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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., From the Wilderness to Cold Harbor. (search)
othold on the south side. A detachment from Ox Ford is otherwise known as Anderson bridge and Ford. Anderson's Station is Verdon, and the ch. Cady house is J. Anderson's. Warren's corps was sent down on the south side to help Burnside across, Crittenden's division of Burnside's corps forded the river on the 24th at Quar preventing the cooperation of these two corps in the attack at Cold Harbor the next day. Early in the morning of the 2d I was ordered to move with my own and Anderson's brigades, of Field's division, to reenforce the line on the right, exercising my own discretion as to the point where assistance was most needed. After puttins army as it passed through the Wilderness is above criticism. Fault can be found only with its execution. The two divisions of Longstreet at Gordonsville, and Anderson's division of Hill's corps left on the Upper Rapidan, were too widely separated from the rest of the army, and, as the event proved, should have been in supporti
. Palmer, Charles Wilson. Third infantry, company K.--Killed: Privates John E. Barker, Samuel W. Thomas. Seriously wounded: Sergeant A. J. Austin, E. C. Hoyt; privates John Hensley, Thos. B. Walker. Frozen feet: Sergeants C. J. Herron, C. F. Williams; Corporals Wm. Bennett, John Lattman, John Wingate; privates Joseph German, James Urquhart, Wm. S. John, Algeray Ramsdell, James Epperson, A. J. F. Randell, William Farnham, John Baurland, Giles Ficknor, Alfred Peusho, B. B. Bigelow, J. Anderson, F. Bouralso, F. Brouch, A. L. Bailey, William Charleton, D. Donahue, C. H. Godbold, J. Heywood, C. Heath, J. Manning, Wm. Way. recapitulation. Co.Regiment.Killed.Wounded.Feet frozen.Total. A,Second cavalry,25714 H,Second cavalry,2111629 K,Second cavalry,5142140 M,Second cavalry,315826 K,Third infantry,242733   Totals,144979142 died after the battle. Private William Davis, company M, Second cavalry, February 2, at Ogden. Lieutenant Darwin Chase, company K, Second c
Hundred and Seventy-sixth Regiment Pennsylvania Militia. W. F. Fundenberg, Surgeon One Hundred and Seventy-sixth Regt. Pa. Mil. ----Newberry, Captain Steamship Cossack. To Rear-Admiral S. F. Du Pont, Commanding South-Atlantic Blockading Squadron. Charleston courier account. Charleston, February 2, 1863. The countenances of the dwellers in our ancient city have not beamed with so bright a light as they did on Saturday morning, since the joyous news was passed from mouth that Major Anderson had struck his flag, and Fort Sumter had yielded to General Beauregard. We annex the account of an eye-witness: At eleven o'clock, Friday night, the gunboat Palmetto State, Capt. Russell, bearing the flag of Commodore Duncan N. Ingraham, left her moorings, and proceeded out the harbor toward Fort Sumter. Abreast of Fort Sumter, passed the three steamers acting as tenders — the General Clinch, Etiwan, and Chesterfield. At half-past 4 A. M., the Palmetto State crossed the bar, and st
ieutenant. Company F, J. H. Smith, Captain; G. H. Green, 1st Lieutenant; A. L. Bills, 2d Lieutenant. Company G, V. W. Mount, Captain; J. T. Cottrell, 1st Lieutenant; W. H. Spain, 2d Lieutenant. Company H, George A. Allen, Captain; J. Gordon, 1st Lieutenant; M. Wychoff, 2d Lieutenant. Company I, S. R. Huselton, Captain; T. M. Stout, 1st Lieutenant; W. W. Abbott, 2d Lieutenant. Company K, W. Castner, Captain; S. Roff, 1st Lieutenant; G. M. Stelle, 2d Lieutenant. Non-commissioned staff-officers, J. Anderson, Serjeant-Major; T. C. Stryker, Quartermaster-Sergeant. Fourth Regiment.--Staff: Col., Miller; Lieut.-Col., Straub; Quartermaster, Linton; Paymaster, Davis; Adjutant, Hatch; Surgeon, Woolston; Assistant Surgeon, Satterthwaith. Company A. Cook Rifles, Captain Perine, Bordentown. Company B, Captain Gale. Company C, Stockton Cadets, Captain Jackson; Company D, Gloucester Guard, Capt. Stratford. Company E, Camden Artillery, Capt. Mickle. Company F, (flag company,) Camden Zouaves, Ca
times blazed away into the woods they fronted. Lieutenant Emerson was severely wounded in the face; and Lieutenant Hallett in the left thigh. Captain Homans received a severe contusion on the inside of the left leg, a pocket-book with greenbacks therein saving him from a mortal wound. Besides the officers, one enlisted man was killed, twenty-one wounded, and three missing. Sergeant-Major Wilson states that sometime in the afternoon, with Sergt. H. J. Carter, Corp. John Barker, and Privates J. Anderson, Thomas Clark, and Peter J. Anderson, all of Company G, he went out from Captain Homans's position, and brought back Lieutenant Reid's and Corporal Foster's bodies. The former was killed by a grape-shot. Meanwhile Lieutenant-Colonel Hooper with Companies E and H maintained their line unchanged on the left of the main road. During the afternoon Lieutenant-Colonel Hooper made a personal reconnoissance of the ground in front, and returning, sent two notes to General Hatch, saying t
ohn–armed steamer, 40, 41, 61. Adams' Run, S. C., 199, 208, 279. Adjutant-General, Mass., 33, 63, 126, 173, 175, 318. Affray at the Battery, 313. Agassiz, Louis J. R., 16, 24. Age of officers, average, 6. Alabama Troops. Cavalry: Hannon's Brigade, 301. Alice, Confederate steamer, 107. Alston, Joseph, 290. Altamaha River, Ga., 41. Ames, Adelbert, 175, 178, 184, 185. Ames, Oakes, 15. Ames, William, 236. Amnesty Proclamation, 312. Anderson, Edward C., Jr., 107. Anderson, J., 249. Anderson, J. Patton, 178, 179, 183. Anderson, Peter J., 249. Andersonville Prison, 173, 183. Andrew, John A., 2, 6, 8,11, 12, 14, 17, 23, 25, 31, 32, 36, 37, 43, 94, 107, 131, 132, 135, 136, 137, 142, 149, 150, 181, 191, 268, 319. Andrew, John A., letter to Francis G. Shaw, 3. Andrew, John A., letter to George T. Downing, 18. Andrew, Mrs. John A., 16, 23. Andrews, Samuel, 32. Anson, R. E., 282. Anti-Slavery Society, 180. Appleton, John W. M., 8, 9, 34, 39, 83, 90,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
., P. A. C. S. R. W. Corbin, Capt. and A. D. C. H. C. Deshields, Maj. and Quarter-Master, P. A. C. S. James Pleasants, Capt. and Ord. Off., P. A. C. S. E. A. Wilcox, Capt. and A. Q. M., P. A. C. S. T. V. Sanford, Capt. and Paymaster, P. A. C. S. W. B. Gregory, Chief Surgeon. T. H. C. Stone, Capt. and A. C. S., P. A. C. S. I certify, on honor, that the above is a correct list of the officers serving on my staff during this campaign. [9] Chas. W. Field, Maj.-Gen. Anderson's Brigade. Geo. T. Anderson, Brig.-Gen. Chas. W. Hardwicke, Capt. and A. A. G. Thos. G. Jackson, 1st Lieut. and A. D. C. Jno. F. Green, 1st Lt. and A. A. D C. V. P. Sisson, 1st Lt. and Ord. Officer. John W. Sutlive, Capt. and A. Q. M. A. L. C. Tennille, Capt. and A. C. S. J. Guthrie, Maj. and Q. M. Jack Brown, Col. 59th Ga. Regiment. Bolivar H. Gee, Lt.-Col. 59th Ga. Regiment. Milton T. Bass, Adj't 59th Ga. Regiment. John R. Latimer, Capt. Co. I, 59th Ga. Regim
The following is a list of its officers and privates: Captain, E. R. Dorsey; 1st Lieut. S. H. Stewart; 2d Lieut. R. C. Smith; 1st Sergeant, W. H. Rodgers; 2d do., William Smyth; 3d do., Sterling Murry; 4th do., J. G. Sterrett; 1st Corporal, J. Berryman; 2d do., M. J. Jonannes; 3d do., Jos. Polk; 4th do., Chas. Arnold. Privates: W. H. Murray, A. J. Inloes, C. J. Postley, J. C. Laughlin, Andrew Gies, D. L. Thomas, C. A. Scott, C. H. Sloan, L. Feast, Jas. McClelland, F. A. Thornton, S. Gazaway, H. Golder, W. Reinhardt, G. W. E. McCabe, F. A. White, A. F. West, J. Anderson, W. H. Norfolk, J. C. Selfman, P. P. Johnson, C. F. Wilson, D. D. White, R. Fitzgerald, F. McHoward, C. E. Inloes, S. W. Jones, J. E. Osborne, E. L. Howard, J. W. Johnson, D. R. Berry, F. Arnold, A. A. Williams, B. H. Morgan, T. S. Latimer, O. Lisson, G. Slater, Jr., F. Voss, R. Grogan, S. Friendewald, H. Comter, H. C. Scott, C. J. Conrad, W. P. Thomas, Wm. Goldsborough, R. P. Johnson, --Larabee, J. D. Hyland.
Col. Anderson. Louisville,May 16.--Street rumors say that there is likely to be a difficulty here between the opposing parties on the advent of Col. Anderson. Col. Anderson. Louisville,May 16.--Street rumors say that there is likely to be a difficulty here between the opposing parties on the advent of Col. Anderson.
W. G. Bullett. 6th Ky; W. R. Elliott, Morgan's staff. Captains — Jas. K. Mackett, 1st S. C. battalion; John. H. Bowen. Hampton's Legion; John W. Brown, 11th Ky. cavalry; James H. Duncan, Wheeler's scouts; Anderson Hayes, 10th Ky.; Jno. K. Jones, 3d Va.; R. N. Melton, enrolling officer; J. Herod, 39th Miss.; Wm. D. Nicholas, Clarke's Ky. cavalry; James O'Neil, Miles's Logion; Seymour Richards, 30th Miss.; Joseph F. Sessions, 18th Miss.; John Turpin, 60th Tenn.; John C. Ward, 11th Va.; J. Anderson, 35th Va.; D. F. Buckner, 1st La.; D. Bell, 2d Ky.; A. Boarman, Stafford's staff; H. J. Bird, 15th S. C.; C. L. Bennett, Ward's regiment; B. N. Cocke, 7th Mo.; O. Carr, 26th Va.; B. R. Chinn, 9th La.; W. A. Carter, 48th Va.; B. W. Cochran, 56th Ga.; W. S. J. Davis, Duke's brigade; H. Gibson, Morgan's division; F. M. Hare, 5th Ark.; R. M. Hare, Ruggles's staff; W. T. Hubbard, 13th Miss.; J. B. Hughes, 11th Ala.; J. W. Johnson, 60th Va.; J. B. Johnson, 12th Miss.; A. K. Jones, 20th Miss.; H