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Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 1, Mass. officers and men who died., List of Massachusetts officers and soldiers killed in action. (search)
Abbott, Edward G., Bvt. Maj.,U. S. Vols.,Cedar Mountain, Va.,Aug. 9, 1862. Abbott, Henry L., Bvt. Brig. Gen.,U. S. Vols.,Wilderness, Va.,May 6, 1864. Abbott, James H., Sergt.,10th Mass. Inf.,Spotsylvania, Va.,May 12, 1864. Ackerman, James B.,2d Mass. Cav.,Halltown, Va.,Aug. 26, 1864. Adams, Artemas,24th Mass. Inf.,Richmond, Va.,.Oct. 13, 1864. Adams, Charles A.,33d Mass. Inf.,Lookout Mountain, Tenn.,Oct. 29, 1863. Adams, Charles R.,3d Mass. Cav.,Winchester, Va.,Sept. 19, 1864. Adams, George E.,34th Mass. Inf.,New Market, Va.,May 15, 1864. Adams, John Q.,1st Co. Mass. S. S.,Antietam, Md.,Sept. 17, 1862. Adams, Orlestus J.,32d Mass. Inf.,Laurel Hill, Va.,May 12, 1864. Adams, Walter T.,3d Mass. Cav.,White Plains, La.,Nov. 9, 1863. Adams, William,9th Mass. Inf.,Gaines' Mill, Va.,June 27, 1862. Addison, Andrew,15th Mass. Inf.,Antietam, Md.,Sept. 17, 1862. Ahern, John,28th Mass. Inf.,Wilderness, Va.,May 5, 1864. Aiken, Alexander,20th Mass. Inf.,Gettysburg, Pa.,July 3, 1863.
Index of names of persons. A. Abbott, E. G., 12, 68, 328 Abbott, G. A., 496 Abbott, H. L., 102, 115, 118, 328 Abbott, J. H., 328 Abbott, B. D., 439 Abercrombie, J. J., 218 Abert, W. S., 174 Aborn, S. P., 439 Ackerman, Charles, 439 Ackerman, J. B., 328 Acres, H. H., 496 Adams, A. B., 496 Adams, A. F., 496 Adams, Artemas, 328 Adams, Augustus, 496 Adams, C. A., 328 Adams, C. F., 7, 18 Adams, C. F., Jr., 30, 160, 166 Adams, C R., 328 Adams, E. A., 439 Adams, G. E., 328 Adams, E. F., 490 Adams, George, 439 Adams, H. S., 64 Adams, J. E., 496 Adams, J. Q., 328 Adams, J. W., 189 Adams, James, 439 Adams, M. C., 496 Adams, O. J., 328 Adams, S. B., 496 Adams, S. C., 439 Adams, W. F., 496 Adams, W. L., 439 Adams, W. T., 328 Adams, William, 328 Adams, Z. B., 166 Addison, Andrew, 328 Agent, J. F., 496 Agnew, Thomas, 439 Ahern, Daniel, 439 Ahern, John, 328 Aiken, Alexander, 328 Aiken, H. A., 439 Aiken, Samuel, 328 Ainsworth, H. W., 328 Albers
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
ant R. D. Motley,Zzz=Co. G. Priv'te Jos. W. Edwards,Co. I. H. E. Crockett, 13th Batt. Virginia Artillery T. Abshire,Co. B. J. Abshire,Zzz=Co. B. G. H. Hill,Zzz=Co. B. [48] I certify that this is a correct list of the men present on the 9th April, 1865. G. E. Pickett, Major-General Commanding. Second Virginia Infantry. Private Joseph H. Cockrill,Co. A. Jacob O. Tutwiler,Zzz=Co. A. Jacob Spitzer,Zzz=Co. A. Wm. M. Weller,Zzz=Co. A. Corporal Joseph Yontz,Co. B. Private Geo. E. Adams,Zzz=Co. B. Charles F. Ferrell,Zzz=Co. B. Joseph W. Waters,Zzz=Co. B. John W. Baldwin,Zzz=Co. B. Wm. H. McEndree,Zzz=Co. B. Geo. W. Lambright,Zzz=Co. B. Henry M. Lyons,Zzz=Co. B. John J. Jaycocks,Zzz=Co. B. Benj. S. Pendleton,Zzz=Co. B. Edward D. Lucas,Zzz=Co. B. Sergeant Mord. Lewis,Co. C. Private A. Cloud,Zzz=Co. C. Wm. A. Thompson,Zzz=Co. C. James Kenny,Zzz=Co. C. John W. McCormick,Zzz=Co. C. Samuel Spiggle,,Zzz=Co. C. Corporal John M. McIntyre,Co. D. Priv'te F. H
destroyed by fire in the year 1850. This house is said to have been the headquarters of Colonel John Stark of the New Hampshire Regiment, in the year 1775, and is supposed to have been the house in which he was chosen colonel of the regiment by a hand vote. (Prior to 1754 this house was in the Town of Charlestown.) The Mystic house. This house is now standing on Main street, and in late years was a part of the Mystic Trotting Park estate. It was built about the year 1847 by Mr. George E. Adams, who at that time owned and improved the Adams farm, and was used until the establishment of Mystic Trotting Park as a private dwelling. It cannot properly be classed among the taverns of Medford, although the Park proprietors were licensed as innholders. Meads Tavern. In the year 1758, Mr. Thomas Seccomb sold the estate upon which the City Hall stands to Mr. Israel Mead. Mr. Mead was licensed as an innholder from the year 1759 to the year 1762, both inclusive, and no doubt kep
hese are now located at the foot of Canal street. There were many persons licensed as innholders from the year 1690 to the year 1831, whose places of business cannot be located. It is hardly fair, however, to speak of such places as taverns, for they were only saloons for the sale of liquors, and the same may also be said of some of those previously mentioned. The following is a list of persons licensed as innholders in Medford, from the year 1690 to the year 1831, both inclusive:— Adams, Benjamin, 1756. Bascom, Henry L., 1822, 1823. Billings, Moses, 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, 1773, 1774, 775, 1776, 1777. Blanchard, Hezekiah, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1783, 1784, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788, 1789, 1790, 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795, 1796, 1797, 1798, 1799, 1800. Blanchard, Hezekiah, Jr., 1800, 1802, 1803. Blanchard, Hezekiah, See Hezekiah Blanchard, Jr. 1804. 1805, 1806, 1807, 1808, 1809, 1810, 1811, 1812, 1813, 1814, 1815, 1816, 1817, 1818. Blanchard, Isaac W., 1
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 14., Some Medford farmers who had milk routes in Boston in the Thirties and forties. (search)
. John C. Magoun lived on the Edward Brooks farm in West Medford. He moved to Somerville. I think Magoun Square was named for him. A brother, Aaron, was a teacher in the Park street school, and later, for many years, in the Cambridge schools. Mr. Stoddard lived on the C. F. Adams farm at West Medford, on the south side of the canal. Capt. Nathan (Squire) Adams' farm was on both sides of Main street, and included the Mystic Park. He died, 1842, aged seventy-nine. His nephew, George E. Adams, succeeded him. The buildings were on the east side of the street. Dea. Nathan Adams lived half way up Winter Hill. The buildings were on the west side of the street. He died, 1849, aged sixty. In Charlestown Square, in the rear of Sawtell & Jacobs' grocery, were sheds and a stable where many milkmen, on the return home, used to call to bait themselves and horses. Sawyer's Cellar Restaurant, near by, was not idle. Noah Johnson, who lived on Marm Simonds' hill, had a local r
by Mr. Francis Wait, is of interest:— Squire Nathan Adams, also called Captain, owned a large farm on both sides of Main street. His dwelling-house stood on the site of the Mystic House. Removed to Tufts square. After his death (1842) George E. Adams (a grandson) carried on the farm and had a milk route to Boston. he (George) married, in 1847, Miss Staniels of Malden. He moved the old house and built the house afterward called Mystic House, where he took his bride. A driveway at the n Edward E., Elizabeth (Mrs. Staniels), Almira (Mrs. Austin), Catherine and Rebecca. Peter T. Adams (son of Squire Nathan), a farmer, lived at one time in the Willis house. He built and lived in what was the next house south therefrom. George E. Adams was later Division Superintendent of the Middlesex Horse Railroad in Medford, with stables in his barns. He drove the pioneer Sunday car into Boston. College Field, lying between Two-penny brook, the railroad and Harvard street, now int
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 22., History told by names of streets. (search)
e race-track beside it, next a brickyard, and after years of vacancy the place becomes College field, with Amherst, Bowdoin, Colby, Dartmouth, Princeton, Radcliffe and Yale, with Andover and Exeter beside. Along comes another, and across Buzzell's lane are the abandoned clay-pits of Buzzell's decadent brick industry, with a piece of upland on Main street extending to College avenue, which name, of course, relates to Tufts college. The ash dumpage of Somerville comes into the clay-pits, Captain Adams' brick house is demolished, and College acres appears. Stanley and Frederick avenues connect Main street with College avenue and Windsor road with Hinsdale street. Of the significance of these names we are unaware, as well as of Rhinecliff, the next in order. The only dale we see is the remains of the old clay-pit, and the only cliff the edge of the ever-increasing dump, but the slow trickle of Two-penny brook beside it isn't comparable with the great German river. A lot of the sa
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 22., A Medford garden and the gardener's notes. (search)
acres of land on the Salem road extending to Fulton street that he cultivated as a farm. His second note-book frequently notes the planting of his own land and the pasturing of his cows. This opens up to us the rural aspect of Medford. Many residents enjoyed the luxury of keeping a cow. Mr. Burridge attended to the pasturing of Mr. Bigelow's, Mr. Stetson's (the minister), and Mr. Train's cows, having them sometimes in the Hall pasture, again in the Roach pasture, and on his own land. Captain Adams' man often worked for the gardener, who supplied him with dinners and lunches, for which the captain was duly charged. Mr. Burridge joined the Massachusetts Horticultural Society on December 17, 1831, and he exhibited for his employer many fine fruits and vegetables, as the records of the society attest. Sept. 19-21, 1838. From Mrs. T. Bigelow of Medford. Apples— Monstrous Pippin, and beautiful specimens of Red apples from France. Peaches—Some fine specimens. Grapes—Fine Chasse<
red and thirty-eight) members who subscribed before the organization of the society, March 17, 1829, that the name of Samuel Train of this town is found. During the first fifty years of the society's life the following citizens enrolled in the membership:— 1829Dr. Samuel Swan. 1829George Thompson. 1830Dudley Hall. 1830John King. 1831Capt. Martin Burridge. 1834Nathaniel H. Bishop. 1845Edmund T. Hastings, Jr. 1845Nathaniel Whiting. 1847John H. Bacon. 1847Robert Bacon. 1850George E. Adams. 1851Charles Hall. 1855S. B. Perry. 1859George L. Stearns. 1860James Bean. 1863Peter C. Hall. 1864Caroline B. Chase (Mrs.) 1864David W. Lothrop. 1865Francis Brooks. 1865;Joshua T. Foster. 1865J. Q, A. Griffin. 1865William B. Whitcomb. 1865Ellen M. Gill (Mrs.) 1866Mrs. Samuel Joyce. 1866Edward Kakas. 1866Francis Thieler. 1867S. R. Roberts. 1868Dr. H. H. Pillsbury. 1869William C. Child. 1869James W. Tufts. 1870Japhet Sherman. 1871George S. Buss. 1872Benj. F. Morrison<