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Clarkesville. Cleveland, Feb. 27. --Generals Buckner and Tilghman passed through here this morning en route to Fort Warren. Washington, Feb. 27. --Henry Daingerfield, Ex-Mayor Price, H. O. Claughton, J. E. McGraw, W. W. McGraw, W. W. Harper, Henry, Peale W. N. Brown, E. S. Hough, J. W. Burke, J. A. Field, G. H. Market, H. C. Field, W. Cogan, J. L. Smith, W. L. Booth, W. Avery, J. A. McGraw, E. Snowden, Jr., A. J. Fleming, J. N. Chamberlaine, J. English, J. Green, J. Buckingham, W. A. Maury, Stephen Green, W. H. McKnight, J. L. Kinser, Thomas Clowis, J. Entwistle, Robert Ashley, J. T. Baldwin, and C. Marbury, have been arrested on charges of a conspiracy, and will be sent to Fort Warren. They are all highly respectable citizens of Alexandria, and some of them very wealthy.--Their arrest has caused great excitement in the city. Chicago, Feb. 27. --Gen. Pillow destroyed all the military stores in Nashville that he was not able to carry away.
The Daily Dispatch: February 13, 1864., [Electronic resource], Gen. Jackson on the Qualification of an office Seeker. (search)
rter, was ordered to be whipped, on the charge of stealing flour, sugar, molasses, and wearing apparel, from Mrs. Susan Senon. A free negro, named John H. Hines, was sent to the chain gang for being connected with Betsey in the same offence. The examination of witnesses in the case of Wm. H. Duke, charged with exhibiting the game of faro, was postponed till the 22d inst, and the accused held to bail in the sum of $5,000. Emily, a slave woman, found in W. H. Duke's fare bank, was examined and discharged. Robert Ashley, a free negro, charged with assaulting Betsey Freeman, a free woman, was discharged after a hearing of the testimony. Abner, slave of W. J. Ragland, appeared to answer the charge of stealing lumber from W. H. West & Bro. The testimony failing to substantiate that accusation, the Mayor promptly discharged him. The charge preferred against Wm. G. Valentine, of stealing a shawl from Mrs. Mary Wood, not being sustained, the prisoner was discharged.
charged with stealing one chest of clothes valued at $50, from another negro; also, with trespassing upon the premises of Mrs. Rebecca A. Waymack, and using insolent language towards her when ordered off. For the latter offence he was ordered to be whipped and the former, having, been committed beyond the corporate limit, was referred to the county magistrates for adjudication. Reuben, slave of David Tucker, charged with breaking into and entering the storehouse of John Bouncher, and stealing therefrom two hundred dollars' worth of tobacco, pipes, &c. was, for want of sufficient evidence to convict him, discharged. A. J. Wilson and Andrew Nellum were each required to give security for their good behavior, on the charge of severely beating three or four negro slaves. Robert Ashley, a half witted, but terribly had boy, who is up before the Mayor about twice a week, was ordered thirty-nine lashes for stealing a pair of India rubber boots, the property of Wm. T. Trueman.
Mayor's Court. --Some half dozen cases were before the Mayor yesterday, none of which were disposed of. The following is a list: Catherine, slave of E. D. Eache, travelling about the streets with a lorged pass; Horace Ovan, a small white boy, charged with stealing $45 in C. S. notes from Mary E. Trainaki; Charles Fitzpatrick and Elenora Stack, summoned to show cause why they should not be fined for erecting an awning in front of their places of business, said awnings supported by driving joists in the sidewalk; James R. Shumaker, charged with stealing a horse from some person unknown, valued at $2,500; Robert Ashley, a free negro boy, who is before His Honor on an average of once a week, charged with throwing rocks at, and assaulting, Ann Harris; and W. F. Corkery, charged with selling liquor to be drunk in his bar, in the Spotswood Hotel.
ming an interesting group. The Republican side of the House appeared somewhat agitated. Mr. Ashley, of Ohio, being the person recognized as the leader and mouth-piece of the party on this questclude. The Republicans clamored for a vote, and the Democrats persisted in not being cut off. Mr. Ashley finally yielded, and consented that the vote should be taken at half past 3, or postponed halfhis appeared to arouse the anger of many Republicans, and an interesting group gathered around Mr. Ashley's seat. There was Thad. Stevens, got up in full fighting trim from his waist up, shaking his finger at Mr. Ashley for giving way and reading him a lecture. Stevens's face looked fire, while Ashley's was as red as a fresh cut of beef. Other members cried, "Mr. Speaker, let us have the vote,"Ashley's was as red as a fresh cut of beef. Other members cried, "Mr. Speaker, let us have the vote," and were determined, if possible, to have a vote. The excited Republicans finally yielded, Stevens taking his seat, but evidently with no good grace. On the Democratic side there was considera
rs bill hanging out of his pocket, which aroused his suspicions, and upon examination, he found that he had lost four hundred and fifty dollars. Suspecting the accused, he sought the assistance of the city police, who went in pursuit of, and soon after arrested her. She at first denied the charge, but subsequently confessed her guilt and gave up three hundred and fifty dollars, which, she said, was all she had taken. The Mayor remanded her for examination before the Hustings Court. Robert Ashley, charged with steeling a brass mouth-piece of an engine, belonging to Allis Rix, was ordered to be whipped. Justine O'Brien was charged with assaulting and beating a little girl, the daughter of Catherine Burns. Upon investigation, it turned out that the difficulty was the result of one of those family fends in which both parties were equally at fault, and the Mayor, therefore, dismissed the matter. Two negroes; named George, slave of F. Fore, charged with having a watch in h