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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
y, Chief Surgeon. T. H. C. Stone, Capt. and A. C. S., P. A. C. S. I certify, on honor, that the above is a correct list of the officers serving on my staff during this campaign. [9] Chas. W. Field, Maj.-Gen. Anderson's Brigade. Geo. T. Anderson, Brig.-Gen. Chas. W. Hardwicke, Capt. and A. A. G. Thos. G. Jackson, 1st Lieut. and A. D. C. Jno. F. Green, 1st Lt. and A. A. D C. V. P. Sisson, 1st Lt. and Ord. Officer. John W. Sutlive, Capt. and A. Q. M. A. L. C. Tennille,K. Seburn Reynolds,Zzz=Co. K. Stephen Smith,Zzz=Co. K. George White,Zzz=Co. K. Recapitulation—Total non-commissioned officers, 50; total musicians, 4; total privates, 182; aggregate, 251. Names of men with the command of Brigadier-General George T. Anderson. Private Jesse Williams, Troop Artillery, Cabell's Batt. D. Blackman, Troop Artillery, Cabell's Batt. —Berryman, Cabell's Batt. J. N. Pecetti, Co. C. 18th Georgia Batt. [4.] Seventh Regiment Georgia Infantry. S
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
Allen, Lt. R. A., 447. Allen, Capt. R. E, 71. Allen, Lt. R. W., 239. Allen, Capt. W. C., 96. Allen, Lt. W. L., 177. Allen, Lt. W. S., 369. Allensworth, Maj. A. J., 286. Allensworth, Capt. G., 73. Allison, Capt. W. B., 403. Allyn, Lt. J. T., 16. Alman, Col. W. T., 95, 97. Alsop, B., 18. Alston, Capt. B. P., 123. Ambulance Corps, 446, 457. Amelia C. H., VI, XXV. Anderson, Lt. A. B., 72. Anderson's Corps, XXVI. Anderson, Maj. D. W., 85. Anderson, Lt. F. M., 144. Anderson, Gen. G. T., 94. Anderson, Lt. J. C., 368. Anderson, Ass't Surg. I. W., 284. Anderson, Capt. J. E., 160. Anderson, Capt. R. T., 395. Anderson, Capt. T. A., 161. Andrews, Capt. S. M., 395. Andrews, Lt. W. M., 382. Angel, Lt. J. C., 17. Angerman, Lt. W. H., 358. Anthon, Lt. L., 122. Appleton, Lt., Thos. N., 146. Appomattox C. H., Engagement at, x. Apps, Lt., Geo. S., 14. Archer, Col. F. H., 447. Archer, Capt. J. W., 274. Archer, Lt. S. M., 18. Archer. Lt. W. S., 18. Archiba
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Lee's Lieutenants. (search)
L. Lomax, Blacksburg, Va. P. M. P. Loung, Atlanta, Ga. T. L. Rosser, Charlottesville, Va. W. W. Allen, Montgomery, Ala. S. B. Maxey, Paris, Texas. William Mahone, Petersburg, Va. G. W. Custis Lee, Lexington, Va. William B. Taliaferro, Gloucester, Va. John G. Walker, Missouri. William T. Martin, Natchez, Miss. Bushrod R. Johnson, Nashville, Tenn. C. J. Polignac, Paris, France. E. M. Law, Yorkville, S. C. Brigadier-Generals. George B. Anderson, North Carolina. George T. Anderson, Anniston, Ala. Samuel R. Anderson, Tennessee. Joseph R. Anderson, Richmond, Va. Frank C. Armstrong, Texas. E. S. Alexander, Savannah, Ga. Arthur S. Bagby, Texas. Alpheus Baker, Louisville, Ky. W. S. Barry, Mississippi. M. L. Bonham, Columbia, S. C. Pinckney D. Bowles, Alabama. William L. Brandon, Mississippi. William F. Brantly, Mississippi. John Bratton, South Carolina. J. L. Brent, Baltimore, Md. James W. Barnes, Texas. Seth M. Barton, Fredericksbu
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 20. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.4 (search)
ngton, Virginia. William B. Taliaferro, Gloucester, Virginia. John G. Walker, Washington, D. C. William T. Martin, Natchez, Mississippi. C. J. Polignac, Orleans, France. E. M. Law, Yorkville, South Carolina. James F. Fagan, Little Rock, Arkansas. Thomas Churchill, Little Rock, Arkansas. Richard C. Gatlin, Fort Smith, Arkansas. Matt W. Ranson, United States Senate, Washington. J. A. Smith, Jackson, Mississippi. Fitzhugh Lee, Glasgow, Virginia. Brigadier-Generals. George T. Anderson, Anniston, Alabama. Frank C. Armstrong, Washington, D. C. E. P Alexander, Savannah, Georgia. Arthur P. Bagby, Texas. Rufus Barringer, Charlotte, North Carolina. Pinckney D. Bowles, Alabama. William L. Brandon, Mississippi. John Bratton, South Carolina. J. L. Brent, Baltimore. C. A. Battle, Newbern, North Carolina. R. L. T. Beale, The Hague, Virginia. Hamilton P. Bee, San Antonio, Texas. W. R. Boggs, Winston, North Carolina. Tyree H. Bell, Tennessee. Willia
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 20. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.9 (search)
es I of The War of the Rebellion, and from Swinton's Campaigns of the Army of the Potomac. General Longstreet, in his report (Rebellion Record, Volume XXXVI, part I, page 1054), says: About 10 o'clock Major-General M. L. Smith and the others sent out to examine the enemy's position reported that the left of the enemy's line extended but a short distance beyond the plank-road. Special directions were given to Lieutenant Colonel Sorrel to conduct the brigades of Generals Mahone, G. T. Anderson, and Wofford beyond the enemy's left, and to attack him on his left and rear (I have since heard that the brigade of General Davis formed a part of this flanking force), the flank movement to be followed by a general advance, Anderson's brigade on the right and Wofford's on the left, Mahone being in the centre. They moved by the flank until the unfinished railroad from Gordonsville to Fredericksburg was reached. Forming on this railroad, facing to the north, they advanced in the direct
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 20. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Unveiling of the statue of General Ambrose Powell Hill at Richmond, Virginia, May 30, 1892. (search)
Ewell and Hill as the most worthy to succeed the immortal commander of the Second corps. The reinforcements sent to the army made it advisable, in the opinion of President Davis and General Lee, to divide the Army of Northern Virginia into three corps, instead of two, and on the recommendation of General Lee, General Ewell and General Hill were, in June, 1863, promoted to the rank of lieutenant-general, and Hill was assigned to the command of Third corps, composed of the divisions of Heth, Anderson and Pender. From that day until the day of his death Hill was ever by the side of General Lee, his trusted and efficient lieutenant. From Gettysburg to five Forks. The necessities and casualties of war called Longstreet and Ewell away from the great chieftain, but Hill was always at his right hand in council and in action. To this larger command General Hill brought the experience and the prestige of success gained as a division commander. From this time forward the life of A. P.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 20. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
Index. African Slavery, The Problem of, 227. Alexander, C. S. Navy, Capt., 10. Allen, Col. J. W., 308. Anderson, Gen. G. T., 88. Appomattox C. H., Account of the surrender at, 56. Artillery of the A. N. Va., Address on, 191. Association of A. N. Va., Re-union of 225; officers of, 238. Augusta, Ga., Confederate Survivors' Association of, 166. Barney, C. S. Navy, Lt. J. N., 9. Barksdale, Surgeon, Randolph, 95. Barnwell, Capt., Robt., Gallantry of, 176. Barton, Col. W. B., 182. Baum, Marcus, Death of, 89. Bernard, Hon. D. M., 94, 199. Bernard, Geo. S., 68, 75, 77. Bethel, Battle of, 65. Bidgood, Col. J. V., 353, 401. Blackford, Col. W. W., 49. Brander, Maj. T. A., 185, 323, 367, 378, 398, 401. Breckinridge, Gen. John C., 207. Breckinridge, Hon. W. C. P., 225. Bridges, Capt. John L., 65. Brooke, C. S. Navy, Lt. J. M., 2. Brown, Col., J. Thompson, 291. Buchanan, Commander F., 9. Cavalry of A. N. Va., Address on the, 199. Chatfiel
Comte de Paris, History of the Civil War in America. Vol. 3. (ed. Henry Coppee , LL.D.), Addenda by the editor (search)
Alabama. 44th Alabama. 47th Alabama. 48th Alabama. Robertson's brigade. Brig.-gen. J. B. Robertson. 3d Arkansas. 1st Texas. 4th Texas. 5th Texas. Anderson's brigade. Brig.-gen. Geo. T. Anderson (wounded). Colonel W. W. White. 7th Georgia. 8th Georgia. 9th Georgia. 17th Georgia. 59th Georgia. Benning'sBrig.-gen. Geo. T. Anderson (wounded). Colonel W. W. White. 7th Georgia. 8th Georgia. 9th Georgia. 17th Georgia. 59th Georgia. Benning's brigade. Brig.-gen. H. L. Benning. 2d Georgia. 15th Georgia. 17th Georgia. 20th Georgia. Artillery. Major M. W. Henry. Bachman's South Carolina Battery (German Artillery). Garden's South Carolina Battery (Palmetto Light Artillery). Latham's North Carolina Battery (Branch Artillery). Reilly's North Carolina BAmherst Artillery). Massie's Virginia Battery (Fluvanna Artillery). Milledge's Georgia Battery. Third corps. Lieutenant-General Ambrose P. Hill. Anderson's division. Major-general R. H. Anderson. Wilcox's brigade. Brig.-gen. C. M. Wilcox. 8th Alabama. 9th Alabama. 10th Alabama. 11th Alabama. 14th Ala
Comte de Paris, History of the Civil War in America. Vol. 4. (ed. Henry Coppee , LL.D.), Addenda by the Editor. (search)
h AlabamaCol. W. C. Oates. 44th Alabama. 47th Alabama. 48th Alabama. Robertson's Brigade. served part of the time in Johnson's provisional division. Brig.-gen. J. B. Robertson. Col. Van H. Manning. 3d ArkansasCol. Van H. Manning. 1st TexasCapt. R. J. Harding. 4th TexasCol. John P. Bane. Capt. R. H. Bassett. 5th TexasMaj. J. C. Rogers. Capt. J. S. Cleveland. Capt. T. T. Clay. Anderson's Brigade. did not arrive in time to take part in the battle. Brig.-gen. George T. Anderson. 7th Georgia. 8th Georgia. 9th Georgia. 11th Georgia. 59th Georgia. Benning's Brigade. Brig.-gen. H. L. Benning. 2d GeorgiaLieut.-col. William S. Shepherd. Maj. W. W. Charlton. 15th GeorgiaCol. D. M. DuBose. Maj. P. J. Shannon. 17th GeorgiaLieut.-col. Charles W. Matthews. 20th GeorgiaCol. J. D. Waddell. Corps artillery. did not arrive in time to take part in the battle. Col. E. Porter Alexander. Fickling's (South Carolina) Battery. Jordan's (Virg
. Kershaw's Regiment S. C. Volunteers, now in camp at Richmond. Va., Officers.--A. D. Hoke. Captain; R. C. Pulliam, 1st Lieut.; G. E. Elford, 2d Lieut.; A. Isaacs, 3d Lieut.; Wm. P. Price, 1st Sergt; O. A. Pickle, 2d do; Jno. M. Jones, 3d do.; Jno. L. Turner, 4th do: Jno. A. Jennings, 5th do: Wm. Holland, 1st Corpl; Wm. T. Shumate, 2d do ; Henry G. Ingram, 3d do; John H. Goodlett, 4th do.; Jacob Cagle, 5th do.; Jean L. Mauldin, 6th do.; Rev. T. S. Arthur, Chaplain. Privates.-- Geo. T. Anderson, Randolph Bacon, Augustine Bacon, E. Frank Beacham, O. Earle Bowen, Henry C. Burn, Jos. Carson, John M. Carson, S. J. Carpenter, Wm. D. Chandler, John W. Chandler, Samuel C. Clyde, Frank Coxe, Abner Carlton Monteville Cooper, Samuel Davis, William Divver, James Divver, R. Furman Divver, Saml.J. Douthit, Thos Q. Donaldson, A. Sloan Duncan,* Willie H. Duncan; James M. Duncan, Robert P. Duncan, * G. Washington Dyer, A. A Foster, John M. Field, W. H. Germany, Samuel R Gibson, Josephus Gibso
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