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More prisoners. --The Central train yesterday brought down some twenty-four prisoners of war, captured in Western Virginia.--They were in custody of Lieut. Jordan, of Pate's Cavalry, Corporal Wm. Bethel, and seven men. The lot included ten or twelve soldiers of the "Bloody Eleventh" Ohio regiment, while the others are Virginia Lincolnites, whose prominent trait seems to be a fondness for rags and dirt. One of the latter is a venerable sinner, who claims to be a parson, and calls himself the Rev. Thomas Jones. Being apparently sick, he was conveyed away from the depot in an ambulance, while his interesting companions were marched off to prison.
ing commitments have been made at Castle Thunder since our last report: H. Curt, company C. Ringgold Battery, captured near Winchester on Thursday last; Capt. Bishop and three others, captured on the schooner Golden Rod; Capt. Wible and two others, from the schooner Coquette; Capt. Wm. Boothby and three men, from the schooner Two Brothers; Lewis A. Miller, attempting to cross our lines on the Black water. The arrivals at the Libby Prison were three Yankees brought down from Staunton; one recently captured at Bottom's Bridge; two from Gordonsville; five from Hartwell's Church, and one from Guyandotte, Va.--all captured within the last two or three days. At the Cage we found recorded the names of Mary, slave of Madison Macon, and Armistead, slave of John R. Jones, both arrested as runaways; Joshua Maya, a free negro, feloniously stealing one feather bed; and Wm. Bethel, a white man, for assaulting and beating Michal Shea. B. was bailed to appear before the Mayor this morning.
he city jail and to be employed in the chain gang. On another charge against the same party for assaulting and beating Henry C. Hazelgrove in a gaming room on 13th street, he was found guilty and fined $10. The Court sentenced him to three months imprisonment in jail. The Grand Jury met and found true bills against the following persons: Richard Turner, for assaulting and beating J. W. Satterwhite. C. W. Sims, R. W. Brown, and John. H. King. for resisting the police in the discharge of his duty. Miles Cary, beating James Bennett. John Barton, Patrick O'Brian, Thomas H. Wilkinson, George W. Elam, and Robert Burch, now confined in the city jail, for violently assaulting and beating two other jail birds, James Armsley and Thomas O'Neal. Edwin. Nyer, receiving a pair of boots stolen from John W. Sherrard. William Bethel, assaulting and beating Michael Sheay. The Grand Jury will meet to day at 11 o'clock, at which time all witnesses should, be present.
were disposed of yesterday: William H. Thomas, charged with conniving at the escape of a slave named Sam.--Nolle prosequi entered. Unora Jackson, a small girl, charged with stealing jewelry of Robert Wilson. Case continued till next term, and bailed. Daniel Whalen, and his wife Ellen, charged with fraudulently obtaining money of David Parr, was examined. Whalen was sent on for trial before Judge Lyons. His wife was acquitted. Daniel Ryan, for receiving stolen goods, knowing them to have been stolen. Examined and acquitted. George Jaques, breaking into Mary Stevens's house and stealing $300 in money. Examined and sent on for trial before Judge Lyons. William Bethel, charged with misdemeanor. Acquitted. Joe, slave to Charles and James Talbott, found guilty of giving a slave named Taylor a pass to escape from his master, was ordered 39 stripes, and to be sold out of the State. Bob, a slave, charged with conniving at the same, ordered 39 lashes.