent. gain1,183.23 Contingent Fund55,883.68 Deposits510,477.50 Aug. 1, Loan to Directors19,45.00 Sept. 1, Loan to Directors19,135.00 Oct. 1, Loan to Directors15,610.00 Aggregate debt due by the Bank2,286,758.89
expended balance of appropriations for works of internal improvement made at the last session. It would be difficult at the present time to judge what would be the fate of such a proposition, were it introduced in the shape of a bill. It may, however, be noted as a good sign of the times, that sundry of the works which would be affected by the withholding of funds hitherto donated them, have determined, whatever may happen, not to stop operations. The Central Railroad, for instance, has determined not to suspend any contracts. In fact, the work on the upper sections of the road is proceeding along vigorously. Only ten miles remain unfinished, viz: from Jackson River (the present terminus) to Covington. The grading on that section, considered among the most heavy on any work of internal improvement in the State, will probably be done by the 1st of September next--part of it sooner. If the rail can be obtained on fair terms, a section may be in operation at the time alluded to.
State armory. --The estimate of funds needed to meet engagements for the State machinery under the contract with Messrs. Joseph R. Anderson & Co., is as follows: 1st of March $20,000;1st of June $60,000; 1st of September $50,000; 1st of December $50,000. The amount of the original contract was $158, 59040; additions ordered by the Master Armorer, Mr. Salmon Adams, by letter of November 21, 1860, $1,174.50; subsequent contract for supplying set of barrel rolling and welding machinery, &c., $14,600--total amount of contract, $172,364.90. Sub-contracts have been made with other parties, and approved by the Commissioners of the State of Virginia, for the supply of machinery, to the extent of about $75,176; and good progress has been made towards the execution of the work undertaken by them. Most of the machines for the machine shops of the armory are ready for erection as soon as the building is ready to receive them — and that is nearly the case. Immediately on the conclusion of t
Europe and the South. --An agent passed through this city last night with important official dispatches to the Government at Richmond, and reports all favorabte to the Southern cause in Europe. The Southern ports will be opened on the 1st of September, victory or no victory. Propositions have been received for an advance on the cotton crop controlled by the Confederate Government to the amount of $200,000,000. On his route from New York to this city, the distinguished agent in question had a fair opportunity of conversing with and observing the movements of the Yankees, and gleaned many intersting particulars, some of which we present as being indisputably correct. Col. Wallace, commanding an Indiana Regiment, has been entirely cut off in Cumberland, Md.--supposed to be all killed or taken prisoners, on the 19th. The excitement at Indianapolis, in consequence of this probable bloody defeat, was almost indescribable, the regiment having been formed in that city. Two regi
The Daily Dispatch: November 8, 1860., [Electronic resource], Servants' Clothing--Servants' Clothing. (search)
: Capital: 1st August,$3,150,900.00 1st September,3,150,900.00 1st October,3,150,900.00 Stocks: exchange payable out of the State,1,034,809.46 1st September--Foreign bills of exchange payable out of the Stls of exchange payable in the State,264,583.45 1st September.--Domestic bills of exchange payable in the Statdebts,45,402.93 1st August.--Specie,475,19.33 1st September.--Specie,461,044.88 1st October.--Specie,453,25004.00 1st August.--Circulation,$1,570,412.00 1st September.--Circulation,1,556,650.00 1st October.--Circul344,203.78 1st August.--Deposits,1,824,910.21 1st September.--Deposits,1,717,935.73 1st October.--Deposits,.31 1st August.--Loans to Directors,122,65.10 1st September.--Loans to Directors,118,313.25 1st October.--L.--Aggregate debt due by the Bank,3,811,522.44 1st September.--Aggregate debt due by the Bank,3,726,286.71 1outstanding debts due to the Bank,6,130,782.09 1st September.--Aggregate of outstanding debts due to the Bank
000.00 cash in transitu4,033.008,043.00 specie — Gold and Silver23,414.3620,042.72 Notes of other banks3,110.002,930.00 cash items236.9930.69 $474,529.76$425,923.09 Capital stockCirculation:$200,000.00$300,000.00 B'k of Kanawha, 5's, 10's and 20's3,390.005,145.00 Bank of Charleston132,197.5093,950.00 Deposits27,767.1521,635.88 Due to banks and b'kers9,518.667.15 Discounts, exchange, &c1,376.506,085.10 Surplusfund226.4500 State tax58.5000 $474,529.74$425,923.09 Aug. 1.Sept. 1.Oct. 1. aggregate Debt Due to Bank$335,092.53$339,147.60$350,896.20 aggregate Debt Due by Bank152,678.03153,998.55182,604.31 Inland Bills of Exchange3,700.004,341.755,015.50 Foreign Bills of Exchange136,486.52143,327.71152,079.52 Gold and Silver27,692.6925,105.7328,414.36 Circulation120,573.00120,710.00135,587.50 Deposits24,795.0020,576.3027,767.15 Loans to Directors4,082.668,100.067,665.76 Exchange bought for the Quarter000.0018,768.19 at ½per ct. Exchange sold for the Quarter000.
ication about Brown, he had entered the room, hoping to solve the difficulty by a word. But the result of my labors, the utter failure of every effort I had made, aroused him. He took two turns across the floor. "Barnstoff." "Yes." "As you go by Derby's in the morning, tell him to send me a suit of clothes as soon as possible." In answer to our looks, he said: "I must return to society for a week." He signed heavily and left the room. It was the 1st of September. Brown was then at Sharon. Dunscomb hurried there, stayed two days, astonished the crowd, who looked on him as one risen from the dead, and returned. I met him. He was looking at the prints in Williams and Stevens' window. "Who is Brown?" "Don't know." "You confess he is a great mystery?" "No. Yes." I saw he was in a bad humor, and passed on. Three weeks afterwards, we came face to face in the bar-room of the Brevoort House. We drank together.
The Daily Dispatch: July 2, 1861., [Electronic resource], The Read shell in the fight at Bethel. (search)
Man sold for Vageancy. --A Cincinnati exchange says that a man named Semple, who is connected with one of the oldest and most respectable families in Covington, Ky., but who has degenerated into a mere sot, was sold at public auction by the sheriff on Saturday, for inveterate vagrancy. Andy Herod, jailer, became his purchaser at the sum of one dime, and will have an opportunity to get his money back by Semple's services until the 1st of September next.
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