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ms, Senior, millwright, conveyed the homestead and adjoining lots to his son Joseph Adams, husbandman, chiefly because he hath been a loving and dutiful son to me, anwith us, and is the staff of our old age (Midd. Registry, XII. 544). This Joseph Adams married Margaret Eames, at Cambridge, 21 Feb. 1687-8, and died here 20 July, 1701. He was presumably the father of Joseph Adams, who died in Menotomy 18 Oct. 1774, aged 86, the ancestor of the Adams Family here.—See Genealogies. In 1699 Jst on a range-way, northwest on land of William Cutter, southwest on land of Joseph Adams the purchaser (Midd. Registry, XVII. 59). Joseph Adams, the purchaser, was Joseph Adams, the purchaser, was a grandson of John Adams, Senior, above. The town of Charlestown granted John Adams four acres, 3 1/2 rods, in Menotomy Field, in 1658. He bought of Jonathan Bunklands at Menotomy: Abraham Watson, John Dickson, Samuel Cooke, Philip Cooke, Joseph Adams, Gershom Cutter, William Cutter, Jonathan Dunster. Ministry Lot, 1689. Fo
Henry Dunster, James Cutler, Ephraim Frost, Joseph Adams and Jonathan Butterfield, Jr., were chosen ssist in building the meeting-house, near Mr. Joseph Adams's, on land which hath been left for a burJason Russell, Ephraim Frost, James Cutler, Joseph Adams, Jonathan Butterfield, Joseph Winship, Rev.enezer Prentice Ephraim Frost, jr. Joseph Adams, jr. Samuel Cooke, Pastor John Fillebro Locke Deborah Chrissen Rebeccadaughter ofJoseph Adams Marthawife ofEph'm Frost Abigailwife ofJo preached from Acts 6:3, Thomas Hall and Joseph Adams, Jr., were chosen Deacons; and took their seaee was chosen to regulate the school. Dea. Joseph Adams, Mr. Samuel Whittemore and Capt. Ephraim Fron Winship, to the adventure of the wife of Deacon Adams, the setting fire to John Cutter's house, td Jason Winship, killed in the tavern that Captain Adams formerly owned, now Cooper at the corner. n Tax. Shill'gs£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.£s.d. Dea. Joseph Adams349118018912452133 Capt. Wm. Adams175321896[15 more...]<
Hill, Isaac Locke, Thomas Fillebrown, Amos Locke, Samuel Hill, John Wilson, Joseph Adams, Moses Cutter, Daniel Wilson, Samuel Wilson, James Fillebrown, Ebenezer Hallhad been Deacons: John Cutter and John Winship, chosen 1739; Thomas Hall and Joseph Adams, chosen 1769; Ephraim Frost and John Adams, chosen 1792; Ephraim Cutter, choe other ninety years. They both died the same month of the same year. Deacon Joseph Adams died May 3, 1794, aged seventy-nine. Deacon Thomas Hall died May 29, 179n a handsome uniform dress, under the command of Capt. Stephen Wheeler, with Joseph Adams as lieutenant, and Stephen Locke, ensign. Capt. David Hill having resigned,Surveyor of highways14 67 Estate of the late Samuel Hill, for do.7 22 Tufts & Adams, for do.13 86 Amos Whittemore, Jun., for do.7 83 Jason Belknap, gravel for rogin, unless I begin with my honored father [Thomas Adams]. He was the son of Joseph Adams: he was born in what is now West Cambridge [in the year 1713], on the Adams
740, 1750-62. Ephraim Frost, 1733, 1734, 1738, 1741, 1749. Joseph Adams, 1733-35, 1739-41, 1753. Jonathan Butterfield, Jr., 1733, 173, 1756, 1757, 1759, 1760. Jason Russell, 1768, 1761-63. Joseph Adams, Jr., 1759, 1760, 1765-67. Joseph Wellington, 1761-63. Capt.t Treasurers. John Fillebrown, 1733. John Cutter, 1734. Joseph Adams, 1735-50—thanks extended to him in 1767 for past service. Liem, 1767, for past service. John Cutter, Jr., 1758-61. Dea. Joseph Adams, 1762-67—thanked, 1767, treasurer five years. Continued in officessors. Ephraim Frost, 1733, 1734, 1736, 1738, 1741, 1749. Joseph Adams, 1733, 1734, 1753. Jonathan Butterfield, Jr., 1733, 1734, 173, 1756, 1757, 1759, 1760. Jason Russell, 1758, 1761-63. Joseph Adams, Jr., 1759, 1760, 1765-1767. Joseph Wellington, 1761-63. Cap, 1784, 1788 (The collectorship set up at vendue, 1788.) Dea. Joseph Adams, 1786. Enoch Wellington, 1787. Eben'r Hall (collector for
on) Connecticut, at Medford, 21 Oct. 1736. Joseph Adams was one of the Precinct committee seven yea mother. Stephen Ford of Charlestown, at Joseph Adams's, d. 23 Mar. 1756, a. 79 (par. 3?). Joshua Stearns, son of wid. S., at Mr. Adams's, d. 9 Nov. 1749, a. 9. 20. Samuel, and Sarah Turner mElizabeth, b. 24 Feb., bap. 2 Mar. 1783, m. Joseph Adams 12 Feb. 1809; Hannah, bap. Aug. 1785, m. Isry Tufts, wid. of Nathan Tufts, and dau. of Joseph Adams (1).—Wyman. ] 2. Thomas, of Watertown, h. of Thaddeus, bap. 26 Apr. 1792—Elmira and Joseph Adams, Esq., m. 19 Nov. 1811. Horatio Hancock Fi36. Ford, Stephen, of Charlestown, d. at Joseph Adams's, 23 Mar. 1756, a. 79. See Wyman, 352. . ch. at organization, 9 Sept. 1739, m. Joseph Adams, Jr., 10 Jan. 1740; Lydia, d. 19 Jan. 1736, atter Book, 88, 382, &c.) His dau. Hannah m. Joseph Adams Jr., 11 Sept. 1750; his son Thomas m. and sNov. 1740. He r. in Charlestown. Lucy, m. Joseph Adams, 3d, 6 Sept. 1770. Sarah, m. Col. Nathanie