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am, Col. S. Downing, Addison Hall. Lee — John D. Sharp. Ro. M. Bales, Peter C. Johnston. Lewis — James T. Jackson, Conrad Kester, Joseph C. Spalding. Logan — Isaac S. Samuels, P. K. McComas Joseph Barrett. Loudou — John W. Minor, Asa Rogers, John A. Carter. Louisa — John Hunter, Clayton G. Coleman, W. O. Harris. Lunenburg — John Orgain, Sterling Neblett, Jr. W. H. Hatchett. Lynchburg — Wm. T. Yancey John G. Meem, John M. Speed. Madison — Travis J. Twyman, A. R. Blakey, Robert A. Banks. Marion — A. S. Hayden, U. S. Arnett, Thos. F. Conaway. Marshall — W. H. Oldham, Joseph Gallagher, Chas A. Hoge. Mason — A. G. Eastham, David Long, J. M. H. Beale. Mathews — H. Hudgins, George E Tabb, John H. Blake. McDowell — Malcomb McNell, R. Vance, W. L. Jones. Mecklenburg — W Baskerville, Jr. E. R. Chambers, Dr. W. H. Jones. Mercer — James S. Grigaby, W. H. French, Elliott Vawter. Middlesex — George L. Nicholson, E. T. Montague, Wm. S. Chri
held at the Bank of Virginia, on the 2d of September, 1861, it was unanimously. Resolved, That the Banks of this city will receive and pay out at their counters the notes of the following Banks, and none others, till further determined: Banks in the State. Bank of Virginia and Branches. Farmers' Bank of Virginia and Branches. Exchange Bank of Virginia and Branches. Bank of the Valley and Branches. Bank of the Commonwealth. Traders' Bank, of Richmond. Bank of Richmonds' Bank, Fincastle. Bank of Commerce. Bank of Rockingham. Bank of Howardsville. Bank of Charleston. Bank of Rockbridge. Merchants' Bank, Lynchburg. Bank of Scottsville. Central Bank of Virginia. Bank of Winchester Southern Banks.North Carolina. Bank of Cape Fear and Branches. Bank of North Carolina and Branches. Bank of Wilmington. Commercial Bank of Wilmington. South Carolina. Bank of the State of South Carolina and Branches, Charleston. Bank of Char
he concluding portion of a description of it given in the New York Herald: The President and Mrs. Lincoln did not dance, nor did the grave Secretaries trip the "light fantastic." There was a court set, however. Vice-Admiral Farragut, Major- General Banks, Congressman Arnold, and an attache of one of the legations, danced the Lancers together. Miss Buchanan, daughter of Commodore Buchanan, of the Boston Navy-Yard, and Miss Wilson, of Chicago, were in this set. An admiring crowd surrounded hrong inside. Andy Johnson's plebeians paid no more attention to the other distinguished people after supper time than they did to the Presidential party. Most of the aristocrats had gone home, and only the commoners remained in force. General Banks stood solitary for a quarter of an hour. The Vice-Admiral, his smiles gone, roamed about discontentedly, and soon stole away. The ball did not close, it fizzled out, like a poor piece of fireworks. After 2 o'clock the people were still eat
Booker. King George.--William T. Smith, Dr. Richard H. Stuart and Abram B. Hooe. King William.--Josiah Burruss, J. Hill King and Edward Hill. King & Queen.--James M. Jeffries, Richard H. Bagby and William B. Davis. Louisa.--Wellington Gordon, John Hunter and Dr. William S. Fowler. Lunenburg.--John Orgain, jr., Colin Stokes and Frederick Lester. Logan.--Colonel Isaac Morgan, John Justice and G. Dingess. Morgan.--Thomas L. Clark, John Barney and A. L. Michael. Madison.--Robert A. Banks, William A. Hill and Joshua Miller. Mathews.--Walter G. Lane, Thomas M. Hunley and John H. Blake. Meeklenburg.--Tucker Carrington, Alfred Boyd and John B. Northington. Mereer.--Syms Thompson, Davis Calfee and William Houchins. Middlesex.--Andrew B. Evans, Dr. George L. Nicholson and Philip T. Woodward. Montgomery.--William R. Perfater, Thomas D. Childress and David G. Thomas. Nelson.--Joseph H. Shelton, Thomas M. Dickinson, Miles T. Shipman. Nottoway.--Richard Irby, Trav
The Daily Dispatch: March 14, 1865., [Electronic resource], Another scene from the Performance in Charleston. (search)
ose portions most interesting to our people: Everybody to take the oath--United States flags to be Displayed. The re-establishment of the National authority in Charleston is going on without haste and without rest. The policy adopted here differs from the method that has been pursued by our officers elsewhere; in that it seeks to combine the advantages of both, without the objectionable features of either. We have seen in New Orleans the mailed hand of Butler and the velvet hand of Banks.--In Charleston it is the mailed hand in the velvet glove. As district commander, General Hatch has just issued an order inviting all loyal citizens residing in Charleston or its vicinity to call on the post provost-marshal and register their names, take the oath of allegiance to the Government, and receive certificates of having done so; directing that post commanders shall grant no passes or other favors to persons owing allegiance to the United States who have not, by taking the oath