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ver one hundred rounds. Yours, etc., Thos. N. Pase, Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding First Indiana Cavalry. Naval reports. United States Mississippi Squadron, flag-ship Black Hawk, off Vicksburgh, July 11, 1863. sir: I have the honor to inclose you a full report of the late affair at Helena, where the gunboat Tyler saved the day, and enabled our little band of soldiers to capture a number of the enemy. I remain, very respectfully, your obedient servant, David D. Porter, A. R. Admiral Commanding Mississippi Squadron. Hon. Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy, Washington. U. S. Iron-clad ram Eastport, Helena, Arkansas, July 8, 1863. A. R. Admiral David D. Porter, U. S. Navy, Commanding Mississippi Squadron: sir: General Holmes, with a reported force of eighteen thousand rebels, attacked this place at daylight on the morning of the fourth instant, and was repulsed, after a hard contested fight of several hours' duration. The enemy attacked the centre of the def
every thing passed off in the most admirable manner, and without a single casualty. . . . The land forces were not so fortunate--one man being killed and two wounded, also one missing; but, in consideration of the fact that Longstreet's corps was at or near Newton, ten miles from Aylett's, and Pickett's division at the White House, twelve miles from where we landed, I think they were as fortunate as could be expected. . . . J. H. Gillis, Lieut. Com. and Sen. Officer, off Yorktown. To A. R. Admiral Lee. A National account. Yorktown, Va., June 6, 1863. We have just returned from one of those interesting little expeditions through King William County, Va., that are now termed raids. The whole affair was a perfect success. It was carried out in a soldierly way, and one of the most satisfactory features of the affair was the absence of plundering and pilfering, which on too many former occasions have been permitted to a fearful extent. While our forces were at West-Po
dy, seaman, Adela; Joseph O'Donnell, seaman, Adela. Ten were wounded, including Acting-Ensign Randall and Kochler, and two seriously. Five were made prisoners. In reporting these losses, Lieutenant-Commander Semmes observes: I regret seriously our loss, yet I feel a great degree of satisfaction in having impressed the rebels with the idea that blockade-running vessels are not safe even up the Hillsborough River. I am respectfully, your obedient servant, Theodorus Bailey, A. R. Admiral, Commanding E. G. B. Squadron. A National account. key West, Fla., Oct. 23, 1863. On the twelfth instant, the United States gunboat Tahoma, Lieutenant-Commander Semmes, after three months repairing and preparation, and taking on board a two-hundred-pound Parrott rifle, left here for Tampa Bay, arriving on the evening of the thirteenth, where she found the United States steamer Adela, Acting Volunteer Lieutenant Stodder, and schooners Stonewall Jackson and Ariel, blockading.
the knowledge of any of the blockading vessels, and that on the night of the tenth instant. She was fired at and hit several times by the Howqua and Britannia. Also, under date of the seventeenth, Captain Ridgely says that: The newspaper paragraph stating that seventeen vessels arrived in Wilmington in one night, is entirely destitute of truth. Such reports are, doubtless, published to encourage the shipment of crews for the large numbers of vessels recently purchased for blockade-running, as they have been very roughly handled of late. The blockade-runners change their names very often, for the same purpose. Each vessel on the blockade off Wilmington sends to me here a carefully prepared abstract from the log for the month, in which every movement is actually recorded, and it is evident from: a comparison of such abstracts, that the reports are entirely unfounded. I have the honor to be, sir, very respectfully yours, S. P. Lee, A. R. Admiral Commanding N. A. B. Squadron.
March 8, 1864. Hon. Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy: sir: I have the honor to inclose herewith the reports of acting volunteer Lieutenant W. R. Browne, giving the details of two expeditions lately sent out from the United States bark Restless, to destroy certain newly-erected salt-works, the property, as he states, of the rebel government. The object of the expedition was, in each instance, successfully accomplished. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, T. Bailey, A. R. Admiral, Commanding E. G. B. Squadron. United States bark Restless, St. Andrew's Bay, Florida, February 17, 1864. sir: I have the honor to make the following report: Learning that the rebels had erected new government salt-works, on West-Bay, on the site of the old salt-works destroyed by us in December, and that they had a force of fifty men armed and stationed there for protection, I fitted out the first cutter, manned with thirteen men, under charge of Acting Ensign James J. Russell, w
from the Smith Briggs, and twelve (12) from the Commodore Morris, landed in the Nansemond with instructions to meet the first detachment from Chuckatuck, returned safely. I inclose the following papers pertaining to this affair, among which is a request from me to General Butler that expeditions requiring naval cooperation, or passing the lines of the blockade, should be previously determined between him and myself. I have the honor to be, sir, very respectfully yours, S. P. Lee, A. R. Admiral Commanding N. A. B. Squadron. Hon. Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy. Communication from General Graham to Admiral Lee. Headquarters Naval Brigade, Dept. Va. And N. C., On board transport Long Branch, off Halloway's Point, 5 A. M., February 1, 1864. Admiral: I landed a party of ninety men, consisting of twenty cavalry, one howitzer squad, and the remainder infantry, at Smithfield, at twenty-five minutes past one P. M. yesterday, with orders to march to Chuckatuck, where I
P. Fyffe, United States steamer Commodore Morris, April 15, 1864. No. 12. Report of Acting Master D. A. Campbell, United States steamer Stepping Stones April 15, 1864. I have the honor to be, Sir, Very respectfully, yours, S. P. Lee, A. R. Admiral, commanding N. A. B. Squadron Hon Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy. Letter to General Butler. flag-ship N. A. B. Squadron, off Newport News, Va., April 9, 1864. General: The vicinity of Smithfield and Chuckatuck are known to ls and destroy their boats on the upper creeks, and to cooperate with a naval force to prevent their escape by the river, which I will send as soon as you are ready. I have the honor to be, General, Very respectfully, yours. S. P. Lee, A. R. Admiral, commanding N. A. B. Squadron. Major-General B. F. Butler, Commanding Dep't Virginia and North Carolina. Letter to Admiral Lee. headquarters Eighteenth army corps, Department of Va. And N. C., fortress Monroe, April 10, 1864. Admi
Retaliation. --Gen. Holmes, commanding the trans Mississippi Department, has sent the following not fination to the Federal Admiral Porter: Headq'rs trans Mississippi Depar't,little Dock, march 12, 1863. A. R. Admiral David D. Porter: Sir: --I have received a paper, said to have been posted in the village of Columbia by your direction in the following words: [Copy.] "Notice.--Persons taken in the act of firing on unarmed vessels will be treated as highwaymen and and no quarters will be shown them. "Persons strongly suspected of firing on unarmed vessels will not receive the usual treatment of prisoners of war, but will be kept in close confinement. "If this savage and barbarous Confederate custom cannot be put a stop to, we will try what virtue there is in hanging. "All persons no matter who they are, caught in the act of fering the houses of the inhabitants along the river, levying contributions, or burning cotton, will receive no quarter i
f Newport News, Virginia, July 4 1863--2:30 P. M. Sir --Your communication of this date is received. I will report by telegraph your arrival and object, and inform you of the result without delay. Very respectfully yours, S. P. Lee. A. R. Admiral. Com'g North Atlantic Blockading Squard'n.Hon Alex'r H. Stephens, Military Com'r. [C]C. S. steamer Torpedo, Off Newport News, Va., 12 o'clock M., July 6th, 1863. Acting Rear Admiral S. P. Lee. U. S. Flag-Ship Minnesota. Sir --he 4th instant is considered inadmissible. The customary agents and channels are adequate for all needful military communications and conference between the United States forces and the insurgents. Very respectfully, yours, S. P. Lee, A. R. Admiral, Comd'g N. A. Block'g Sq'n. Hon. Alex'r H. Stephens. [E]Headq'rs department of Va., Seventh Army Corps, Fort Monroe, July 6th, 1863. Hon Alex. H. Stephens: Sir --In the temporary absence of Major Gen. John A. Dix, commanding t