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n. In the Union army, major-generals might command either a division, a corps, or an army, but in the Confederate service each army of importance was commanded by a lieutenant-general. Take a look at the corps headquarters flag. Feb. 7, 1863, General Hooker decreed the flags of corps headquarters to be a blue swallow-tail field bearing a white Maltese cross, having in the centre the number of the corps; but, so far as I can learn, this decree was never enforced in a single instance. Mr. James Beale, in his exceedingly valuable and unique volume, The Union flags at Gettysburg, shows a nondescript cross on some of the headquarters flags, which some quartermaster may have intended as a compliance with Hooker's order; but though true copies of originals they are monstrosities, which never could have had existence in a well ordered brain, and which have no warrant in heraldry or general orders as far as can be ascertained. When the army entered upon the Wilderness Campaign, each corp
Index. Albany, N. Y., 162 Alexander, E. Porter, 406-7 Alexandria, Va., 48,121,331 Allatoona, Ga., 400-401 Ambulances, 302-15 Anderson, Robert, 22 Andrew, John A., 23, 25 Antietam, 71,176,253, 286,287, 378 Ashby, Mass., 274 Atkinson, D. Webster, 392 Atlanta, 400,403,405 Avery House, 402 Baltimore, 116 Banks, Nathaniel P., 23, 71 Beale, James, The Battle Flags of the Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg, 338-39 Beats, 94-102, 174,312 Bell, John, 16 Belle Plain, Va., 369 Benham, Henry W., 391 Big Shanty, Ga., 404 Birney, David B., 157,255-56,261, 345,353 Blair, Francis P., 264, 383 Borden's Milk, 125 Boston, 25,29-30,51, 199,226 Bounty-jumpers, 161-62,202 Bowditch, Henry I., 315 Boxford, Mass., 44 Boydton Plank Road, 313 Bragg, Braxton, 262 Brandy Station, Va., 113, 180,229, 352-53 Bristoe Station, Va., 367 Brown, Joseph W., 403 Buchanan, James, 18-19,395 Buell, Don Carlos, 405 Bugle calls, 165-66
from New Orleans newspapers. Boston Evening Journal, Dec. 19, 1862, p. 2, col. 2. Bayou de Glaize, La. Engagements of May 13-18, 1864. Retreat of troops. Boston Evening Journal, May 31, 1864, p. 2, cols. 2, 3; June 3, p. 4, col. 2. Beale, James. Auld lang syne, verses. Bivouac, vol. 1, p. 8. — Sweet William; sketch of soldier character, Virginia, 1862. Bivouac, vol. 1, p. 5. Beaufort, N. C. 1862. See also Burnside expedition. — – March. Country and harbor. Boston , pp. 130, 478, 633; 31, p. 467; 32, p. 131. — Returns wounded, in rags, etc.; complaint of lack of transportation, etc.; short. Boston Evening Journal, July 1, 1862, p. 4, col. 2. — Sketch of a private. Sweet William; Virginia, 1862. James Beale. Bivouac, vol. 1, p. 5. — Soldier's L. E. G. on his lost leg; comic verses, in the style of Hood. Boston Evening Journal, Aug. 5, 1862, p. 4, col. 8. — Soldier's wife, whose husband is in Southern prison, misunderstands the term
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
tes, S. P., 619 Bates, Samuel, 243 Bates, William, 12 Battelle, Everett, 12 Battles, O. A., 243 Baumont, W. P., 243 Bawry, F. F., 12 Baxter, C. W., 243 Baxter, Daniel, 580 Baxter, DeW. C., 170, 400, 458, 506 Baxter, J. H., 243 Baxter, J. H., 377, 400, 506, 620 Baxter, O. O., 243 Baxter, Rodney, 12 Baxter, Samuel, 243 Baxter, W. Q., 243 Baybutt, Philip, 498 Baylies, A. W., 160 Beach, G. W., 458 Beal, Alexander, 580 Beal, Melvin, 206 Beal, Melvin, 243 Beal, S. J., 572 Beale, James, 620 Beals, E. S., 580 Beaman, Samuel, 243 Bean, G. H., 243 Bean, J. A., 243, 506 Bean, J. W., 243 Bean, S. A., 243 Bearce, W. A., 243 Beard, G. W., 12 Beardsley, J. B., 243 Bearse, C. C., 580 Beattie, G. W., 243 Beattle, L. H., 12 Beatty, J. J., 458 Beaudry, Amable, 243 Beaufort, Francis, 12 Beauregard, G. P. T., 620 Beaver, J. A., 606 Beck, A. M., 12 Beck, Charles, 580 Beckshaft, C. H., 12 Beckwith, A. W., 243 Beckwith, H. A., 243 Beckwith, R. S., 244 Bee, B. F.,
$10 reward. --Runaway from my farm, 5 milles below Richmond about ten days ago my woman Mary, who is about 8 years old, of a very black complexion has a fine head of hair, is very likely, and about 5 feet 4 inches high. I purchased her of for James Beale, of the city of Richmond, and have no doubt but that she is lurking about the said city. I will pay the above reward for her delivery to me, or in some jail so that I can get her Jas M. Taylor, je 20--2t Of the firm of Jas M. Taylor & Son.
$10 reward --Ranaways from my farm, 5 miles below Richmond, about ten days ago, my woman Mary, who is about 45 years old, of a very black complexion, has a fine head of hair, is very likely, and about 5 feet 4 inches high. I purchased her of Dr. James Beale, of the city of Richmond, and I have no doubt but that she is lurking about the said city I will pay the above reward for her delivery to me, or in some jail so that I can get her. Jas M. Taylor, Je 20--2t Of the firm of Jas. M. Taylor & Son.
. John Orrell was examined and sent before Judge Lyons's Court for trial for breaking into James Walsh's store on the 26th of April and stealing a large quantity of goods; also, for breaking into Morris Nelson's, on the 25th of April, and stealing jewelry and clothing, and for breaking into William Allan's house, on the 25th of April, and stealing a lot of silver ware. The case of Forde, for the homicide of Dixon, was called and continued until Friday. Rules were awarded against Jas. Beale, Benj. Housman, and A. W. Shead, Commonwealth's witnesses. John W. Butler was examined and sent on for final trial for having, on the 16th of April, out and wounded Albert N. Hendle, with intent to kill him. The case of Jesse White, charged with the homicide of John Andrews, was set for Saturday, and rules were awarded against E. Powell, Thos. M. Hailey, James Conway, and Peter Rose, witnesses for the Commonwealth. Frances Kelley was arraigned for having, on the 2d of April,
und in the yard, very near where the body of the dead woman was lying. These were covered with fresh blood, and gave indications of having just been used. There was no testimony before the Coroner's jury to show that the deceased had used either of the knives, though McCarthy alleged when arrested that his wounds had been inflicted by her. An 9 o'clock yesterday morning a jury was summoned and an inquest conducted by Coroner Sanxay, when the following testimony was elicited: Dr. James Beale, who made an examination of the wounds on the body of the deceased, deposed: On examination of the body of the deceased, Ellen McCarthy, I found the following described wounds, viz: a wound in the throat at the top of the stemmo, pursuing a downward and backward course, reaching the trachea, and wounding the recurrent arteries in the neighborhood of the æsophagus; a wound between the 7th and 8th ribs, passing over the left lung, and severing the lower third of the heart, and cutting int