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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
K. 5th Sergeant J. L. Bell,Zzz=Co. K. Private J. N. Brown,Zzz=Co. K. R. E. Cowart,Zzz=Co. K. W. J. Hillburn,Zzz=Co. K. S. A. D. Smith,Zzz=Co. K. George W. White,Zzz=Co. K. H. J. Hancock,Co. H. Private A. M. Gazaway,Co. H. M. T. Alman, Lt.-Co. Commanding. Camp 7th Regiment, Ga. Inf'ty, April 10th, 1865. Eighth Regiment Georgia Volunteers. Sergeant-Maj. L. H. Andrews, Ord. Sergeant D. G. Fleming, 2d Sergeant C. L. Johnson,Co. A. 3d Corporal R. W. Boggs,Zzz=Co. A. Private W. A. Barron,Zzz=Co. A. W. A. Choice,Zzz=Co. A. R. J. Franks,Zzz=Co. A. G. W. Hutchings,Zzz=Co. A. W. S. Lausdell,Zzz=Co. A. H. S. Lausdell,Zzz=Co. A. D. H. Miller,Zzz=Co. A. J. L. Pinson,Zzz=Co. A. H. A. Smith,Zzz=Co. A. 1st Sergeant W. A. Birney,Co. B. 2d Sergeant R. H. Cole,Zzz=Co. B. 3d Sergeant W. B. Mell,Zzz=Co. B. 4th Sergeant J. O. Davis,Zzz=Co. B. 2d Corporal J. H. Wright,Zzz=Co. B. Private W. A. Bellamy,Zzz=Co. B. 5th Sergeant S. F. Culpepper,Co. D. 1st Corporal R. C.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
. Darroh, Capt. Co. E, 14th Regiment S. C. Vols. W. A. Shand, 2d Lieut. Co. F, 14th S. C. Vols. A. F. Young, 2d Lieut. Co. G, 14th Regiment S. C. Vols. J. M. Dyson, Jr. 2d Lieut. Co. G, 14th S. C. Vols. M. T. Hutchison, 1st Lt. Co. I, 14th S. C. Regiment. W. S. Allen, 2d Lieut. Co. K, 14th S. C. Vols. J. T. Robertson, Lt.-Col. Orr's Regiment Rifles, S. C. V. Benj. M. Cromwell, Surgeon in Charge Orr's Regiment S. C. Rifles. J. M. Richmond, Ass't Surg. Orr's S. C. Regiment. W. A. Barron, 2d Lt. Co. A, Orr's S. C. V. J. S. Cothran, Capt. Co. B, O. R. R. S. C. V. P. L. M. Lauchlin, 2d Lt. Co. B, O. R. R. S. C. V. J. M. Phillips, 2d Lt. Co. C, O. R. R. S. C. V. W. G. Terrell, Capt. Co. F, O. R. R. S. C. V. [71] First South Carolina Regiment. Non-commissioned Staff. Qr.-Mr. Sergeant Edgar Powell, Hospital Steward W. F. Robertson. Ordnance Sergeant B. F. Brown, Co. A. 2d Sergeant D. H. Crosland, 4th Corporal G. J. Heath, Private Joseph D
t. Col. B. B. Boone, Tishimingo, 2d Mississippi regment; R. M. Walker, Tippah county, Miss. 2d Mississippi regiment; Thomas Hays, New Orleans, Delta Rangers; Lieut. Danott, Alleghany county, Va., 27th Virginia regiment; J. M. McFail, Anderson, S C., 4th South Carolina regiment; George Baker, W. C. Humphreys, F. A Hammond, Atlanta, Ga; J. T. C Calvin, Green county, Ga; James Renshaw, S. Garrett; L Brick, L. H. Grunaling, Atlanta; A. T. Holmes, S. W. Brush, Lewis Estmeal, Savannah, Georgia; W. A. Barron, Rome, Georgia, 8th Georgia regiment; R. Pinkney, Pendleton, S. C., 4th South Carolina regiment; F. F. Grayson, Leesburg, Va., 8th Virginia regiment, and J. O'Brien, Savannah, Ga., 8th Georgia Regiment, taken at Bull Run, John Silks, Abberville, S. C., 2d South Carolina regiment, taken at Centreville; W. M. Javins, Columbia, S. C., same regiment, taken at Fairfax Court-House; W. M. T. Thompson, Pontotoc, Miss.; J. H. Wingfield, Amherst county, 19th Va. regiment, taken at Centreville; John
, or an oath not to engage in arms against the United States. Of those confined in this city the 37 here named will be released as above. Townsend Hobbs, W. Lafin, R. G. Alford, D. D. Fiquaet, S. S. Green, David Porter. G. A. Thomas, Thos. Anderson, A. C. Ferrill, J. A. Winfield, J. R. Payne, W. James, A. Bomamdier, F. Ward, W. A. Wilson, C. Long, R. B. Boone, R. Walker, Wm. T. Thompson. W. Johnson, W. Burrows, J. N. McFall, Geo. Banker, J. Carlin, J. O'Brien. S. Garritt, L. Rielk, W. A. Barron, G. H. Gamling, J. Leadbetter, A. J. Smith, J. F. Grayson, R. Pinckney, W. J. N. Barton, Geo. Larrabee, J. T. Elliott, Geo. Miller. Col. Loomis, commanding at Fort Columbus, will, in connection with Lieut. Colonel Burke, select twenty from among the prisoners of war under their charge, to make up the number indicated. The prisoners to be released will be sent by the first opportunity to Fortress Monroe, and thence under a flag of truce through the United States lines. The Governm
The Daily Dispatch: November 18, 1861., [Electronic resource], The great naval expedition — from Fortress Monroe and Hatteras Inlet. (search)
Boone, 2d Miss., taken at Bull Run, July 21; Sergeant J. E. Ledbetter, Radford's Major T. F. Grayson 8th Va., July 21; Sergeant J. E. Ledbetter, Radford's Virginia Cavalry, Fairfax C. H., July 17; Sergeant W. M. T. Thompson, 2d Miss., Bull Run, July 21; Sergeant G. A. Thomas, Radford's Va. Cavalry, near Fall's Church, July 12; Sergeant T. J. Bates, 6th Ala., near Fairfax Station, July 17. Privates.--Geo. Barker, J. T. C. Calvin, L. Eastmead, Samuel. Gavitt, John R. Paine, L. Reick, W. A. Barron, J. H. Gramling. Frank Ward, 8th Ga., Bull Run, July 21; P. G. Alford, Wm. Loflin, J. L. Caffey, A. J. Smith, 6th Ala., Fairfax Station, July 17; D. D. Fiquet, 5th Ala., near Springfield, July 13; T. Hudson, 4th Ala., Bull Run, July 24; D Porter, 4th Ala., near Alexandria, May 24; Wm. Wilson, Claib. Lang, 1st Va. Cav., Bull Run, July 21; S. S. Green, Governor's Guard, Burke's Station, June--;J. A. Wingfleid, 19th Va., (sick) Centreville; Wm. James, 2d S. C., Fairfax C. H.; Robert O. L