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panied the slaughter, and the corpses were mutilated and left naked on the ground. Three men got out of the valley, two of whom were soon overtaken and killed; the other reached Muddy Creek, fifty miles off, and was overtaken and killed by several white men and one Indian. Eighteen months afterward the surviving children were rescued and restored to their friends in Arkansas, by Jacob Forney, Superintendent of Indian Affairs. Thirty thousand dollars' worth of plunder was distributed ; and Beadle, in his Life in Utah, says: Much of it was sold in Cedar City at public auction; it was there facetiously styled property taken at the siege of Sebastopol. But it is needless to dwell upon the details of this foul crime; though at first denied by the Mormons, proofs of their guilt accumulated as the years rolled on, and the evidence that it was a cold-blooded affair of state is now complete. It was asserted, at the time, that the order of extermination came from headquarters; Lee was a so
s Johnston and Sherman would regard the expedition as contrary to their agreements and take corresponding action, which would at least bear on the question of property claimed as the capture of war. If they, or either of them, have done so, the fact has not become known to me. General Sherman, however, I observe, indignantly repels the idea of my having specie enough to buy him, at the same time declining to state his price. All I can say on the point is that if he was to bring no more than Beadle Bumble did, I could not have made the purchase. From Mr. Davis to Mrs. Davis. Fortress Monroe, September 26, 1865. It is true that my strength has greatly failed me, and the loss of sleep has created a morbid excitability, but an unseen hand has sustained me, and a peace the world could not give and has not been able to destroy, will, I trust, uphold me to meet with resignation whatever may befall me If one is to answer for all, upon him it most naturally and properly falls. I
nett, detained at home by sickness, Lieut.-Col. E. Burns is in command. The other officers are Acting Lieut.-Col. W. R. Brewster; Adjutant, D. A. Bokee; Surgeon, P. B. Rice; Surgeon's Mates, Drs. Rappold and Prentice; Captain of Engineer Corps, Von Kumeke; Quartermaster, F. Steigier; Assistant Quartermaster, C. Menseh; Acting Paymaster, W. Mavelle; Chaplain, Mr. Zapt. They number about six hundred men, divided into ten companies, commanded by Captains Brewer, Baker, Campbell, Brandenberry, Beadle, Seeper, Ruegor, Wills, Kuhl, and Weaver.--National Intelligencer, May 7. Brigadier-General Philip St. George Cooke commanding the Potomac Department of the State of Virginia, in orders issued to-day, says: The capital of the United States has never been threatened, and it is not now threatened. It is beyond and outside the limits of the free and sovereign State of Virginia. If Gen. Cocke means to say that the capital of the United States has never been threatened by him, all
ty-eighth Regiment, N. Y. S. M. The officers of this regiment are as follows: Col. Bennett, (who will remain at home until he recovers from severe injuries received by being thrown from a wagon;) Lieut.-Col. Burns, commanding; Surgeon, Rice. Company A, Capt. Bruer, Lieuts. Waudelt and Horn; Company B, Capt. Becke, Lieuts. Warmuth and Hoffman--(the last-named has resigned;) Company C, Capt. Campbell, (Lieuts. vacant;) Company D, Capt. Brandenburg, Lieuts. Bensler and Kramer; Company E, Capt. Beadle, Lieuts. Altanbrand and Bergemen; Company F, Capt. Schepper, Lieuts. Wenner and Breneisen; Company G, Capt. Reeger, Lieuts. Berger and Fox; Company H, Capt. Wills, Lieuts. Dowling and Schaeffer; Company I, Capt. Kiehl, Lieuts. Markert and Obernier; Company K, Capt. Weber, Lieuts. Morning and Kinow; Engineer Corps, Capt. Von Kameke. Capt. Thomas C. Clines, of Company C, is detailed for the recruiting service. Chaplain, Rev. Mr. Zapt, of the Union Avenue German Lutheran Church.--N. Y. Ti
d nearer to the head of the Island. "Gen. Pope allowed a rebel gunboat to approach within fifty yards of a masked battery, on Tuesday, and then sunk her, killing fifteen of those on board. He had previously allowed five rebel steamers to pass on towards New Madrid, and they are now between his batteries, unable to escape. "Over a dozen vessels, together with the floating battery and battering ram, are now above General Pope's batteries, and will be either sunk or captured. "Mr. Beadle, one of the oldest citizens of Memphis, arrived last night. He reports that but three rebel regiments are now between New Madrid and Memphis, and they are stationed at Fort Pillow. "The Rebel Government are manufacturing pikes at Memphis for the new recruits, but less than one hundred men have responded to the last call of the Governor. "The railroads terminating at Memphis are being connected, so that all the rolling stock can be sent down the New Orleans road, when necessary,"
his wagons off also. The Confederates in Tennessee--man Bung. The capture of Humboldt, Tenn., by Confederate cavalry has been published. A farmer named Beadle guided them to a bridge which they burned. A dispatch to the Chicago Tribune says: Beadle and four others, supposed to have been connected with the rebels,Beadle and four others, supposed to have been connected with the rebels, were arrested this afternoon, and eight others during the night. Beadle was at once tried and sentenced to be hung this afternoon. He had taken the oath of allegiance, which was found upon his person. His house was also burned, as well as the houses of the four others taken with him. On their retreat the rebels burned a bridgeBeadle was at once tried and sentenced to be hung this afternoon. He had taken the oath of allegiance, which was found upon his person. His house was also burned, as well as the houses of the four others taken with him. On their retreat the rebels burned a bridge on the Mississippi Central road, eight miles from Memphis. Active preparations were made at Humboldt last night to meet the rebels, an attack being expected, and General Logan threatened to set fire to the town upon the first alarm. Heavy forces will now guard the line of the Mobile and Ohio road all the way to Corinth, and