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ant-Quartermaster,----Corrle; Paymaster,----Stenway; Assistant-Paymaster,----Fielder; Surgeon, Dr. Hasse; Assistant-Surgeon, Dr. Rosa. Company A--Captain, Gerdes; First-Lieutenant, Neander; Second do., Brettman. Company B--Captain, Heitmann; First Lieutenant, Held; Second do., Manver. Company C--Captain, Betgeman; First Lieutenant, Wakle; Second do., Brunjes. Company D--Captain, Mayer; First Lieutenant, Sackersdorff; Second do.,------. Company E--Captain, Nickel; First Lieutenant, Lensifer; Second do., Maun. Company F--Captain, Happendeimer; First Lieutenant, Aberle; Second do., Bungert. Company G--Captain, Luke; First Lieutenant, Jauer; Second do., Keis. Company H--Captain, Barlock; First Lieutenant, Kaltenparr; Second do., Leonpard. Company K--Engineer Corps-Captain, Dodge; First Lieutenant, Schloemer; Orderly Sergeant, Kirmuel; Non-Commissioned Staff — Calour, Beaness, Ernst, and Acker; Right Guide, Leonard; Left Guide, Michaelis; Drum Major, Berchet.--N. Y. Times, April 2
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.64 (search)
being Virginians except nineteen, who were from Maryland, and are marked Md. in the list. Officers. McNiel, John H., captain; McNeil, J. C., first lieutenant; Welton, I. S., second lieutenant; Dolan, J. B., third lieutenant; Taylor, Harrison, first sergeant; Vandiver, J. L., second sergeant; Dailey, James, third sergeant; Seymour, Able, fourth sergeant; Hopkins, David, first corporal; Judy, I., second corporal; Oats, I., third corporal; Parsons, D. M., fourth coropral. Privates. Acker, John, Alexander, M. S., Allen, George M., Allen Herman, Ala.; Anderson, Nathan H., Athey, William, Allen, J., Albright, James, Armentrout, Sol., Bobo, Jackson, Bean, Fred, Bierkamy, William, Brathwaite, Newton, Blakemore, William, Bowman, Jack, Barnula, Joseph, Bare, William, Baldwin, H., Blakemore, George, Branson, William, Bennett, Henry, Browning, E. R., Md.; Boggs, Gus, Md.; Crawford, James, Contey, Jack, Carson, John W., Cleaver, William, Clutter, J. W., Cain, Thomas, Cowger, David A.
Jula Ward Howe, Reminiscences: 1819-1899, Chapter 10: a chapter about myself (search)
t a great reader, but she always studies. Albeit my intellectual pursuits have always been such as to task my mind, I cannot boast that I have acquired much in the way of technical erudition. I have only drawn from history and philosophy some understanding of human life, some lessons in the value of thought for thought's sake, and, above all, a sense of the dignity of character above every other dignity. Goethe chose well for his motto the words:— Die Zeit ist mein Vormachtniss, mein Acker ist die Zeit. Time is my inheritance; time is my estate. But I may choose this for mine:— I have followed the great masters with my heart. The first writer of importance with whom I made acquaintance after leaving school was Gibbon, whose Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire occupied me during one entire winter. I have already mentioned my early familiarity with the French and Italian languages. In these respective literatures I read the works which in those days were usually co
iller, flesh, in thigh; J Scates, slightly in hand; W Scates, flesh, in thigh; C Simmons, head; H Stephen on, slight; Samuel Tuck, in thigh; F Walker, severely; J Williams, slightly; J Williamson, severely: Missing: D T Beardin, E T McSwain, taken prisoners while attending the wounded. Company L, Captain Daniels.--Killed: Corporal A. W Ford; Privates W. M Shurly, C R Hicks. Wounded: Captain Daniels, severely; Lieut Rankin; Sergt G W McCay; Corporals J B Moore and Wm Brams; Privates J M Acker, W M Bedloth, J S Dickinson, W T Eskew, J M Foister, D S Harbin, W B Harbin, E M Holland, D N Major, J Owen, P M Sammy, M G Smith, W H Stephenson, J B Whisten. Company M, Captain Carpenter--Killed: Capt Carpenter; Privates P Bonner, R Harris, M Lipscomb. Wounded: Sergt Jonas Harris, severely; Sergt J J Camp, slightly; Privates B Bonner, W Davis, mortally; A Husky, A Thrift, Jas Goforth, Jno Ramsay, Dan Ramsay, W B Scruggs, severely; --Pearson and M Collins, slightly. Missing: Jos Reyn
C L Witherspoon, H L Tindall Wounded: Lieut J H Dingle, Jr, Sgt J H M Jor , Corp'l R S Campbell, Privates B T Kelly, Wm Thomas, J W Redgill. J C Wilson, Ell M Riechbourg, R R Johnson, G W Williams, A L Jacobs, Samuel Humfreys Septimus Harvier, Thos N Davis, A D Moses, Patrick Brody. H J McLaurin, D H Baggett. J W Hodge. Total killed, 6; wounded and missing, 8; wounded, 19--38. Company D, Giat Rifles, Capt Smith--Killed: Privates John Carr, R Wilson, T B Bennett. Wounded: Lieut E H Acker, Corpl W D Bennett, Privates W D Acket. W B Bennett, R H Bradley, J C Bruce, S J Gary, N H Hamilton, N Hamilton, N McWhorter, J J Riley, G Timbs, J Whilt, W Maddox, H Kelley. Missing: Sergt Kohler, T V Green, Thos Green, Corpl J H Wilson. Total killed, 3; wounded, 15; missing, 4--23. Company E, Bozeman Guards, Capt. Arnold.--Killed: R H Fowler, Sergt W A Bagnall. Wounded: Corp'l T D Babb, A P Owens, Privates H S Coker, H C Peden, J P Rice, M W Thompson, J S Hiett, G W Davis, John Da