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The Daily Dispatch: March 6, 1862., [Electronic resource], The production of saltpetre — something for every man to do. (search)
is expected to take place at Boston mountain at a very early day. Memphis, March 4.--We have reports from New Madrid up to Saturday. The Federal army was then stated to be thirty miles off and advancing. Their advance guard was within five alles of New Madrid. No fight had occurred up to Saturday. The latest intelligence received from Nashville states that the Federal troops in that city are conducting themselves with marked propriety. All the Confederate soldiers on furlough have been arrested. A company belonging to Col. Bates's regiment was arrested on Thursday, while crossing the river and making their way home. The company consisted of forty men. Two Federal flags were flying--one on the Capitol and the other on the Court-House. A very few of the stores are open, and no arrests of private persons have been made. Reinforcements are rapidly coming forward for the defence of the Mississippi valley. Gen. Johnston has fallen back to Decatus, Ala.
Not captured. --The statement that a company of Colonel Bates's Tennessee regiment, numbering 40 men, had been captured in Sumter county, Tenn., while on their way home, is contradicted by the Memphis Appeal. After an encounter with a superior force of the enemy, all but three or four escaped.
djutant of 13th Tenn, do; Capt Wilkins, do; Harvey Walker, do; Jno Savege and ap, of Shelby county, do; Lt Bell, do; Capt W K Crawford, I T Ark, do; Co Bate, do; Maj Doak, killed; J J Maggine, 8th Ark, wounded; R C Tyler, do; Maj & Lowry, 6th Miss, wounded; Lieutenant Col Stewart, do; Miks Doffee, 8th Ark, wounded; McMinn, 16th la, do; Capt. Pitmen, 13th Tenn, do; A D Radkin, 44th do, do; Lt Deabbot, 154th, do; Perriman, 9th Ark, snot in the head; S M Armstrong, 13th Tenn, wounded, Capt Tve, Bates's reg't,) do; W D Franks, 9th Ark, do; J A Brown, 5th Tenn, do; Major Henry, do; Capt Sutherland, killed; M V Morris, 13th Tenn, wounded; Lieutenants Rice and Dyer, do; General Wood, reported killed; Jimmy McMannus, wounded slightly; Capt Chairs, 154 killed; J H McConly, do; wounded; E W Bradford, 155th Tenn, do; Leroy Reese, do, do; Fred Wekell, 154th, (B C Grays,) in the month; R F Maclay, 4th La, wounded; R H Wella, 3d Miss, do; J H Maye, 12th Tenn, do; Peter Duffee, 8th Ark, do; Jacob Ol
The farmers of Clarke county, Ga., have resolved that they will this year plant not exceeding half an acre of cotton to the land, and that they will use proper diligence and industry in the production of a provision crop. Albert Akers, son of Mr. Bryan Akers, of Lynchburg, Va., was mortally wounded in the battle of Shiloh. He belonged to Col. Bates's 2d Tennessee regiment. Tomatoes it is suggested, should be planted in large quantities, for the use of the camps. Gen. Prentiss, captured by our troops at Shiloh, is the same notorious Lincolnite who offered $500 last fall, in St. Louis, for a rebel. Major-General W. J. Hardee was slightly wounded in the battle of Shiloh.
w themselves in front at all, but economized their personal safety in every possible way. Still it is reported and currently believed among the Yankee prisoners, that both Gen. Wallace and Gen. Tom Crittenden are among the killed. I cannot begin to give you the names of our killed and wounded officers; and all I remember are the following: Gen. A. S. Johnston, Commander-in-Chief, killed; Col. Blythe, of Miss., killed; Lieut.-Col. Thompson, 1st Arkansas, do.; Major Colquitt do., do.; Colonel Bates, Tenn., wounded; Gen. Bowen, Gen. Hindman, Gen. Gladden, Gen. Cheatham, do. Hindman is said to have been injured by a fall of his horse, which was killed by a bursting shells. Granden lost his arm in a charge but nevertheless continued to rally his troops and Cheatham, a gallant fellow, was hit in the shoulder. Polk, Hardee, Bragg, Chalmess, Ruggles, and Breckinridge, all behaved gallantly, and were more or less scathed. The men say of the last-named officer, that every time a shell o
The soldier musician, Cario Patti, was in the severe fight made by Capt Bates's men at Shiloh. His clothing was cut by balis his cap was shot off, and a ball knocked his gun out of his hand; yet he escaped without a scratch.
Wounded: Corp'l J T Sherwood, J N Wooten, T B Harrolson, of company A, flesh wounds; W W Mitchell, company B, in the head, probably mortally; John Renfroe, F M Pierce, and T J King, company C, slight wounds; W J Alles, Lieut J W Neely, and John Yarbrough, company H, not serious; J F Russell, and H M Garrison, company D, slight; S P Barnett, company F, not serious; G A Johnson, J C Speer, Geo W Connaly, J T Tomunson, and Larkin Wilder, company G, not serious; Corp'l J F Haynes, seriously, N S Bates and A J Ayers, not seriously, company I; Thos C Cato, Jas Collins, and J D Allman, company E, not seriously; J F Dye, company K, knocked down by explosion of shell, and slightly disabled. Total 25. Missing: Company A, none; company B, privates Hugh Lynch and Patrick Martin; company C, none; company D, none; company E, private Ruffin Harrold; company F, Ord Sergt Wm F Garrison, Privates John R Weir, and Barnabes Thompson; company G, none; company H, none; company I, none; company K, none. T
tly, and did their best to sustain the confidence so often reposed in them by their greatly beloved Gen. R. H. Anderson. List of wounded received at Chimboads Hospital, May 31st, and June 1st and 2d, 1862.--J. B. McCaw, Surgeon in Chief. Adkins, C. C. co K, 14th Tenn, arm, contused. Adkins, J. G, co A, 24th Va, finger. Adkins, J. O, co E, 38th Va, hand. Armstrong, J. W, co C, 1st Texas. Blanks, T. B, co I, 38th Va, shell wound. Benson, W. E, co C, 14th Tenn, thigh. Bates, N. co G. 38th Va, hand. Boggs, G. W, co G, 6th S C V, arm. Brake, Thos, co F, 14th Tenn, chest. Bland, M L, co F, 7th Tenn, hip. Browne, A J, co K, 6th Ala., leg (flesh.) Boil, F, co K, 1st Tenn, shoulder. Bowars, A, co D, 1st Tenn, hand. Benson, W. E, co C. 14th Tenn, thigh. Beard, W S, co C, 4th N. C, head. Brown, T. M, 1st Lieut, co A, 2d Fla, arm. Boyd, C C, co G, 11th Miss, arm and thigh. Barney, A G, co G, 11th Miss, side and thigh. Barker, J J, co I, 1
Company E--Wounded: Privates T C Card, J P Collins, J D Alman, J M Singleton. Missing: Private R Harrol. Company F--Killed: Corporal Black, Privates W H H Bridges, W C Buise. Wounded: Privates S P Barret and B Thomson. Missing: Serg Garrison. Private J B Wire. Company G--Killed: Private Gray; Wounded: Privates Conley, Wilder, Tomblin, Speer, Johnson. Company H--Wounded: Privates John Yarboro, J Allen, and Turner. Company I--Wounded: Corp'l J G Hanes, Privates N S Bates, A J Ayres. Company K--Wounded: Private Dye. These are our casualties, which, through the providence of God, we are thankful are no greater. May Heaven comfort the be reaved at home. They fell like men worthy of the cause in which they were engaged, and the sacrifice of such noble souls can never have any other effect than to alienate our affections towards the invader, and sow deep in the bosoms of their friends an undying hatred. Lt. J A. Richardson. Co. C, 19th Reg. Geor
itch's battery was posted to the right and in rear of the redoubt. Behind this line Casey's other regiments now retired. The rebels still advance. There was a silence of a few moments, and the rebel line again began its terrible advance, Bates's and Fitch's batteries had already opened, and now also the four rebel batteries did the same, and the rebel infantry and our own infantry. Never since this war began has there been heard a more terrible fusillade. At this time the left of theharged with stars. It is light — as we know; having taken one--and just the thing to carry. The rebels storm the works — our guns lost. Well, the enemy reached the redoubt and the refile spite, and stormed both. In the redoubt was left Bates's whole battery, and two of spratt's guns, because they could not be taken away; but every gun was spiked. Out of one lot of one hundred and thirty-eight horses, only twenty-eight were left alive. Gen. Couch's forces prepared for the fight.
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