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Fitzhugh Lee, General Lee, Index. (search)
G., letter to, 299. Benjamin, Judah P., 324. Benton, Thomas H., 52. Berkeley, Sir, William, mentioned, 3, 4. Birney, General James G., mentioned, 247. Black Hawk, mentioned, 48. Blackburn's Ford, Va., 189. Blair, Francis P., mentioned, 85. Blenker, General, mentioned, 109. Bloody angle, the, Gettysburg, 335. Blucher, Field-Martial, 142, 422. Bohemia, the blind King of, 420. Bolivar Heights, 202. Boswell, Captain, killed at Chancellorsville, 251. Brackett, Captain Albert G., mentioned, 54. Bragg, General, Braxton, mentioned, 47, 54; re-enforced, 313; opposed to Schofield, 370. Branch, General L. O. B., killed at Antietam, 215. Breckinridge, General John C., mentioned, 83, 341, 369. Bristol Station, 187, 189. Brockenbrough's brigade, 288. Brockenbrough, Judge John W., 403. Brown, John, mentioned, 74, 75, 76, 83. Bryan, Lee's steward, 233, 234, 366. Buckingham, Governor, of Connecticut, 221. Buckland Races, 317. Buena Vista,
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces in the Appomattox campaign. (search)
First Brigade, Col. John A. Kellogg: 91st N. Y., Col. Jonathan Tarbell; 6th Wis., Lieut.-Col. Thomas Kerr, Capt. Edward A. Whaley; 7th Wis., Lieut.-Col. Hollon Richardson. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Henry Baxter: 16th Me., Col. Charles W. Tilden; 39th Mass., Lieut.-Col. Henry M. Tremlett, Capt. Joseph J. Cooper; 97th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Rouse S. Egelston; 11th Pa., Maj. John B. Overmyer; 107th Pa., Col. Thomas F. McCoy. Third Brigade, Col. Richard Coulter: 94th N. Y., Maj. Henry H. Fish, Capt. Albert; T. Morgan; 95th N. Y., Capt. George D. Knight; 147th N. Y., Maj. Dennis B. Dailey, Capt. James A. McKinley; 56th and 88th Pa., Maj. A. Laycock; 121st Pa., Maj. West Funk; 142d Pa., Lieut.-Col. Horatio N. Warren. Unattached: 1st Battalion N. Y. Sharp-shooters, Capt. Clinton Perry. artillery Brigade, Col. Charles S. Wainwright: B, 1st N. Y., Capt. Robert E. Rogers; D, 1st N. Y., Lieut. Deloss M. Johnson; H, 1st N. Y., Capt. Charles E. Mink; M, 15th N. Y. Heavy, Capt. William D. Dickey;
W., occupies Ship Island, 81; issues proclamation in regard to Slavery, 82; on negro soldiership, 517. Philadelphia, East Tenn., fight at, 431. Phillips, Col., killed at Donaldsonville, La., 338. Phillips, Col. W. A., routs raiders under Standwatie and Quantrell, at Fort Gibson, 454. Phillips, Gen., charges at the Little Osage, 561. Pickett, Gen., at Gettysburg, 380 to 387; assaults at Bachelor's creek, N. C., 533. Pierce, Franklin, Ex-Prest., on the War, 496-9. Pike, Gen. Albert, commands Indians at Pea Ridge, 27-33. Pillow, Gen. Gideon J., at Fort Donelson, 47-51. Pineville, Mo., fight by Col. Catherwood at, 450. Pittsburg Landing, Tenn., battle of, 58 to 71; positions of Union forces, 59; no intrenchments, 59-60; the Rebel attack; Prentiss's division routed, 61-2; McClernand worsted, 63; Rebels repulsed by Webster's artillery, 65-6; Buell arrives, 67: second day's battle, 67, 68-9; extracts from Buell's report, 66; dispatches from Beauregard, 66; 70; e
the attack should be made from two sides, and that I should take command of the left. The troops assigned to me consisted of the Second Brigade, Missouri Volunteers--900 men — infantry of the Third and Fifth regiments, under the command of Lieut.-Col. Albert and Col. Salomon, and six pieces of artillery, under Lieuts. Schaeffer and Schuetzenbach; besides, two companies of regular cavalry, belonging to the command of Major Sturgis. I left Camp Fremont, on the south side of Springfield, at 6 1 along the ridge of a hill about 700 yards opposite our right. This was the state of affairs at 8 1/2 o'clock in the morning, when it was reported to me by Dr. Melchior and some of our skirmishers, that Lyon's men were coming up the road. Lieut. Albert, of the Third, and Col. Salomon, of the Fifth, notified their regiments not to fire on troops coming in this direction, whilst I cautioned the artillery in the same manner. Our troops in this moment expected with anxiety the approach of our
and opened on the rebel batteries. Beyond the river stretches a broad plain, the further end of which slopes gradually up into an irregular eminence, along which the enemy had placed his artillery. On its further side, and in the neighboring woods, his troops were quietly encamped out of range, and, the Shenandoah River in their rear, were safe for the night, as they supposed, and at any rate too tired to go much further. It was soon found that the distance was too great for our guns. Col. Albert, chief of staff; was in advance, and reconnoitring the position with a soldier's eye, saw that the river bends suddenly half a mile beyond the bridge, and sent Schirmer's battery to a hill on this side, which flanked the rebel camp, and at once forced them to withdraw to a more secure position. Nothing more could be done till the bridge was rebuilt, and the army was, therefore, halted for the night. Twenty prisoners taken by Jackson at Front Royal escaped to-day, and met our troops as
rtineau, 56; letter from G. Lunt, 97. Advocate (Boston), edited by B. F. Hallett, 2.40. Advocate of Truth, 1.306. African Repository, organ of Am. Colonization Soc., 1.262, attacks Birney, 458, notice of Le Moyne, 2.39. African Sentinel, 1.272. Aikin, Lucy [1781-1864], 1.296. Alabama, requisition on N. Y. for an abolition publisher, 2.75, legislative appeal to North, 76. Albany National A. S. Convention, 2.307-310, 339. Albany Third Party Convention, 2.339-342. Albert, Prince [1819-1861], 2.364. Alcott, Amos Bronson [b. Wolcott, Conn., Nov. 29, 1799], brother-in-law of S. J. May, 2.27; attends G.'s Julien Hall lecture, 1.213, invites him home, 214; visits him in jail, 2.27; on G.'s sonnets to his babe, 2.99; joins Non-Resistant Soc., 236; at Groton Convention, 421, at Chardon St., 422, 425, 426. Alden, John, 2.198. Alexander, Richard Dykes, friend of Cresson, 1.362, Clarkson's dependence, 362, 363. Allen, E. W., Rev., 1.55. Son of Allen, Ephraim W. [
urtevant, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm .33 Warren Avenue Surrell, Mrs. Frances 59 Preston Road Sylvester, Mrs. Roscoe 28 Montrose Street Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. William 91 Glen Street Taylor, Miss Sarah D.39 Auburn Avenue Thayer, Mr. and Mrs. P. B. S.29 Gilman Street Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Frank,1047 Saratoga Street, East Boston Trickey, Mrs. E. A.10 Auburn Avenue Turner, Mrs. Frank12 Austin Street Twombly, Mrs. Susan F.19 Greenville Street Tufts, Mrs. Charlotte 85 Mt. Vernon Street Ulm, Mrs. Albert A.59 Preston Road Wait, Miss Lizzie22 Webster Street Warren, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.25 Dell Street Watt, Mr. and Mrs. Alex29 Warren Avenue Webster, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E.10 Pearson Avenue Weeks, Miss Grace E.32 Vinal Avenue Wellington, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.23 Summit Avenue Wellman, Mrs. E. F. 13 Hamlet Street Whipple, Miss H. J. 20 Prospect-hill Avenue Whitcher, Miss L. A. Hotel Woodbridge Whitney, Mrs. M. A.47 Mt. Vernon Street Whitney, Mrs. R. C.28 Highland Avenue Wilder, Mrs. A. M.4
ut, Luella 17 Flint Street Stover, Annie 44 Highland Avenue Stone, Mrs. Eunice 9 Heath Street Sylvester, Mrs. Roscoe 28 Montrose Street Taylor, Sarah D.39 Auburn Avenue Taylor, Mildred91 Glen Street Taylor, Bessie44 Broadway Thomas, Mrs. Frank. 1047 Saratoga Street, East Boston Thomas, Eva105 Cross Street Thompson, Lillian 182 Broadway Trickey, Gertrude 104 Flint Street Trickey, Edith104 Flint Street Trochu, Alice 33 Madison Street Turner, Mrs. Frank 12 Austin Street Ulm, Mrs. Albert55 Preston Road Underwood, Estelle 218 Medford Street Underwood, Jennie218 Medford Street Wait, Lizzie 22 Webster Street Wait, Mildred58 Gilman Street Wait, Willie58 Gilman Street Warren, Ethel 24 Crescent Street Watt, Bernice 29 Warren Avenue Watt, Mrs. Mabel 29 Warren Avenue Webster, Mrs. Frank. 10 Pearson Avenue Weeks, Grace 32 Vinal Avenue Weeks, Donald14 Chester Avenue Wentworth, Elizabeth169 Washington Street Wentworth, Esther169 Washington Street Whipple, Hannah J.20
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, A book of American explorers, chapter 7 (search)
gan to draw near unto him, and to use him so courteously, that he became assured, and followed them to Charlesfort, where every man sought to do him pleasure. Capt. Albert was very joyful of his coming, which after he had given him a shirt, and some other trifles, he asked him of his dwelling. The Indian answered him, that it wa he also showed him with his hand the limits of his habitation. After much other talk, the Indian desired leave to depart, because it drew toward night, which Capt. Albert granted him very willingly. . . . [They afterward went to a feast among these Indians.] When the feast, therefore, was finished, our men returned unto which began about a soldier named Guernache, which was a drummer of the French bands, which, as it was told me, was very cruelly hanged by his own captain, Captain Albert. and for a small fault; which captain also using to threaten the rest of his soldiers which staid behind under his obedience, and peradventure, as it is to be
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, A book of American explorers, Index. (search)
New York Historical Society, 54. Newport, Captain, Christopher, 231. 233. Northmen, Legends of, 1-16. 0. O'Callaghan, Dr. E. B., 268, 280. Opechankanough, 239. Ortelius, 99. Ortiz, John, 127-130. Ottigny, 158. Ouade, 150. Oviedo, Lope de, 83, 90, 91. P. Pamaunkee, King of, 238. Pantoja, Captain, 80. Parkman, Francis, Pioneers of France, 98, 99, 142, 149, 268. Pasqualigo, Lorenzo, 55. Penobscot River visited, 213. Perce, Michael, 298. Pierria, Captain Albert de la, 148, 149, 151. Pilgrims at Plymouth, 309-338. Pizarro, Fernando, 121. Plymouth (Mass.) Colony, 309-338. Plymouth Rock, first landing on, 326; final disembarkation on, 328. Pocahontas, 241, 245, 252, 257-259. Popham, George, Captain, 222, 225. Sir John, 225. Colony, The, 222-225. Powhatan, 233, 244-248, 252, 257, 258, 261, 262. Prickett, Abacuk, 296. Princess, Indian, visit to, 184, 249. Ptolemy, 36. Purchas, William, 57. Puritans, leaving Delft Have
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