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ing D. Second Lieutenant, 3d Mass. Cavalry, Feb. 20, 1862. First Lieutenant, Jan. 1, 1863. Killed at Brashear City, La., June 2, 1863. Allen, W. Irving. See Mass. Field Officers. Allen, William B. First Sergeant, 3d Mass. Heavy Artillery, May 19, 1863. Second Lieutenant, Oct. 14, 1864. Resigned, Jan. 14, 1865. Allen, William B. First Lieutenant, 10th Mass. Infantry, May 19, 1864. Transferred to 37th Mass. Infantry, June 20, 1864. Mustered out, Oct. 8, 1864. Allen, William C. Captain, 11th Mass. Infantry, June 13, 1861. Dismissed, May 24, 1864 (Letter War Dept., June 29, 1864). First Sergeant, 11th Mass. Infantry, Jan. 20, 1865. First Lieutenant, July 11, 1865; not mustered. Mustered out as First Sergeant, July 14, 1865. Allen, William H. First Lieutenant, 3d Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Oct. 1, 1862. Mustered out, June 26, 1863. Alley, Leander F. Second Lieutenant, 20th Mass. Infantry, Aug. 29, 1862. Killed in action at F
from the papers of the late Waldo Higginson of Boston, that he furnished and fitted out three such recruits, at different times, he himself being then past the age of military service. Abercrombie, Mrs. Wyman, Quincy. Aborn, Joseph W., Boston. Adams, Mrs. Eben, Quincy. Adams, Paul, Boston. Adams, Mrs. Geo. S., Belmont. Agassiz, Alex., Cambridge. Alden, Dr. E., Randolph. Alden, E. G., Cambridge. Aldrich, John H., Northbridge. Allen, Henry C., West Roxbury. Allen, W. C., Pittsfield. Allen, Daniel, South Reading. Allen, Wm. E., Waltham. Allis, Justin W. C., Whately. Ames, N. S., Springfield. Ames, James T., Chicopee. Ames, Ezra, Rockport. Amory, Col. Chas., Boston. Amory, Francis, Boston. Four recruits. Appleton, Wm., Brookline. Appleton, Henry D., Brookline. Apthorp, Robert E., Boston. Apthrop, H. O., Cambridge. Arms, William S., Springfield. Atkins, Elisha, Belmont. Atkins, Mrs. Elisha, Belmont. Atwell,
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
len, J. A., 236 Allen, J. A. P., 204 Allen, L. P., 457 Allen, N. B., 236 Allen, N. P., 4 Allen, P. D., 236 Allen, R. W., 4 Allen, S. P., 605 Allen, Sarah, 601 Allen, Sherman, 4 Allen, T. O., 204 Allen, W. B., 236 Allen, W. B., 236 Allen, W. C., 236 Allen, W. C., 580 Allen, W. D., 4 Allen, W. E., 580 Allen, W. H., 236 Allen, W. I., 204, 236, 502 Allen, William, 397, 502 Alley, F. C., 4 Alley, J. B., 610 Alley, J. H., 397 Alley, L. F., 236 Alley, W. A., 236 Allls, J. W. C.Allen, W. C., 580 Allen, W. D., 4 Allen, W. E., 580 Allen, W. H., 236 Allen, W. I., 204, 236, 502 Allen, William, 397, 502 Alley, F. C., 4 Alley, J. B., 610 Alley, J. H., 397 Alley, L. F., 236 Alley, W. A., 236 Allls, J. W. C., 580 Allyn, W. B., 236 Almey, G. B., 4 Almy, Allen, 236, 397 Almy, J. W., 4 Almy, Jacob, 397 Almy, Pardon, 237 Almy, Banford, 237 Alston, T. L., 397, 502 Altham, George, 4 Alvord, H, E., 237, 397 Amee, J. L. C., 397 Amee, Jacob, 4 Ames, Adelbert, 610 Ames, Ezra, 580 Ames, Franklin, 397 Ames, G. L., 397, 502 Ames, J. T., 580 Ames, J. W., 167,397,484,503 Ames, N. S., 580 Ames, P. W., 4 Ames, T. E., 204,237,503 Ammen, Daniel, 610 Ammidown, Malcolm, 237 Amory, C. B., 237,3
are unable to pay, or inclined to hold on what they have, to meet an apprehended calamity — greatly embarrassed the business community. Satisfied that something ought to be done for their relief, the Directors of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia yesterday determined to suspend specie payments. The following are their proceedings: "at a meeting of the President and Directors of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia, this 30th day of November, 1860: present — Wm. H. MacFARLANDarland, President; Wm. C. Allen, Joseph R Anderson, J. J. Waggoner, Samuel C. Robinson, James Dunlop. Theodorick Robertson, Jno. E. Wadsworth, Rd. O Haskins-- resolved, unanimously, that, in view of the distrust which prevails, of the suspension of the large money trade with the South usual at this season, and of the pressure of the law requiring the Banks of this city to redeem the circulation of their branches-- a law which bears with special severity on this Bank, because of the number of her branches-- specie
Griffin. The usual reports from police officers were returned. The Committee on Police say they find nothing in them requiring a special report. They say they also have had under consideration the petition of Charles Y. Morriss and others, asking that they would designate some other place than their wharves for landing powder, and recommend the Council to reject the prayer of the petition. The Committee of Finance reported that they had had under consideration the petition of Wm. C. Allen, executor of O. Slaughter, to have refunded to him the sum of $232.55, paid as tax on money, and report that they allow $140.52 on account of taxes on property erroneously given in to the Assessor by him. The following resolution was adopted: Resolved. That the Superintendent of Streets be instructed to notify the Superintendent of Gas whenever a culvert is ordered or allowed to be built on any street in which there are gas pipes. The Committee on Streets reported an ordina
The Daily Dispatch: November 8, 1860., [Electronic resource], Servants' Clothing--Servants' Clothing. (search)
er.--Aggregate debt due by the Bank,3,624,429.78 1st August.--Aggregate of outstanding debts due to the Bank,6,130,782.09 1st September.--Aggregate of outstanding debts due to the Bank,6,188,587.86 1st October.--Aggregate of outstanding debts due to the Bank,6,039,849.88 The undersigned, Directors of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia, certify that the foregoing statement has been examined, and is believed to be correct. Wm. H. Macfarland, R. O. Haskins, Jas. Dunlop, James J. Waggoner, Theo Robertson, Wm. C. Allen. State of Virginia, City of Richmond, to wit: J. A. Smith, Cashier of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia, this day personally appeared before me, a Notary Public of the city aforesaid, and made oath that the annexed statement made out from the books of the Bank, and from the quarterly returns received from the branches, is correct to the best of his knowledge and belief. Given under my hand this 29th day of October, 1860. A. F. Denny, N. P.
ue by the Bank3,831,843.53 1st November.--Aggregate outstanding debts due to the Bank5,937,510.52 1st December.--Aggregate outstanding debts due to the Bank5,870,859.33 1st January.--Aggregate outstanding debts due to the Bank6,273,670.44 The undersigned, Directors of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia, certify that the foregoing statement has been examined, and is believed to be correct. Wm. H. Macfarland, R. O. Haskins, Jas. Dunlop, John E. Wardsworth, James J. Waggoner, Wm. C. Allen, S. C. Robinson, Exchange Bank, Norfolk, January 24, 1861. His Excellency John Letcher, Governor of Virginia: Sir: I enclose a statement of the condition of this Bank on the 31st December, 1860. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, &c., G. W. Camp, Cashier. Comparative State of the Exchange Bank of Virginia, including the Branches, on the 31st December, 1859, and 31st December, 1860: 1859.1860. local Loans, &c., outstanding$5,377,248.47$5,257,
Fire. "The alarm of fire, about 9 o'clock last night, was caused by the burning of a wooden stable on the lot of Wm. C. Allen, corner of 7th and Main streets. It was no doubt set on fire, and being of wood caused a great light and many people to assemble to see it. The fire was subdued without the aid of the steam fire engine, though it was on the ground.
vance until a late hour in the forenoon. The proportion of wounded to the number killed of Gen. J's men, is large, yet it is gratifying to know that but few are seriously or mortally wounded. The regiments engaged were the 2d Virginia, (Col. Allen,) 4th Va., 5th Va. 33d Va., (Colonel Cummings,) 27th Virginia, (Colonel Echols, who was wounded in the right arm) 23d Virginia, 37th Virginia, the far famed Irish Battalion, the 21st Va., Ashby's Cavalry, Rockbridge Battery, (Col. Pendleton, whre are four men missing from the company, who are supposed to have been taken prisoners. We could not ascertain their names. The Lynchburg Virginian has further advices, from which we copy: The Second Virginia Regiment commanded by Colonel Allen, and composed chiefly of Jefferson and Frederick men, seems to have suffered terribly. Amongst the killed and wounded reported are several of our personal friends. Lieutenant Richard Henry Lee, wounded, was the Commonwealth's Attorney for t
repulsed three times Skirmishing commenced in the morning between Col. Ashby's and the Yankee cavalry, and continued all day with successful defence upon our part. The 27th Regiment was brought up on the left at a about half-past 4 o'clock P. M., and with the gallant Col. Echols commanding, did dreadful execution with their sure aim. The 3rd Regiment, Col. Cummings commanding, was on the right of the 27th, and held the enemy's centre during the battle. The 21 Regiment, Col. Allen was in position, and fought with tremendous power — the Colonel waving a cartoon ball over his head, and dashing on, it is said, cheering his men through the leaden rain. The 5th Regiment, with equal determination, Col. Harman commanding fought with undaunted courage. Other regiments were at their posts. The 4th. Lt. Col Reynolds commanding, displayed distinguished bravery. Col. Cummings and Lieut. Col. Jones, of the 33', were in the hottest fire of the enemy's centre, and raided t
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