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The Bernard Jury. --We are informed by one of the counsel for Joseph Bernard that the statement that ten of the jury were in favor of capital punishment, was an error. As we have no desire to prejudice the cause of the prisoner by any incorrect publication, we cheerfully make the correction.
The Daily Dispatch: January 29, 1862., [Electronic resource], The London times and Yankee privateers. (search)
Supreme Court of Appeals. --The Judges of this court recently allowed a writ of error on the application of Joseph Bernard, who was condemned to nine years in the Penitentiary for the murder of J. Oscar Taylor. All further proceedings under the sentence passed by Judge Gregory were ordered to be stopped till the merits of the application be discussed before the court. John A. H. R. Armistead, who was sent to the State's Prison for grand larceny by Judge Lyons' court, also applied for a writ of error, but the same was denied. The court also refused the petition of Octavus Austin, asking that Col. Pendleton, superintendent of the Penitentiary, should be required to show by what authority he was held in custody. The record shows that Austin was sent to the Penitentiary, Dec. 16, 1856, by the U. S. District Court, on two convictions for fraud in respect to bounty land warrants. Prisoner is a lawyer, and a native of Bedford county, in this State.
Sundries. --The Mayor's police made no arrests yesterday. The case of Joseph Bernard, for the murder of John O. Taylor, on appeal before the Supreme Court, was argued yesterday before a full bench.--The Grand Jury of the C. S. District Court will assemble to-day to examine the case of G. W. Elam, charged with passing counterfeit Treasury notes. The witness in his case, Charlotte Gilman alias Siffety, is in Castle Godwin.--The weather yesterday was a good type of spring, and the streets presented a very fair "map of busy life."
Court of Appeals. --The Judges of this Court have allowed the application of Joseph Bernard for a new trial for the murder of J. Oscar Taylor.
The courts. --Sundry courts were in session in this city yesterday. A demurrer to the indictments found against G. W. Elam, for passing counterfeit Treasury notes, was argued in the C. S. District Court, after which the Court adjourned till Monday. In the Henrico Circuit Court, Judge Gregory caused the decision of the Supreme Court, reversing the sentence passed on Joseph Bernard for the murder of John O. Taylor, to be entered of record, and the case placed on the trial docket. The Circuit Court of the city of Richmond, John A. Meredith, Judge, commenced its Spring term yesterday, whom a grand jury assembled, but were adjourned over until to-day, without being sworn in.
n about an hour thereafter they returned into Court with the following verdict: "We, the Jury, find the prisoner, James Slater, guilty of murder in the second degree, and do fix his term of confinement in the Penitentiary at ten years." The same magistrates also examined William S. Conley for feloniously cutting Mary J. McMinn on the arm, on 2d street, and Thomas Dobson and Michael Burns for stealing Julius H. Gantt's horse. All the parties were sent on for trial before Judge Lyons. Henrico Circuit Court, Monday, Oct. 27th.--But little business was transacted in this Court to-day further than some civil cases in chancery. The case of Joseph Bernard, charged with shooting John O. Taylor, will be called up Tuesday, provided a jury can be empaneled. Witnesses will bear the fact in mind and be punctual in attendance. Confederate States Court.--No business of importance was done in this Court yesterday. Adjourned over until Wednesday morning at eleven o'clock A. M.
t.--Yesterday Squire, slave to John A. Dudley, who stands charged with passing counterfeit Treasury notes in six different cases, was called up for trial on indictment No. 5, of which the jury acquitted him upon hearing the evidence in the case. He will be tried to-day on another indictment, of which there are still five recorded against him. If he knows nothing about passing the Treasury notes, it is presumed he will know something about law by the time Court is through with all the charges booked against him. Hustings Court--Judge Lyons Presiding.--No criminal cases were tried before this Court yesterday. It will not be in session to day. To-morrow the extortion case of "Hagan's John" will come up on the docket for trial. Henrico Circuit Court, Oct, 29.--The case of Jos. Bernard, charged with shooting John C. Taylor, was further examined, the testament of the witnesses concluding in the evening, The argument of the counsel will commence. Thursday morning at 11 o'clock.
d he purchased, and two young girls were arraigned for an "assault," which was proved to be a woman's quarrel. Both parties were dismissed. Henrico Circuit Court, Friday, October 31st --Present, Hon. John M. Gregory, Judge.--The case of Joseph Bernard, indicted for the murder of Jno. Oscar Taylor, (defended by Messrs. Crump and Lyons, and prosecuted by John B. Young, Esq.,) was submitted to the jury on Thursday evening, and adjourned over until to- day. The jurors, on emerging from their rof Joseph Bernard, indicted for the murder of Jno. Oscar Taylor, (defended by Messrs. Crump and Lyons, and prosecuted by John B. Young, Esq.,) was submitted to the jury on Thursday evening, and adjourned over until to- day. The jurors, on emerging from their retirement, announced, through their foreman, that they found Bernard guilty of manslaughter, and uncertained the term of his imprisonment at slammers in the Penitentiary. On a former trial prisoner was sentenced to a term of nine years.
Henrico, Circuit Court. --This Court will commence its regular spring term on Saturday, (to-morrow,) in the State Court House, Judge John M. Gregory presiding. There are now in confinement in the county jail some half dozen or more persons who will come before the Court for trial for felony. The most popular form of felony in these times is stealing, and this is charged against all of the offenders alluded to. The Court of Appeals having re-used to interfere with the verdict given at the last term against Joseph Bernard, for the murder of the prisoner was carried to the State prison several months since.
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