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earman, co K, 19th Ga; J Paried, co B, 16th N C; A Richardson, co A, 34th N C; E E Luck, co F, 28th N C; W Rowliner, co A, 19th Ga; G S Wiley, 5th Ala bat; Corp A Elliott, co A, 1st N C; J Griftin, co A, 1st N C; J M C Oxford, co H, 44 Ga; J W Werners, co A, 44th Ga; H G Parker, co H, 44th Ga; E E Jackson. co A, 44th Ga; G B Keen, co I, 44th Ga; J Spearman, co D, 44th Ga; J W Cook, co D, 44th Ga; Corp'l W A Kelly, co B, 44th Ga; W M Ferrett, co I, 15th Tenn; J R Smith, Jeff Davis's art; F M Bally, co F, 44th Ga; R J Davis, Purcell bat; Sergt Crow, Purcell bat; T Francis, Purcell bat; Sergt R R Rounce, 55th Va; N G Miller, co C, 44th Ga; M V T Datson, co C, 44th Ga; W V Jones, co C, 44th Ga; W B Smother, co F 55th Va; Corp'l J A Davidson, co C, 14th Ga; Lieut F Lyon, co F, 1st N C; G Taylor, co F, 1st N C; T J Dunn, co G, 34th N C; T R Gilbert, co E, 34th N C; T W Wilkins, co C, 19th Ga; A D Efford, co E, 40th Va; Sergt R Reed, 34th N C; Corp'l V Gordon, 55th Va; J H Philips, 44th Ga;
The Daily Dispatch: July 5, 1862., [Electronic resource], List of casualties in the recent battles before Richmond. (search)
Caster, C Dunn, J T Harpin, W. B Holt, It L Keebbs, E Ledyard, J Newburger, J Price, H Fritchard, Chas Pollard, J G Renolds, P C Raudel, Jos Thorntou, E K Waterhouse, D Wheeler, jr. Company B, (Gulf Gily Guards.) Killed: W C Ayres, D J J. T Berton, G. L Summersett, Thos Giblin. Wounded: O U Donnayau Jas Hudson, G E Turner, T H J Bibb, F F Hampshird, T H Nellogg, W C Johnson, H H McCov, W E Summersett, Lieut A E Robbins, C Steele. Company C, (Tuskegee Light Inlantry.)--Killed: H H Bally, Jno Crawford, E F Scott, Jno M Turner. Wounded: J Alexander, B Breedlove, Captain C J Bryan, Lieut E A Etherhige, Corpl D F Wright, W B Holt, Jno R Hartis, Otis Monace, R B Perce, Watter Ransom, J J Rulledge, E B Small, Jas Suider. Missing Sorgeant E F Baber, Henry Foster, Stephen Pace. Company D, (Southern Rilles,)--Killed: T J Mc. Bryde, L B Feibler, R M-McNeil, J M Gillis — Wounded: C C Terry, Capt Powell, Thad McCowan, Joe Rowe, P G Thompson, S H Smith, W Swink, A S Connel, G C
s, was severely wounded in the hand. Several others were wounded whose named have not been ascertained. The wounded. The following is a list of the wounded men brought to this city on Friday and Saturday evenings. As will be seen, nearly all of them are of Barksdale's Brigade, which is said to have sustained the brunt of the heavy skirmishing of Thursday and Friday: Lt J J Accostar, co I, 8th Fla; J A Hoppy, co G, 34 N C; C C Cauthorn, co G, 18th Miss; G H Lebrane, do, do; W F Bally, co H, 13th Miss; Sgt J M Carnwell, co A, 13th Miss; W Penn, co D, 18th Miss; S T Bruton, co D, 17th Miss; J M Black, co H, 51st Va. J W Thompson, co H, 13th Miss; J D Dewoty, co D, 13th Miss; H J Hurley, co C, 17th Miss; J J Gordon, co K, 17th Miss; T Saunders, co C, 8th Fla; J Manty, co K, 8th Fla; C Roberts, co I, 8th Fla; J W Alexander, co K, 13th Miss; G W Smith, co K, 8th Fla; J P Srackwell, co G, 8th Fla, Lt L Cornford, co A, 51st N C; Lt E G Jaudon, co I, 8th Fla; F M Campbell, co C,
however, they again began operations, and continued to roll the hogs head a short distance further, when watch men Page, Drake, and Jude came up and took them in custody. There was no doubt on the minds of the witnesses as to the identity of the prisoners. The tobacco, which had been taken to the lower station-house, was recognized, from peculiar marks, as that belonging to Mayo, and he was authorized by the Mayor to take it away. John F. Fitzgerald, charged with obtaining $1,500 from Bally & Fisher under the representation that he had a large quantity of whiskey, brandy, and other articles enroute to this city from Lynchburg, which he would turn over to them when it arrived, was then called to the bar. Mr. Fisher's testimony proved that Fitzgerald called on him a few days since, and upon exhibiting a bill of consignment for a variety of valuable articles purporting to have been received by him from Mr. W. E. McEnery, a merchant at Lyncbburg, he advanced him the amount of money
(the number of which he could not recollect,) the funds and checks which were left on hand after settling up with the employees. These he placed in the breast pocket of his coat, which was hanging over his leak. Just then himself and Mr. A. M., Bally, one of the proprietors, left the counting room in order to examine a hole which had been bored into a door on the same floor, commanding full view of the Counting-room. During the whole of this time, from the commencement of assorting out the mole was bored in a door, through which everything going on in the counting room could be observed, and next Thursday night, the night on which the previous robberies had been committed, was set apart as the time to keep watch. Up to this time Mr. Bally had no suspicion of Samanni's dishonesty--"always regarded him as one of his boys, and would have trusted him with anything he owned." On meeting with the prisoner at the cage, after his arrest, he compared the original keys with the ones which