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The Daily Dispatch: June 3, 1861., [Electronic resource], The "Assassination" of Col. Flisworth, (search)
nerous man had no such intention. With all the haste possible, Bates, after getting the team and sleigh to the door, managed to drag thee wounded youth could endure no other than the slowest motion. Bates, therefore, found it necessary for him to restrain his team to the half mile from the smoking village, when on ascending an eminence, Bates was started by a fierce war-whoop in the rear, and to his horror dion, were soon in hailing distance, and in broken English threatened Bates with the most cruel tortures if he did not stop, but he refused to y. Soon coming up with the sleigh, the savages, began to chase Bates round and round it, but from some oversight paid no attention to his helpless brother. At last Bates snatched the gun from the sleigh and ran off to one side of the road, to draw the Indians, if possible, awhe ruse partially succeeded; but as a fierce looking Indian pursued Bates more closely than was consistent with his safety, he turned suddenl
The Vermont defalcation. --The ascertained defalcation of Mr. Bates, the late State Treasurer of Vermont, is $53,810, with more to come. Of this sum $2,300 is a deficit in the office accounts as kept by himself and delivered to his successor, while all the balance is made up of sums borrowed in the name of the State and for which no account was made.--The laws of Vermont give the Treasurer authority to borrow to an unlimited extent — so great has been their reliance upon individual honesty up there. It was only discovered, therefore, that the ex-Treasurer had created any debt when a note of $9,000 at the Brattleboro' Bank fell due. Mr. Bates then looked for, had deeded away his property and fled!--The principal notes now discovered, going to make up the sum of $51,500, are: $15,000 with Lawrence Brainerd, of St. Albany; $9,000 with Abel Underwood; $4,500, Orange County Bank; $3,300, Lamoille County Bank; and lesser sums with seven other banks. Of course the State cannot dodg
Lincoln's Cabinet. St. Louis, Dec. 21. --The Democrat has an article confirmatory of the rumor that Mr. Bates, of Missouri, is offered the post of Secretary of the Interior under Lincoln, and accepts.
A New method of giving out Offices. We learn from the Cincinnati Enquirer, that the Republican Electoral College of Ohio, which gave its twenty-three electoral votes to Lincoln and Hamlin, was besieged with a large number of candidates for the honor and profit of bearing the vote of that State to Washington as messenger. In this extremity the college resorted to a very novel political method of designating the successful aspirant. It adopted a system of gambling by placing a number of tickets in a hat after the style of drawing a lottery. The lucky number was drawn by Mr. J. Ankemny, of Holmes county, who was thereby entitled to about $250 for his patriotic services. It is said that Judge Bates will call the attention of the Grand Jury to this extraordinary proceeding.
A Cabinet appointment. --The St. Louis Democrat announces that it has the permission both of Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Bates to say that the latter will occupy a seat in the new Cabinet. It is not, however, definitely settled which department will be assigned to Mr. Bates. A Cabinet appointment. --The St. Louis Democrat announces that it has the permission both of Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Bates to say that the latter will occupy a seat in the new Cabinet. It is not, however, definitely settled which department will be assigned to Mr. Bates.
ists. His confirmation now is considered certain. The nomination of McIntire, as Collector in the neighborhood of Charleston, is still suspended in the Committee on Commerce. The Alabama Senators were notified to-day, by telegraph, not to leave their seats until further informed. The trouble is in the refusal of the Delegates from North Alabama to sign the ordinance, unless the time of secession is postponed until the 4th of March. Although the Republican Senators yesterday voted against Crittenden's resolutions, their chief objection was to that part which proposed to divide the Territories hereafter acquired, but a measure of that character, confined to the present territory, meets with some degree of favor from the Republicans in both branches of Congress. It is known in Republican circles, up to the present, that Seward and Bates are the only selected members of Lincoln's Cabinet. The others are not certainly to be appointed until Lincoln's inaugural here.
The Cabinet. The Cabinet of Lincoln is said to be made up individually of men of no sense whatever of personal honor. With the exception of Mr. Bates, there is not one gentleman in the Cabinet. With but that exception, there is not one man who regards his word, or who would keep any pledge or promise, either of a public or private character, if it were his interest to violate it. The course of deception and low cunning which they have practiced from the beginning upon the South, sufficiently shows what kind of men we have to deal with. The only safe rule of dealing with them is to put no manner of confidence in any proposition they may make. There is no treachery of which they are not capable; no crime they would not commit.
The rifled cannon manufactured at New Albany, Indiana, was tried the other day and proved a failure. It cracked in the breech. Bates, Wiswall & Co, of Lincolnton, N. C. are making a very good article of cap and letter paper, as well as news or book paper. Wm. A. Ross, Esq., and Dr. John H. Ellis, of Macon, Ga, died recently. W. D. Watts, a well-known citizen of Laurens, S. C., died last Wednesday. About $15,000 have already been paid into the corporation of Fredericksburg in taxes. H. D. Kinsman, Charleston, S. C., is largely engaged in the manufacture of army tents.
Henrico.--Dr. John Garnett, Messrs. Henry Cox, R. A. Mayo, R. Gentry, James Carter, N. F. Bowe, J. B. Crenshaw, Rev. Geo. D. Exall, John F. Wrenn, John Stewart, James Lyons, Fendall Griffin, Garland Hanes, Josiah Dobbs, F. Stearns, Thos. E. Nichols, Henry Satter-white. Hanover.--Messrs. Ed. Sydnor, B. T. Winston, W. C. Shelton, G. W. Doswell, Dr. W. F. Gaines, Col. E. Shelton. Chesterfield.--Messrs. H. T. Drewry, Samuel. Hargrove, W. B. Gates, Augustus Jenks, E. O. Watkins, T. Dorsett, Rev. C. Friend. Charles City.--Messrs. Hill Carter, Robert Douthat, and Dr. E. Wilcox. Prince George.--Dr. Osborne. New Kent.--Dr. S. P. Christian, Mr. H. M. Sherman. Goochland.--Mr. J. M. Trevilian, Dr. Geo. Harris. Halifax.--J. Atkinson. Amelia.--Rev. R. McIlwaine. P. B. Price, Committee. A. S. Lee, Committee. E. Straus, Committee. C. Burnett, Committee. C. R. Barksdale, Committee. C. Bates, Committee. Richmond, July 26, 1861.
Superintendent of streets. --We hear that it is the desire of the Council to do away with the office of Street Superintendent, recently hold by Mr. Bates. If they carry out the idea, the duties of the office will no doubt be performed by the City Engineer or his assistants.
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