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The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], English view of the late Royal visit. (search)
Union Electoral Ticket.State of Virginia.the Union, the Constitution, and the Enforcementof the Laws.for President,John Bell, of Tranesserfor Vice-President,Edward Everett, of Massachusetts. Electors: Dist. 1st. L. H. Chandler, of Norfolk City. Dist. 2d. Travis H. Epes, of Nottoway. p>Dist. 3d. Thos. Bruck, of Halifax. Dist. 4th. John T. Thornton of P. Edward. Dist. 5th. Jas. F. Johnson, of Bedford. Dist. 6th. Marmaduke Johnson, of Richmond City. Dist. 7th. Lemuel. J. Bowden, of Winburg. Dist. 8th. Joseph Christian, of Middlesex. Dist. 9th. B. H. Shackelford, of Fauquier. Dist. 10th. And W. E. Kennedy, of Jefferson. Dist. 11th. Francis T. Anderson, of Rockbridge. Dist. 12th. W. R. Staples, of Montgomery. Dist. 13th. Walter Preston, of Washing'n. Dist. 14th. J. J. Jackson. Jr., of Wood. Dist. 15th. A. B. Caldwell, of Ohio. Election, Tuesday,6th November. oc 31--4t
The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], English view of the late Royal visit. (search)
ct where printed. Persons calling for letters in this List, will please say they are Advertised. Ladies' list. Arnistead mrs Sarah Abernathy mrs S D Anderson mrs M A Anderson mrs Jane Allen mrs D Austin mrs Henry Andrews miss E S Allen miss M Allen miss Mary C Blakey mrs Mary E Ball mrs Ann Baily mrsAnderson mrs Jane Allen mrs D Austin mrs Henry Andrews miss E S Allen miss M Allen miss Mary C Blakey mrs Mary E Ball mrs Ann Baily mrs Mary E Baily mrs Sarah Baugh mrs S G Bates mrs Mary A Berry mrsA Bell mrs Sarah D Boulding mrs Wood Biglow mrs A M Biunt mrs Emily C Bagg mrs Mary S Branch mrs Eliz'th Brannon mrs C Boge mrs Mary A Blackburn miss E Barnett miss M E Baily miss M E Blair miss H Black miss Julia B Branch miss Mary Pro ettor Dan Power Dr F W Perry J B 2 Phillips J E Philips J T Russell Jas. Riddle & Mcllwaine Richeson W T Robertson W Reid Samuel V Ring Anderson Rich Geo. Smith T P 2 Smith T E F Sneed & Young Sunders T. D Scotton Stephen Sadler O Shipman Frank Stevenson-- Scruggs C C Sternwell E E
h Carolina had run before she was struck. She would basely desert Virginia, tying as she did upon the border and exposed to the aggressions of the North. He was in favor of Virginia fighting for her rights in the Union. Sink or swim, live or die, survive or perish, he was for the Constitution and the Union. 10th. The Honest Man — Of every section and every degree, who is prompt to acknowledge and fulfill the contract of his forefathers. This sentiment was responded to by Francis T. Anderson, Esq., of Rockbridge, President of the Electoral College. He spoke of the great gratification he had enjoyed in the casting of the Electoral vote of Virginia for Bell and Everett. He took strong Union ground, opposed secession, but contended for the rights of the South, and to attain the desired result favored a Convention of the border States. 11th. The Rights of the South.--Let her efforts to maintain them be in the right direction. Mr. Shackleford, of Culpeper, respond
three precincts Newton's vote for House of Delegates is 679; Holliday for Public Works, 617; for the tax amendment, 481; against it, 165. Rockbridge. Lexington.--But one vote against ratification--(Zachariah J. White.) For tax amendment, 310; against, 1. For Board of Public Works, Broun, 204; Holladay, 62. Fairfield unanimous for secession and the tax amendment. For Public Works--Broun, 27; Holladay, 88. Other precincts incomplete. But one vote against secession thus far. Francis T. Anderson and Samuel McD. Reid elected to the House of Delegates. Louisa. Frederick's Hall,May 23.--12 M.--All the votes are cast for secession. For tax amendment, 38; against it, 10. For House of Delegates--W. T. G. Nelson, 46; W. M. Ambler, (not a candidate,) 2. Charlotte. Charlotte C. H.May 23.--So far as heard from in this county, there is not a vote against Secession. The tax amendment is probably carried by a considerable majority. Charles Bruce, for the Senate, gets t
John C. Wood son and Charles Grattan were elected to the Legislature. For the Ordinance of Secession, 3,010; against it, 22. For the amendment of the Constitution, 2,736; against it, 37. For the Board of Public Works--Broun, 1,489; Holladay, 326. Rockbridge--official. For ratification of the Ordinance of Secession, 1,728; against it, 1: For the amendment of the Constitution, 1,712; against it, 12. For Board of Public Works--Broun, 768; Holladay, 546. Samuel McD. Reid and Francis T. Anderson elected to the Legislature. Montgomery. For ratification of the Ordinance of Secession, 1,395; against it, none. For the amendment of the Constitution, 1,391; against it, 3. For the House of Delegates--Montague, no opposition, 1,269. As large a vote as ever was taken in the county. Charlotte.--official. For Senate — Bruce, 830. House of Delegates--Bouldin, 421; McGehee, 407. For ratification, 883. For amendment to Constitution, 642; against it, 187. No votes ag
th December, pursuant to the proclamation of the Governor. Present--Messrs. Francis T. Anderson, A. B. Caldwell, Thos.. Bruce, John J. Jackson, B. H. Shackleford, L the College was called to order by Mr. John J. Jackson, on whose motion Francis T. Anderson, Esq., was elected Chairman. Mr. Anderson accepted the position tenMr. Anderson accepted the position tendered him, and after returning thanks for the honor thus conferred, announced his readiness to proceed to business. Mr. Jackson then nominated for Secretary, Colchmond city, Lemuel J. Bowden of Williamsburg, J. J. Jackson, Jr., of Wood, F. T. Anderson of Rockbridge, B. H. Shackleford of Fauquier, A. B. Caldwell of Ohio, L. H. P. M. Afternoon session. The College met pursuant to adjournment, F. T. Anderson, Esq., resuming the chair. After the roll was called, and a quorum ascssion. The College reassembled at 6 o'clock, and proceeded to business, F. T. Anderson, Esq., resuming the chair. On motion of Mr. Jackson, the three certifi
f the Convention was repugnant to the Constitution; but, if it was, then other similar acts were unconstitutional, and the Government is placed in a condition of confusion and revolution. The question was further elaborately argued by Mr. Hunter, in opposition to the resolutions. The yeas and nays having been called for, the House proceeded to vote. The first resolution being rejected by a vote of ayes 29, noes 71, the balance of the resolutions were laid on the table. Mr. Anderson, of Botstourt, on behalf of the Committe on Military Affairs, presented the following resolution, which was adopted: Resolved, That the Paymaster of the Virginia forces be directed to furnish the Committee on Military Affairs a statement, as far as may be in his power, showing the number of companies of the twelve months volunteers mustered into service, the number of such volunteers now in the field, and where stationed, and the times when their respective terms of service will expi
The Daily Dispatch: January 11, 1862., [Electronic resource], The Burnside expedition — warm work Expected in North Carolina--the weather — cistern water scarce, &c. (search)
porating the Virginia Anthracite Coal and Iron Company, has passed both Houses of the General Assembly, and is now a law: First by the General Assembly, That J. Marshall Benj. Crawford, Henry Fetter, Albert Garber, Lorenzo Sibert, Jos. Anderson, Francis T. Anderson, and such persons as may be associated with them hereafter, shall be a corporation by the name and style of "The Virginia Anthracite Coal and Iron Company," for the purpose of mining and manufacturing in minerals in the counFrancis T. Anderson, and such persons as may be associated with them hereafter, shall be a corporation by the name and style of "The Virginia Anthracite Coal and Iron Company," for the purpose of mining and manufacturing in minerals in the counties of Augusta, Backingham, and Pendleston, and shall have all the powers and privileges conferred, and be subject to all general re tions imposed on bodies politic and corporate by the Code of Virginia, so far as the same are not inconsistent with the purposes and provisions of this act. 2. The capital stock shall not be less than five thousand nor more than five hundred thousand dollars, in shares of fifty dollars each. 3. Such company shall have power to hold lands not exceeding twe
ve that sum any higher tax at the discretion of the said courts, even to prohibition, the proceeds of said tax to be applied exclusively to the payment of the interest and ultimate redemption of the debts contracted by said cities, towns and counties, for arming, equipping, &c., of volunteers, and the support of their families. The bill to authorize certain corporations to issue notes under one dollar was taken up and lost by the following vote — yeas 39, nays 40. Yeas.--Messrs. Francis T. Anderson, Baker, jr., Barbour, Baskerville, Bayse, Booten, Buford, Cazeuove, Crockett, Cuslis, Dabney, Robert J. Davis, Evans, Flood, Garrison, Gatewood, Glimer, Grattan, Hunt, Irby, James, Kaufman, Mathews, McLaughlin, Murdaugh, Robert E. Nelson, William G. T. Nelson, Pitman, Robertson, Rutherford, Peter Saunders, jr., Sheffey, Steger, Tate, Taylor, Ward, Williams, Woodhouse, and Wynne.--39. Nays.--Messrs. Bass, Bradford, Burks, Carpenter, Cecil, Clarke, Dice, Edmunds, Eggleston, Ewi