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Ross, Colonel Baker, Major Plummer, and Major Scofield. The engagement lasted two hours, when the rebels fled from the field in disorder, and took to the woods. Major Gavitt and Captain Hingham were killed in making a charge. Colonel Lowe, the rebel leader, was killed and four heavy guns were captured. The rebels were pursued for twenty-two miles, when the chase was given over. Two hundred rebels were left in the field. Union loss, six killed and forty wounded.--(Doc. 100.) Capt. J. H. Barnes, with one hundred and fifty men of the Third Mass. regiment, while out from Newport News, Va., to get wood for the fort bakery, was attacked by a body of rebels, whom he drove off without loss.--N. Y. Herald, Oct. 24. Major Mix, of the Van Alen Cavalry, with thirty-one men, made a reconnaissance from Edwards' Ferry, in Virginia, along the Lees-burg road, beyond Goose Creek, drove in a vidette of the enemy's, received the fire of a platoon of the rebels' infantry, and returned with
uller. Right Grand Division (Maj.-Gen. E. V. Sumner, Massachusetts). Second Army Corps First Division.—Maj.-Gen. D. N. Couch (Mass.); 2d Brigade, 28th Mass. Infantry, Col. Richard Byrnes. Second Division.—1st Brigade, 15th Mass. Infantry, Maj. Chase Philbrick; 1st Co. Mass. Sharpshooters, Capt. Wm. Plumer. 3d Brigade, 19th Mass. Infantry, Capt. H. G. O. Weymouth; 20th Mass. Infantry, Capt. G. N. Macy. Ninth Army Corps. First Division.—2d Brigade, 29th Mass. Infantry, Lieut.-Col. J. H. Barnes. 3d Brigade, 36th Mass. Infantry, Col. Henry Bowman. Second Division.—2d Brigade, 21st Mass. Infantry, Col. Wm. S. Clark; 35th Mass. Infantry, Maj. Sidney Willard. Centre Grand Division (Maj.-Gen. J. Hooker, Massachusetts). Third Army Corps. Second Division.—1st Brigade, 1st Mass.. Infantry, Lieut.-Col. Clark B. Baldwin; 11th Mass. Infantry, Col. Wm. Blaisdell; 16th Mass. Infantry, Col. T. R. Tannatt. Fifth Army Corps. First Division.—Col. James Barnes (Mass.)
sa, 331 Barker, H. A., 441 Barker, Hiram, 441 Barker, I. S., 331 Barker, J. A., 490 Barker, John, 441 Barker, T. L., 152, 264 Barkley, J. V., 82 Barlotts, Julius, 498 Barlow, E. F., 498 Barlow, E. W., 331 Barlow, F. C., 94, 119, 125, 126, 248, 258 Barnard, C. P., 498 Barnard, E. E., 331 Barnard, J. F., 498 Barnes, D. W., 331 Barnes (or Burns), E., 498 Barnes, Edwin, 490 Barnes, G. F., 498 Barnes, G. N., 331 Barnes, H. L., 498 Barnes, H. O., 331 Barnes, J. G., 323 Barnes, J. H., 75, 250 Barnes, James, 50, 75, 92, 100, 228 Barnes, John, 12th Mass. Inf., 498 Barnes, John, 19th Mass. Inf., 498 Barnes, L. A., 498 Barnes, Lauriston, 441 Barnes, Lawson, 441 Barnes, N. L., 498 Barnes, W. S., 331 Barnett, H. L., 498 Barns, John, 331 Barnum, Zera, 65 Barr, E. C., 78, 331 Barr, R. G., 332 Barre, Dennis, 441 Barrell, Paschal, Jr., 445 Barrett, Albert, 441 Barrett, Alexander, 70, 332 Barrett, Dwight, 332 Barrett, F. J., 332 Barrett, G. H., 25th Mass.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 18. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 3 (search)
o line on Payne street, the head of the column resting on Court street, and the line moved at 11:30 in the following order: Chief Marshall, Judge D. M. Chichester, and mounted aids, Captains J. Owen Berry, B. M. Mason, Fontaine Beattie, and J. H. Barnes and Drs. W. D. McWhorter and W. P. Moncure. Music. Carriages containing Senator John W. Daniel, orator of the day; Hon. James L. Gordon, the poet; General W. H. F. Lee, representing the Ladies Memorial Association, and the committees. even Pines, and died as he had lived—every inch a hero; of Lieutenant G. W. Swink, Sergeants Reed, Lynn, Gunnell, Hutchinson, Harrison, Thompson, and others of Company G, Eighth Virginia Infantry; of Captain John T. Burke, Sergeants Steele, Ford, Barnes, Wrenn, Petitt, Richardson, Thomas, and others of Company D, Seventeenth Virginia Infantry; of Robert T. Love and D. McLee, Seventeenth Virginia Infantry; of Sergeants Troth and Taylor, Seventh Virginia Infantry; of R. T. Halley, Forty-ninth Virg
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 24. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.62 (search)
Ware, wounded and prisoner, dead; J. W. Morecock, killed. Sergeants.—G. E. Richardson, wounded—sabre cut—and prisoner; R. H. Whitaker, dead; J. T. James, dead; G. B. Ratcliffe, dead; M. R. Harrell, wounded, Felix Pierce, dead; R. E. Taylor; John Cowles, dead. Corporals.—S. S. Hankins, prisoner; D. W. Spencer; G. A. Piggott, dead; C. W. Cowles, wounded—sabre cut—and prisoner, dead; G. W. Tyree; J. W. Manning, dead. Privates.—Richard Apperson, unknown; G. W. Bacon;——Ball, unknown; J. H. Barnes, prisoner; Basil B. Bennett, unknown; E. F. Blair, wounded, dead; Frank Bowden; W. T. Boswell, wounded, dead; William Burke, R. H. Bush; G. R. N. B. Bush, prisoner; C. W. Coleman, dead; P. T. Cowles, prisoner; D. S. Coles, dead; W. T. Coles, Tom Davis; S. S. Edwards, dead; Sylvanus Edwards, dead; G. H. Enos, wounded; Jerry Garnett, Joe Garnett, Robert Garnett; F. W. Hammond, dead; T. W. Hankins, dead; Charles Hansford, B. C. Harwood, John Hicks, Oliver Hockaday, dead; Gustavus
pondence. Amelia county, Jan. 9th, 1861. to L. E. Harvie, Esq.: we, your friends, earnestly desire you to proclaim yourself a candidate to represent this Electoral District in the ensuing State Convention. Wm. H. Harrison, E. W. Eggleston, P. Wilkinson, Ed. Green, S. E. Booker, Wm. Ware, John G. Jefferson, P. S. Boisseau, John S. Hardaway, Wm. E. Meade, J. A. Scruggs, N. N. Glenn, J. B. Williamson, John Wingo, W. B. Baldwin, E. M. Brazeal, J. H. Barnes, E. R. Johnson, A. M. Chappee, Wm. R. Carter, A. Haskins, A. A. Tinsley, E. A. Blanton, W. A. Selden, J. W. Johnson, Thos. Y. Tabb, John F. Wily, Messrs. Wm. H. Harrison, E. W. Eggleston, P. Wilkinson, Ed. Green, and others. Gentlemen: Your letter of the 9th instant, in which you earnestly desire me to proclaim myself a candidate to represent this Electoral District in the ensuing State Convention, was handed to me on yesterday. In the present st
ng bride of 45 summers, with a grown-up daughter and three small children.--Both are residents of Falmouth. There was great rejoicing, and a big bonfire kept up till a late hour." From Paisfax Court House.--March 14. --Moselay's raid still exercises the Yankees. Two notorious bush whackers were captured at a house between Ball and Cub Runs. The "unprincipled fellow" who were engaged in the "disgraceful affair" of giving information to the actors in the late said are being arrested J. H. Barnes, of Germantown a smuggler, etc., and J. H. and W. M. Mills near Sudley's Millis, and a young lady, whose father was arrested last week, have all been arrested. Papers were found which proved that another raid was planned for to night (14 b). W. B. Hutchinson, of Gun Run, a member of the 4th Virginia (Black Horse) cavalry; on detached duty, was brought in and committed. London, February 28.--A correspondent says: "The politicians and editors have settled down into the convictio
; Jas. W. Norman, Calhoun county; D. L. Shodgrass Marion county; D. Williams, Harrison county; Ell Emrick, Wood county; Levi Tottey, Hampshire county; Robert Anderson and Andrew Jones, Cumberland county; J. A. B. Leonard and S. S. Floyd, Montgomery county. The following are confined at the Old Capitol prison: Dearban, Samuel and Isaiah Johnson, Jno A. Scott, Jno. W. George and Samuel C. Taylor, Accomac county, blockading; Bolney Purcell and Steven R. M. unt, London, held as hostages; J. H. Barnes, F. Fox, Geo. H. Cook, Richard Johnson, Richard Richardson and Albert Wren, Fairfax county, Disloyal. The Chesapeake "pirates"--the way her cargo was disposed of. The Boston Journal, in noticing the arrest of some of the parties who were concerned in the capture of the Chesapeake, says: Two of the pirates have been arrested in St. John. Others, including the leader Braine, were in the city several days, but owing to the delay in issuing the requisitions, resulting from the