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False pretences. --A white man, named Nathan Bernstein, was arrested yesterday by officer Adams, and confined in the lower station house, on the charge of attempting to obtain $1,500 from Mary Jacobs under false pretences.
ting to obtain money for passports. --Nathan Bernstein, arrested on Tuesday last on the charge oefore the Mayor yesterday, for examination. Bernstein, according to the testimony of Mr. and Mrs. city for a few days, and during his absence Bernstein called on Mrs. Jacobs for $1,500, which he s waited upon by Mr. G. A. Myers, counsel for Bernstein, who offered to compromise the matter by takng of the transaction obtained a warrant for Bernstein's arrest. Jacobs positively denies making aover to him $1,500, or any amount whatever. Bernstein had stated to Mrs. Jacobs that if she would Watson appeared as counsel, and stated that Bernstein was already under bonds in the sum of $3,000xplanation of his connection with the case. Bernstein, after making an ineffectual attempt to obtass transaction. Believing that the story of Bernstein was correct, and knowing that under such cirorning, in order to obtain other witnesses. Bernstein was then admitted to bail in the sum of $1,0[1 more...]
Mayor's Court. --Isaac Jacobs and Nathan Bernstein were yesterday arraigned before His Honor, the first on the charge of uttering counterfeit passports, and the latter with attempting to obtain $1,500 on false pretences. The testimony for Jacobs went to show that Bernstein, thinking J. had left the Confederacy, conceived the idea of extorting money from Mrs. Jacobs, on the plea that her husband owed him that amount for passports he had furnished, which afterwards turned out to be counter sum of $1,500, with the understanding that if they were not genuine he could return with them and get his money back. Bernstein attempted to pass our lines with the passes he had purchased, but was turned back by the pickets on the ground that the of the examination, but the above is the substance of it, and we therefore think it unnecessary to give it in detail. Bernstein was discharged from the accusation preferred against him; but Jacobs was remanded to the Hustings Court, and bail refus
eversed. --Sometime since, Isaac Jacobs was tried before the Hustings Court on the charge of obtaining fifteen hundred dollars under false pretences from Nathan Bernstein. His offence consisted in furnishing forged passports to Bernstein to go North via Westmoreland, Virginia; and the jury who tried the case sentenced him to Bernstein to go North via Westmoreland, Virginia; and the jury who tried the case sentenced him to two years imprisonment in the penitentiary. From this decision, Jacobs took an appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeals, sitting at that time at Coyner's Springs in Botetourt county, Virginia, which tribunal reversed the judgment of the Hustings Court and remanded the accused back for re- indictment, assigning the following as their would furnish Bernstem with a lawful passport to said county of Westmoreland, yet it fails to aver that at the time he received the fifteen hundred dollars from Bernstein under said alleged false pretence, he knew that he could not furnish such lawful passport, and also that the indictment does not sufficiently explain what is mea
Judge Lyons's Court. --A short session of Judge Lyons's Court was held yesterday, at the conclusion of which it adjourned till the time for beginning the next term. Isaac Jacobs, indicted for selling forged passports to Nathan Bernstein, renewed his recognizance in the sum of $10,000 for his appearance at the next term. [On entering the court-room yesterday, Jacobs encountered Bernstein at the door, and assailed him with a tirade of abuse, for which conduct the Judge fined him fifty Bernstein at the door, and assailed him with a tirade of abuse, for which conduct the Judge fined him fifty dollars and required him to give security in the sum of two thousand dollars for his good behavior.] Patrick McGovan, indicted for stealing bacon from L. Peyronet, gave security in the sum of $2,000 for his appearance at the next term. Nolle prosequi were entered in cases against the following parties, charged with stealing, and they were then sent to their commands: Thomas J. Horsley, John Barnes and Richard McGregory.
Hustings court. --The case of Isaac Jacobs, indicted for feloniously obtaining money from Nathan Bernstein, under false pretences, was called up; but for good reason, made manifest before Judge Lyons, it was postponed till the next term of the court. The same disposition was made of the case of Patrick McGovern, indicted for stealing bacon from Lucien Peyronet. The writ of habeas corpus awarded Peyton G. Bagby, who claims exemption from militia service on the ground of being over fifty years of age, was postponed till the next term. According to regular adjournment, the court will meet again this morning.
Hustings Court. --The Hustings Court was in session yesterday, but disposed of very little business. Under writ of habeas corpus, the Judge discharged J. H. Clarkson from all liabilities to military service. The case of Isaac Jacobs, charged with feloniously obtaining money under false pretences from Nathan Bernstein, was continued till the next term, and the accused was admitted to bail for his appearance in the sum of $10,000. The court thereupon adjourned till this morning.