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J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, I. April, 1861 (search)
m the people. April 16 This day the Spontaneous People's Convention met and organized in Metropolitan Hall. The door-keeper stood with a drawn sword in his hand. But the scene was orderly. The assembly was full, nearly every county being represented, and the members were the representatives of the most ancient and respectable families in the State. David Chalmers, of Halifax County, I believe, was the President, and Willoughby Newton, a life-long Whig, among the Vice-Presidents. P. H. Aylett, a grandson of Patrick Henry, was the first speaker. And his eloquence indicated that the spirit of his ancestor survived in him. But he was for moderation and delay, still hoping that the other Convention would yield to the pressure of public sentiment, and place the State in the attitude now manifestly desired by an overwhelming majority of the people. He was answered by the gallant Capt. Wise, who thrilled every breast with his intrepid bearing and electric bursts of oratory. He adv
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XXVII. June, 1863 (search)
ll immediate danger. Mr. Lincoln says he is making history; forgetful of the execrable figure he is likely to be in it. Our papers to-day contain the following: Yankee Cruelty; Forty-three Negroes Drowned.-One of the most atrocious incidents of the whole war was yesterday related to us by a gentleman of this city, who obtained the facts from Capt. Jas. G. White, of King William County, who vouches for the accuracy of the statement. Some days ago, when the Yankees made their raid to Aylett's, they visited the place of Dr. Gregg, living in the neighborhood, and took from their comfortable homes forty-three negroes, who were hurried off to,York River and placed on board a vessel bound Northward. Along with these negroes, as a prisoner, was a gentleman named Lee, a resident and highly respectable citizen of King William, who has since been released and allowed to return to his home. He states that when the vessel arrived in Chesapeake Bay, the small-pox made its appearance amon
The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], English view of the late Royal visit. (search)
Breckinridge Meeting. --The Breckinridge and Lane Committee for Madison Ward will meet this (Saturday) Evening, 3d November. at 7½ o'clock, at the office of Dr. Dove, on Bank street, between 9th and 10th. It is hoped every member of the Committee will be present, and at the hour above named. By order of the Chairman. Committee for Madison Ward. W. W. Snead, P. H Aylett, T. P. August, W. B. Allegre, R. M. Allen. F. H. Alfred, J. J. Anderson, G. L. Betty, F. W. Bass, R. H. Bosher, J. B. Bigger, L. Boquenott, C T. Bruen, J. G. Brooks, P. A. Blankinship. W. C. Barker, B. Brauer, A. Butier. J. S. Blanton, C. Bigger, E. S. Baber, S. H. Boykin, J. C Courtney, M. N. Cardoza, B. A. Cocke, T. T. Cropper, J. H. Chamberlayne, J. S. Caskie, J. O. Chiles, John Dooley, P. Dornin, S. C. Davis, S. Davis, B. Davis. P. V. Daniel, Dr. J. Davies, J. Davis, Chas. Ellis, B. F, Eddins, Johnson Eubank, J. Fitzgerald, W. C. Freeman, J. B. Foster, T. T. Giles, J. P. George, J. H. Guy, D. P. Gooch,
The Constitutional UnionDemocracy will meet at Metropolitan Hall. To-night, at half past 7 o'clock. Messrs. August, Aylett and Cropper will speak. Let us have a full meeting. The Ladies are invited to attend. no 3--1t Thos. T. Cropper, Pres't.
Grand Democratic Rallyat Metropolitan Hall, Saturday night, Nov. 3d, at 7½ o'clock. The Breckinridge and Lane Association will be addressed by P. H. Aylett, Esq., Gen. T. P. August, and T. T. Cropper, Esq. The citizens of Richmond are invited to attend. T. T. Cropper, Pres't. Wm. Lloyd, Sec'y no 2--2t
On motion of Mr. Benjamin Bragg, the Chairman was instructed to appoint — a committee of fifteen, to prepare business for the meeting. Committee: Benj. Bragg, --Pleasants, Thos. Clemmitt, Wm. Snead, Geo. Bargamin, A. M. Bailey, Thos. Olvis, John A. Belvin, Jas, Walker, Robert Ware, Wm. Macfarlane, Thos. Elmore, Wm. Forbes, W. C. Barnes, W. S. O'Brien. Immediately after the appointment of the committee, there were loud calls upon various gentlemen to address the meeting. Mr. P. H. Aylett was called up, and amid the confusion was understood to say that he thanked the meeting for the compliment conveyed in this call, as it recognized his claims as a member of the great and honorable fraternity of working men. He expressed his readiness to address the meeting after the transaction of the business for which it had been called, but he wished the intelligent and enterprising working men of Richmond, who had called the meeting, to show by their resolutions and speeches that th
Cheers--"That's it!"] His name was already before the people, and if they preferred any other to represent them, he was content. Messrs. Thomas P. August, P. H. Aylett, Robt. F. Morriss, and John Robertson were also placed in nomination. Mr. Wm. A. Jinkins wanted to know if the gentleman who nominated Mr. Macfarland cou. Randolph had 315; John O. Steger, 233; Judge John Robertson, 185; Geo. W. Munford, 104; John Randolph Tucker, 100; Peachy R. Grattan, 49; John M. Patton, 41; P. H. Aylett, 37; James R. Crenshaw, 35; Thos. P. August, 23; scattering, 105. The Chair announced that Messrs. Randolph and Steger were nominated. Mr. N. B. Hill moved that the three highest be nominated by acclamation. This was objected to. Messrs. Tucker, Grattan, Crenshaw, Patton and Aylett successively withdrew their names, and expressed a hope that the meeting would unite upon the three highest candidates. Mr. O. J. Wise read a letter from Col. Geo. W. Munford, withdra
U. S. Circuit Court. --On Saturday last, Capt. John Lockhart, of the slaver Storm King, appeared before Judge Halyburton, on a petition for bail. Capt. Lockhart is charged with being engaged in the slave trade, and is, therefore, under the laws of the U. States, held as a pirate. The motion for bail was elaborately argued by L. H. Chandler, Esq., for the prisoner, and U. S. District Attorney P. H. Aylett, Esq., for the government. The Judge, at the conclusion, refused to bail, and the accused was thereupon remanded to prison.
gation of his native State, he would deserve and receive a traitor's doom. Judge R urged the passage of the committee's resolutions, as a fair and honorable compromise, and concluded by an appeal for unity of action throughout the South. P. H. Aylett, Esq., opposed the resolutions of the committee, because they did not meet the emergency of the times. The language in them was not sufficiently emphatic and expressive. He spoke in eloquent terms of the proud, noble and defiant position of of grievances and complaints. He, however, withdrew them afterwards, and supported those offered by Mr. Crenshaw. Gen. T. P. August supported the resolutions of the committee, and defended the State against the charge of disgrace made by Mr. Aylett. As a member of the Legislature, he favored the Conference; but other counsels prevailed. The resolutions of the committee declared that Virginia was determined to submit no longer to aggressions — that she would now have her rights in or out
trial of Francesco Pardrone Calleros, the reputed Spanish Captain of the slave brig Storm King, captured off the coast of Africa, by the United States steamer San Jacinto, was commenced yesterday before Judge Halyburton, in the Federal Court. P. H. Aylett for the United States, Messrs. L. H. Chandler and A. J. Crane for the defence. The following jury was sworn: A. S. Storrs, John M. Francisco, Jas. B. Smith, William Christian, Robert S. Pollard, J. C. Courtney, Evan F. Ragland, W. W. Snead, L. W. Glazebrook, A. O. Jones, Jas. Phillips and George Timberlake. The prisoner is a man somewhat past the middle age of life, of genteel appearance, and with a very limited knowledge of the English language. Mr. Aylett, U. S. Attorney, opened the case, stating what the Government expected to prove, and Mr. Crane made a brief rejoinder. The examination of witnesses then proceeded, as follows: Lieut. A. K. Hughes, U. S. N.--Sworn.--I was with the steamer San Jacinto on he
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